Varys actually stood his ground to Daenerys. Where the fuck did he get his manhood from? He is a sneaky mothafucka though. 

Ah Greyworm. The box is the breakfast of champions. Well done soldier. 

Cersei doing what the Government doing today. Preaching fear and the idiots will eat it up. It's basically a Trump rally. 

If that big ass arrow kills one of the dragons I might cry. 

I usually don’t squirm at fake gore but Sam cutting off that greyscale had me squeamish for the first time since I was like 4 years old. 

Samwell is so fucking underrated it’s a shame. He is a key character. 

Tyrion with the chess moves. 

Olenna Tyrell gassing Daenerys head up. Listen to Tyrion. 

Pie was shooting his shot at Arya. The young lad has spunk. 

Sansa bout to fuck up the North. No doubt about that. Jon made a mistake leaving her in charge. 

Will Jon take a knee in front of Daenerys? I think not. I think they will bump heads. If Jon Snow bends a fucking knee to her I will throw up but he might have to cause he needs her army for the white walkers. 

Littlefinger is risking it all for pussy. His behavior in the series is all about Stark Pussy. 

Jon choking that cunt Littlefinger was so satisfying. Be careful Jon that guy a pussy so he might try to poison you instead of throwing hands like a man. 

Arya choosing to go back to her family is funny because the moment she lays eyes on Littlefinger she will slice that guy the fuck up. 

Arya's wolf refusing to leave her pack was telling. Nymeria wants to have her own life and path like Arya told Ned when he was alive. She doesn’t want to tag along with Arya anymore. 

Uncle Euron wants all the smoke and how in the fuck did he know where they were and how everyone he was looking for all happened to be on THAT ship? Somebody snitched or maybe not. 

Uncle euron a fucking monster in combat who in the fuck could beat that mothafucka? I can only see Jon and he’d give Jon some problems honestly. 

Fuck the sand snakes. They’re useless. Bye hoes. 

Reek reared his ugly head again. Theon is not Theon anymore. A part of me feels he made the right decision in terms of strategy. He gotta get back and let them know the plan failed but the other side of me is like fuck that you gotta fight for your sister you cockless coward. I knew it was too good to be true for him to make it to episode 3 without taking a L. Guess he didn't wanna give his Uncle a kiss.