I know you’ve seen that video where this man in Philly stopped two teenagers from fighting in the middle of the street. He shamed everyone who were around and recording it on their phones and explained to the young men why fighting in the middle of the street won’t change anything and they look like fools. 

The guy went on to be praised all over the internet and honored in his city for stopping the two young men from hurting each other and he should have. 

What amazes me is that how everyone who saw and commented on the video either said something to the tune of “We need more men like him” or “Nobody does this anymore.” It led me to discuss what I’ve been saying for about 6 years now. O.G’z not O.G’z no more. 

“Well Benny what are they if they’re not O.G’z anymore?” 

They’re just …… Old …….. That’s it. 

One thing my O.G’z in my family and in the streets taught me is just be a man. Period. Some say be a real nigga and it’s basically the same thing as being a real man in my world. 

If you have kids. Love them. Take care of them. Protect them. Include them in every decision you make. Make sacrifices for them. Show them why and how a real man moves how he moves. 

Just because you’re violent doesn’t mean you’re a real man. You’re just dangerous. I don’t care how many people you shot or beat up. You still have the capability of being a snake and a scumbag as a non violent person does. 

Move with honor and respect. Your character and your reputation you hold dearly. 

Treat women with respect. 

Take responsibility for your actions. Man up and admit when you’re wrong. 

Teach the misinformed and the youth. 

O.G’z not only don’t teach this anymore. They don’t even move like this anymore. This is why O.G’z aren’t O.G’z anymore. 


Every O.G that put me on game growing up had a high sense of self awareness. They knew the era they grew up in was gone and it wasn’t coming back. Things change and that’s life. Of course they still wanted me to keep my morals and character strong. Never change being a good person but they had the sense to adapt. They knew they were the past and what they thought was okay growing up isn’t really accepted today so they keep that in mind when dealing with the youth. 

A lot of these old dudes today have no self awareness and are oblivious to the state of today. They still think they’re hip and refuse to adapt. You don’t have to change your core values to adapt but old dudes don’t understand that.



My O.G encouraged me to shoot for the stars. Even if it wasn’t shit they were into they encouraged me to stay focused. Today if these old niggas not into what you do they’ll criticize you for it and then wonder why the younger people won’t fuck with them. They literally shit all over the youth for having their own path that may be different from theirs. They have this mentality that everything has to be done the way they did it when they were young and all this does is just hurt people more than it helps. 

Of course a person of a younger generation won’t pay as much dues as an older person. As life went on things changed and got easier. That’s like me being mad at a middle school student today for being able to use google to find information at the snap of their fingers and I had to use encyclopedias when I was their age. 

It’s the youth’s turn. Let them run things how they want to run things. As long as they aren’t hurting others they’ll be okay. 



A lot of these old niggas wanna be young again so badly. They’re acting more immature than the young niggas. Gossiping with the young folks. Starting shit with the young folks. Still not progressing mentally. Never holding themselves accountable for shit. They’re stuck in their 2nd Childhood as Nasir would say. 



I see this goof shit a lot. A whole fuckin lot. Some young person will do some fuck shit or say some fuck shit to or about another young person and instead of the O.G checking the young person in the wrong they’ll pour gasoline on the fire by instigating. They’ll laugh at the situation instead of doing what’s right. Like the man in Philly said “They’re cowards.” They don’t diffuse the situation. They laughing or pulling out their phones with the other young people. 

The excuse sometimes is “These youngn’s don’t listen.” 

Guess what? We didn’t listen neither when I was younger but the O.G’z still stayed on our heads. Regardless. They wanted to guide us in the right direction and if we went off the rails then it’s on us but they could say they tried to help us and just didn’t sit back and watch us act like fools. You saw what the man in Philly did with those kids. He didn’t leave until they shook hands. They weren’t listening to him at first but he stayed on them. He didn’t say “Fuck it.” He didn’t give up. That’s what an older individual needs to do.



A lot of these old niggas mad. Like super mad at the young people who actually have good things going for themselves and are on the right path. I’ll tell you why. They failed at what they did when they were young. Nothing major. You win some and lose some. The youth of today minded their business and kept working. The older folks never said anything while the youth was working. Didn’t even show any support or give advice but the young people didn’t care they just continued to work and do them. 

The youth kept growing and got themselves in a great position and instead of being stand up O.G'z for the youth these old flabby and sick niggas started doing clown shit. Feeling entitled to be apart of the youth’s wave just because they were born decades ago. Trying to scheme and take advantage of the youth when money is involved. Got their hands out like “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme” like a fucking toddler. They supposed to be the sensei but instead they’re acting like the son. 

I’m not saying the younger generations are perfect. They’re not. They have their flaws just like the older people but the older people have to move differently and have to be the bigger person in these situations. Just show love. It’s free. A lot more people will be accepting to a person showing love than a person that isn’t. 

This is why a lot of younger people don’t respect older people. Most of the time the younger generation only speak bad about the older generation because the older generation insulted them first. 

If you’re an O.G out here and you’re moving with honor. I have nothing but love for ya and I’m proud of you. 

If you’re not. Please shape up because regardless if the youth want to admit it or not. They need you.