I was supposed to review this mini series from the beginning but I wanted to see if I would like it so I gave myself a 2 episode cushion. Well if I’m writing about it then I must be intrigued right? 

This is an interesting mini series because as each episode build we see how much all the parents are assholes in their own special way. All of them. Celeste may be the only parent that has acted the least like an asshole so far. 

Lets begin with episode 3. “Living The Dream.” 



Amabella’s party is approaching and it has nothing to do with her at fucking all. Renata is panicking over Madeline’s Disney On Ice trip and the fact that 6 kids are not coming to the party. This is the saddest shit ever. 2 grown fucking women are arguing and battling through their children.

She calls Madeline to try and make peace and even tries to invite Ziggy to the party. Chloe even says she wants to go to the party but Madeline’s ego and immaturity wins in this situation and it shows the viewer that this is not about the kids, it’s about power. Madeline has a “Once you start to destroy, destroy completely” mentality so the phone conversation ended with Ed having the utmost privilege of letting Snow White sit on his face. I’m sure Ed wouldn’t mind. 

The party is a hit mainly because of drunk adults and Bonnie’s (Zoe Kravitz) dancing certainly had every husband there thinking to themselves...

“Well divorce isn’t THAT bad. I mean, it’s only half. I can bounce back.”

I know damn well no husband at that party has a prenup. Men don’t give a fuck about prenups because we’re stupid. 

In true pessimistic Renata form. She goes to her husbands office to complain because she thinks Amabella had an awful time at the party which forces her to think that Amabella needs therapy. Parents like this drive me insane. I’ve raised a child before and what I’ve learned about kids is that you HAVE to talk to them like adults and teach them to express their feelings or pay attention on how they express their feelings. I’m willing to bet that Renata never really talked to her daughter about how she felt about the party. She just assumed that she had an awful time and wants to throw her in therapy. 

This somehow leads to Renata realizing there is no spontaneous activity in her marriage and she gets fucked in an office bathroom. She needs to work on her nasty talk while fucking but besides that Renata seems like a new woman thanks to Gordon. 



Perry the biggest asshole of them all is back and he wastes no time. Every conversation with this dude is like walking on egg shells. Celeste can’t do shit right in his eyes so it always leads to Celeste having bruises added to her body then aggressive sex. 

What man wants to go to Disney On Ice? Perry didn’t want to go to that shit. If Celeste would’ve asked him if he wanted to go with the twins to see Disney on ice he would’ve said no. He’s an abuser. Abusers belittle and lash out at women who show any signs of independence. Perry is about control. If he feels he has no control then Celeste pays the price for it. 

They go to therapy and this was a very tense scene. It starts off friendly and they’re both lying about their relationship and then as the therapist continues to ask “Why?” The truth slowly comes out and they kind of get somewhere. It’s normal to lie in that situation. It’s embarrassing for Celeste. Who wants to tell a stranger that they get their ass beat frequently by someone they love? It’s a tough situation. 

We find out that Celeste left her career for Perry which is a HUGE deal. It makes me wonder did she choose to leave or did Perry threaten or bully her to leave her career? Celeste is not happy at all and she’s trapped. Only her children make her happy in that situation. 

Perry does what abusers do. He continues the cycle. Buy a gift or some flowers. Have sex. Be romantic then everything is all good then Celeste will get abused again and the cycle will keep going. 



The ringleader of the circus Madeline is dealt a huge blow to her ego when her daughter says she wants to go live with her dad which means Madeline is thinking in her head .. 

“This muhfucka Nathan just keeps winning.”

This show is about adults who try to live their lives through their kids or use their kids as leverage to get what they want. nobody is a good parent. NOBODY! Abigail finally tells Madeline that she doesn’t want to be what Madeline could not be and seeing the look on Madeline’s face you knew Abigail was telling the truth. Abigail moves out and Chloe gives her a playlist which you knew had some dope ass music on there. Chloe playlists are the tears of Jesus. It heals. 

Madeline is also still fighting for her play which we find out Renata has a hand in it being shut down so you know this war is about to get crazier. 

On another note. Ed is a fucking lunatic. You can just tell. He’s a ticking time bomb. He has a few bricks missing from his building. His wife is a pain in the ass and she uses him just to get back at her ex. He probably hasn’t had sex in 3 years and 7 months. He’s ready to bash someone’s skull in. Only good thing going in Ed’s life is that he can listen to his daughters playlists everyday. 



Ziggy’s outburst about the lack of knowledge on his father forces Jane to open up about her past to Madeline. We don’t know if it’s true she probably left out some key details when telling Madeline about it but we finally understand why she sleeps with a gun under her pillow like she’s a mob member in the middle of a turf war. 

The story sounded like Jane was raped to me and we all know what we were all thinking. Perry is Ziggy’s father. It makes sense. He travels a lot for work so of course he’s in and out of hotels and he’s going to fuck different women when he’s away from his wife all the time. He’s very abusive, controlling, and intense. Jane described the aggressive sex that we’ve seen Perry is into. Cheaters are very defensive and insecure and that’s all you see Perry is towards Celeste. He always fears Celeste will leave him and that’s probably because he has this secret. Ziggy has blonde hair like Perry and lashed out violently. The twins lashed out violently when they ripped the leg off the stuffed hippo. That type of behavior can be genetic. 

My guess is that Jane told Perry that she was pregnant and Perry told her to abort it because he’s married to his then pregnant wife. She refused and Perry threatened her and Ziggy so they moved. Remember, Perry was VERY serious about the twins not hanging with Ziggy. He knows Ziggy is his kid. May not have seen him but he knows he has another child. Every character in the series has seen each other except Jane and Perry. Jane has MAYBE only seen him in episode 2 when Perry went to drop off the twins in class and Jane was staring out her car window. We think she was staring at Ziggy but she could've been staring at Perry also.  

I’m starting to think Perry is the mystery person that was killed. All that trauma they described is from fear. Whoever killed that person feared the other person and Perry is a big guy you have to literally beat the hell out of him like they described to kill him. Also let’s not forget. Perry is a vampire. 


See ya next week.