This nigga mature now. Never thought I’d use the word mature when talking about Tyler The Creator. 

I like how he left both lambo doors up on the car on the cover art just to go play in the flowers. 

A part of me misses the slightly horror core Tyler where he says fuck everybody and mocks everybody but I like this new Tyler. 

This is the best album he ever made. When we heard “Bastard” I highly doubt we thought we’d see this Tyler 7 years later. 

Scum Fuck Flower Boy is everything Cherry Bomb should’ve been. Cherry Bomb was still cold though. 

Tyler’s production, performance, lyrics, hooks, are all improved and well put together on this shit. The way he’s rapping actually sounds like he’s serious and he cares. On his previous shit it always sounded like he was just playing around and not taking himself seriously which is part of his appeal so that’s understandable. 

Somebody check on my nigga Tyler. Although this album flames the lonely talk has me worried. We gotta protect my nigga Tyler at all costs. 

I’m interested to see this album performed live along with more videos. 

This the type of album you ride around in your pajamas and listen to anytime after 8:47PM.

I wanna sing “See You Again” to my crush and give her a Pineapple. 

I know our father Pharrell is a proud father after he heard this shit. 

The breakdown on “Potholes” though?????? 


I wanna wear a doo rag with a 2xl throwback jersey and check my 2way pager like it’s 2002 when I hear “I aint got time.” 

I need to have that same glitter suit Pharrell had on in the “Get Lucky” video when I hear “911” 

“The Loudest one in the room is probably the loneliest in the room” that’s real as fuck and the beat it was said on is godly. 

Weezy verse on “Droppin Seeds” is a reminder of why that man at one point was the best rapper in the world. 

There are 2 sides to Tyler which makes him some interesting to listen to. There’s this carefree side and this introspective side I never knew he had until maybe the Cherry Bomb documentary. I like how this album brings them together and you see them co-exist to a certain degree. 

November really is the greatest month ever. My November was when I was born you fuck niggas!!!!!!!! If that don’t count then mine would be seeing Pharrell and I was about 6 feet away from him and I got to hear him lecture young creatives. 

Truly a top album of the year candidate. It's between Hov and Tyler honestly.