So I’m reading this article by this young lady Erin with a good blog named "More Than A Woman." A blog I recommend all of you to check out and the title of the entry was “What we not finna do.” The link to that article is below.

Her twitter is @SheetMaskOff and check out her site it's tight but long story short about the article it’s a women empowerment piece that uplifts women to love themselves and realize men ain’t shit. I was amused. It was really dope. 

So as I sat at my desk and reflected on this article. I gave myself two options. Watch The Karate Kid while ignoring text messages and go on about my night or respond because y’all got us fucked up. You’re here reading this so you know what I chose. This is all in fun so if anyone takes it personal just shut the fuck up, sit down and have a cream soda. You'll be okay. I’ll make this as short as I can. 

What we not finna do is negotiate. To my niggas out there in relationships don’t fucking do it. Don't! Why are you negotiating when there is nothing on the table for you? Everything you’re negotiating for benefits her and only her.

Once you negotiate you’ve just opened the flood gates for more dumb shit she wants to negotiate for in the future. It will never end if you negotiate. She will just keep coming back for more and more demands. Women treat negotiating like potato chips. They can’t just have a few and put the fucking bag down. They gotta come back for more. ONLY negotiate if you’re getting something worthwhile out of the deal like a threesome, a day of silence, head during halftime of sporting events, or three boxes of ice cream sandwiches or something. Do shit cause you want to do it not because she wants to argue about it. 


What we not finna do is explain guys night out. I’m sick of this shit. When it’s time for girls night out there’s no arguments. There’s no side eyes. There’s no eye rolls. We don’t even really ask what your plans are. You wanna know why because for once we can play NBA2K in fucking peace. For once we can watch a movie that we haven’t seen and not have to explain it to you while we’re watching it. For a few hours I don’t have to be punctual with texting. Shhhhhhh. *Whispers* You hear that? That’s the sound of no complaining from another human being about dating and her stupid friends problems that she wants to make your problems. Who cares if her friend Andrea's boyfriend is cheating on her. Andrea is a pain in the ass. Surprised he didn’t cheat sooner. 

When it’s guys night out and you’ve haven’t seen your homies in months it’s a fucking travesty. It’s a fucking war. She sees her friends damn near every week but god forbid if it’s just a night out with the fellas. Women will argue you up and down when you bout to go out with the squad. You will leave the house not on good terms 99% of the time. There will be an argument before you leave because she wants you to think about her while you’re out. She planted the seeds in your brain. She wants you unhappy and miserable if she’s not around. Don’t comeback with a smile on your face. They hate it when they’re not the reason you’re smiling. Women hate guys night out because they know that when it’s guys night out none of the guys think that they would have more fun if their women were with them.  

We only get 2 guys night outs a year and while you’re out they want you to text them throughout the fucking guys night out which defeats the purpose of a guys night out. I’m trying to look at the titties I’ll never touch in this lounge with my homies. I’m not touching them so I’m not in violation of anything. Just chill at home pretending to be mad and wait for me to come back drunk and give you drunk dick til you sleep and I’m yours to annoy for the whole day tomorrow. It’s not that complicated. 


What we not finna do is argue. Don’t do it my niggas. This is a lose lose. The crazy makeup sex is the only light at the end of this dark ass tunnel you’re in. Arguing with women is a set up. Think of it as getting jumped by a group of 5 dudes. Just swing as best as you can and if you hit the ground just cover up and pray your ribs don’t get broken. If you continue to talk shit while getting jumped then it’s just going to get worse whether you’re right or wrong. That’s what arguing with women is like. If the woman is right and her reasons for being upset are justified she will keep verbally drilling you until she’s felt you’ve had enough no matter if you apologized 3 hours ago when the argument began. If she’s wrong and just arguing to argue then she will provoke the shit of you to say something really offensive to her and then she will flip the script after you say something mean and make the argument about you. Now it's about her being mad when she was wrong in the first place.

