We back to back with it because black excellence never stops. You know how I’m rocking. If I find some other dope blogs I don’t keep the jewels to myself I put the streets onto em too so we can all get rich. There’s too many black women who run platforms that are incredible, helpful, and insightful that some people aren’t hip to so I want to help spread the word as much as I can. 

Links to these blogs so you can visit are below every entry.



I’m on my traveling knowledge shit HEAVY ever since I finally applied for my passport. I’m too old to not been overseas yet so I’m always on the lookout for travel blogs to prepare me for my first trip overseas this year and I’m not gone front to you I’m nervous as a mothafucka. I’m only nervous cause my passport photo is trash and I’m afraid the people I show it to gone have jokes but anyway here we have The Ufuoma dot com. 

This blog covers EVERYTHING about traveling. Literally everything. Funding for traveling. Emotions you may experience through traveling. Mistakes you can avoid making while traveling. There’s even a article on free shit we can ask for on flights. I didn’t know you can get a whole can of soda. I don’t even drink soda it’s just the principle of it all. How you gone give the passengers those toddler cups? It makes me furious just watching them give out those lil ass cups. You can also possibly get a cockpit tour if you ask too and pretend you’re Maverick from “Top Gun.”

Ufuoma offers you great guidance on traveling so if you’re ready to see the world just pull up to TheUfuoma dot com.


What the fuck don’t this site have? First, it’s really fucking organized. I usually freak the fuck out when I see I have so many categories to choose from on blogs because it’s usually unorganized and all over the place but not on here. It’s the opposite. Easy to navigate. 

There’s a geek section. Yes you read right, a geek section for geeks like me. Don’t get it twisted I’m a geek that can throw them hands so run up if you want but anyway I’m playing anime (Gurren Lagann) on my tv as I type this right now. This the first site I’ve seen with a anime, comics, and cosplay section.  

You have the lifestyle articles. The "Telling yourself life is beautiful” article was my favorite one so far out of everything I’ve read. I needed to read that shit. There’s music, tech, and career sections. A podcast, a shop, this blog has everything. It's the equivalent of me discovering capri suns for the first time. It's that beautiful so check it out NOW!

My broke ass need to order a chewing gum tee for the summer though. Facts.



Aye this blog creative as fuck. Off top the first thing I noticed is the category titles and I laughed my ass off. I opened up my iTunes and let Girls, Girls, Girls Remix wake my neighborhood up. Loved the Hov salute for the category titles. Fell in love with this blog at that moment. 

There’s a write up on here about angry black girls in movies and T.V and I loved this article because all I could think to myself “Wow Miranda from As Told By Ginger really was a evil mothafucka." We never knew why either. Why couldn’t she be sweet? 

The same thing for the Bring It On example. Isis was just angry the whole movie. Isis is pissed at white privilege cause that's really what they movie is about in my eyes but you don’t have to be angry to be a strong black woman. Strong black women smile too. Maybe Isis was always angry because she knew 3 shitty bring it on sequels were coming to ruin our lives. Who knows. Loved the Recess reference in that article too. Recess is only the second greatest cartoon behind Hey Arnold. Duh. 

There’s articles on fashion which my non dressing ass need to use. The articles in the situationships section were dope especially the “Never give up on black men” joint. Salute for that. Made a nigga feel good as a muhfucka. It had me like ....



This is a very personal blog. This young woman puts it all out there and shows her vulnerability which is good. It’s not a bad thing to be vulnerable just as long as you know it. We need to salute more young people for it actually. The people I’ve come across in my life who are vulnerable and not ashamed of it are people I can really trust because they’re really open and honest about everything. 

She’s writes about her relationships, depression, just really personal shit that the strongest individuals are afraid to address. This blog literally feels like I’m reading a diary to the point I felt kind of bad for reading it. It felt like I wasn’t supposed to be reading this shit. I forgot how I came across it too. 

These entries are short, straight to the point, and relatable. Just a blog about a bright black woman finding her way.



Is it bad that I’ve had sex in almost half of the places stated in the “16 naughty places you need to have sex before you die” article on here? The Coachella one sounds very fun but I have a feeling that a hipster would fuck that situation up for me somehow. Hipsters always ruining something. I did have drunk sex at a Maroon 5 concert 4 years ago though. Yes, I was at a Maroon 5 concert. Gangstas fuck with Adam Levine too.  

This blog is my kind of speed because there’s really no filter on a lot of it. I like no filter. No filter equals fun and not boring. The relationship articles were really interesting and informative. There’s really good interviews on this site. It has it all on here and I fucks with it.