Just don’t speak. If you speak, a woman will add on 45 minutes for every syllable that comes out your mouth which means you will not be getting any sleep and your PS4 will be neglected. Just chill throughout the storm and cover up until she’s finished.


What we not finna do is trip off read receipts. Leave em on or off but text back when you’re good and god damn ready to. This is YOUR time. She texted you on YOUR time so you respond to her texts how YOU want to. When it says  “Read at 7:06pm” that lets her know you either busy or she needs to start talking about some shit that’s important. Texting is fucking stupid anyway unless you’re in a long distance relationship. Texting is for setting up meets and dates. Not getting to know each other. Don’t ever trip off that shit. Let women be emotional wrecks about texting and read receipts.  


What we not finna do is go on 4 or more dates before fucking. Courting is overrated. Super overrated. A woman knows within seconds if she wants to fuck you or not so why are you coming out of your pockets paying for dates? A man intentions is to fuck and that’s why dates even exist. No man goes on dates for convo. Dates are just steps towards the pussy she already wants to give you but afraid of how she will be perceived if she gives it to you. That’s it. If you both want to fuck each other why are you both wasting time? Society has placed this idea in human minds that if you fuck on the first night of hanging out you’re a hoe. When in reality it’s just 2 adults that know what each other want. The longest relationships I’ve been in lasted long because I fucked before even going on one date. The relationships where I actually went on date after date and courted before fucking didn’t last long. That’s not a coincidence. 

I’m just not into the continuous dates without knowing what I’m getting. All these free meals women are getting just for you to fuck. What if the sex is trash? What if she’s annoying? There’s no refund policy. You just blew 3 months of grocery money on some annoying  wack sex. The woman wins in this situation because she had meals on meals at your expense to reach this moment. Courting only benefits women and women only. Do some free shit. Like the park or something. 


What we not finna do is compromise our happiness. Happiness is your goal. It’s her goal too. My overall philosophy about relationships and dating is that it’s all about can the people involved live with what makes their partner happy and can the things that make both of them happy coexist together? If not then LEAVE my nigga. Get the fuck outta there quick. Your happiness matters. It’s the number one priority on your list. Ask yourself this. Who’s happiness is more important in the relationship? Yours or hers? You better say yours or your life will be a living hell. The woman will damn sure say her happiness is the most important. It’s how it should be. It’s all about someone else’s happiness coexisting with yours. That’s how all great relationships work. Happiness in harmony. When you compromise your happiness you are setting yourself up for sadness and regrets. Never do it. Always do what makes you happy. 


What we not finna do is NOT enjoy our day off. You ever have a day off the same day the woman you’re dating has a day off? It’s sad as fuck. You’re thinking “Okay I’m going to do whatever all night then wake up when I want, and just relax all day.” It never goes like that. You have a day off the same day she does she sees it as an opportunity to force shit she wants to do on your schedule. Women think like “Well since you have the day off you can do this and take me here, here, and here.” The day off is from her too fellas but she didn’t get the memo. They never get the memo. Your off day is YOUR fucking off day. Eat what you want to eat. Sit on your ass all day. Watch Hulu, Netflix, Sports Channels, Movies, Xvideos, everything. 


What we not finna do is react. Don’t react. She subliminally talks about you on social media. Don’t react. She stops fucking with you and starts fucking with someone else don’t react. She wants you to insult or talk about whoever she’s with. It’s her validation for her decision. Don’t give her what she wants. She’s gonna lose sleep, not you. Just keep living your life and having fun and they always come back. One way or the other. Trust me. They will say they’re checking on you. They don’t mean that shit they’re just checking to see if you’re miserable or if you’re loving life without them. 

You are loving life without them my nigga. You really are and will always continue to. You’re the shit. Being a man is fucking great and women know it that’s why they’re always pissed. You know how happy I am that I wake up every morning and I have the ability to swing my dick? It’s one of the greatest blessings bestowed upon me. I truly thank God for it. There’s nothing wrong with us. There’s just something wrong with them. Go prosper and never let women ruin "man fun."