I’m at the crib chilling and I see this article about the tv show “Insecure” and the article title is “Why Black Men Cant Forgive Issa But They Can Forgive Themselves For Cheating.” Read that shit here if you want.

The Lawrence Hive is under attack my niggas. I gotta defend the squad. It's my duty. 

Off the title alone I knew what I was walking into. Didn’t read a word yet and I knew what to expect. 

Before I get to the show shit let me get into the double standard shit. 

Look we can get into double standards all day but that shit not changing and I have no control over it so I just keep living. Now who has the worse end of the deal when it comes to double standards between men and women well that’s debatable. There’s terrible double standards for both sides. Women get more unwanted sexual advances in professional settings and could lose opportunities for saying no to them. I can fuck 10 women in a week I’m a God and if a woman does it she’s a hoe. Women’s pay in hollywood etc. 

We can flip it to the other side. 

As a man I’m not really allowed to show any emotion. If I do I’d be looked at as a bitch. This plays a huge role in men’s mental illness which we have more cases of than women. If I say I don’t date short women or fat women or tall women I’ll be looked at like a shallow person but a woman can say all that shit with no problem. A woman could spit in my face punch me in my head 200 times if I defend myself with one punch and knock her ass out guess who’s going to jail? Me and only me. 

Now the double standards she highlighted in her article are real and I’m not disputing them at all but has anyone questioned the double standard in cheating between men and women at all? This is the reason why when a woman cheats niggas lose they fucking minds versus when a man cheats and niggas just shrug their shoulders. 

When a man cheats that man still in love with his woman he just wants side pussy. Men fuck for sport. It’s like Tyrese in Baby Boy. Remember when he explained to Evette why he fuck other bitches? He kept it real and it’s the truth. None of those chicks he fucking has his heart. Evette does. He just give these chicks dick and go about his business. Is he scumbag? Yes he is. There’s no excuse for his behavior but those women don’t MEAN anything to him and that’s the difference. Our dick, mind, and heart are 3 separate entities. Real talk that’s why we do a lot of dumb shit like think with our dick instead of our mind. That’s why we’re able to fuck a bunch of women and not think twice about shit. We’re neanderthals. We’re physical. We’re visual. Our emotion is usually the last thing we think about. 

When a woman cheats this is why men lose their minds. When a woman cheats it is emotion. REAL emotion. She actually like the nigga she cheating with maybe even love him and is more likely to go be with that nigga. Women not out here fucking for sport. When they cheat it means something. Now I’m not saying they’re aren’t women who don’t fuck for sport. Trust me they out here but when a woman cheats you better fucking believe her heart is in it majority of the time. Why is that? It’s because they don’t have the 3 entity system like us. Their vagina, heart, and mind are all one. They’re all connected so they have more invested into things than we do. It’s why they’re so emotional. When a woman cheats she may still love her guy but she is NOT IN love with that man no more. 

Now lets get to why I think this article even exists. 

In my opinion one of the reasons this double standard article exists is because men were actually having fun with what Lawrence did and women got pissed. Yes I said it. It’s what some women do. It’s their job. Women ruin man fun. Whether it’s on purpose or accidental the man fun will get ruined. Men are better than women in terms of having a good time because we take stupid silly shit and make it fun. Why you think your girl get mad when you go out for a guys night out for the first time in months but don’t want you to trip when she go out with her girls every other week? She don’t want you to have fun without her my nigga, that’s why.  

I just did a viral video called LawrenceHive and do you know how many women rolled their eyes and insulted me over a comedy video for a fictional show? All because I was having fun. It’s not about double standards with the women. It’s about we’re having fun with this LawrenceHive shit. The memes, The videos, The pictures. When they see it they probably start shaking because we’re having fun with it. If it was the other way around and Issa started out as a couch potato, fixed her mistakes, and STILL got cheated on we wouldn’t even be talking about double standards AT ALL! The fact that women are complaining about something as foul as cheating not being equal amongst men and women is so fucking petty and hilarious. What’s next? We gonna talk about the double standards of committing murders between men and women too?

But that’s not the punchline of the joke. Here’s what’s really funny. People seen this article including men and STILL MADE LAWRENCE THE VILLAIN!!! THE BLACK MAN CAN’T EVER WIN!! IT’S A LOSE LOSE SITUATION!!! 

Lawrence did the RIGHT thing and women are STILL shitting on this nigga. He didn’t cheat. He didn’t betray the trust of the relationship. So why is Issa being forgiven more important than his happiness and what he’s going through? He’s the victim not Issa. 

Why the women and the niggas caping for pussy are upset with Lawrence has nothing to do with nothing. It’s because he went and fucked another woman a week later. Period. They hate it when a real nigga bounces back. Let’s say hypothetically on the show Lawrence gets cheated on and instead of fucking Tasha he’s sad, he’s crushed, he’s crying, he ain’t doing shit, and his life falls apart. I bet you if that was the case that article wouldn’t exist because the man is suffering so all is good in the world. Lawrence took the L he was given and handed that shit right back to Issa like a G and women and weirdo niggas agreeing with angry women to get pussy, got pissed. 

Let’s look at what we know. 

Lawrence was on some bum shit for 2 years. Chubby. Unemployed. No ambition. Didn’t do shit for his woman birthday. Issa naturally started to find interest in another man. She tells Lawrence that she lowered her standards and said she didn’t wanna be in the relationship.  She cheated on him by kissing Daniel which I understood. It’s still wrong but I understood. At that moment Lawrence saw that he was at a crossroads. He had to get it together or he would lose Issa. He had to swallow his pride and work at Best Buy. He made Issa his priority. He lost weight. He ended up landing a better job. He was actually trying and succeeding. The relationship started to get better. It started to heal. He turned down the opportunity to cheat with Tasha. He tried to go ring shopping. He was 100% in the relationship. It was a total different Lawrence than we saw at the beginning of season 1. 

Issa cheats again when the relationship was back on track and Lawrence does the right thing and leaves the apartment and retrieves Tasha's titties like a champion. He did nothing wrong. Issa’s lack of communication played a HUGE part in why the relationship was going south. Lawrence free loading was the start of the problems but the difference is Lawrence corrected all his mistakes and improved and STILL got cheated on. Issa didn’t fix her problems and it made shit worse.

Also she ain’t cheat with just anybody she cheated with an ex but people leave that out. So how Lawrence is the bad guy is beyond me. 

Finally. The reason why we cheer for Lawrence has nothing to do with Issa suffering. If Issa was in Lawrence shoes and did the same thing I’d cheer for her. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.

I don’t think it would be fair for me to say that any woman that types #TeamIssa condones cheating and can’t be trusted right? So the woman who wrote the article putting every man in a box by saying we cheer for Lawrence because we can’t stand to watch a woman get away with what we what we pull is weird because there are women cheering for Lawrence too. 

We cheer for Lawrence because of the nice guy theory. We all know the saying, “Nice Guys Finish Last.” Say what you want about Lawrence dude is  a nice guy. He had his flaws when the show started but he remained a nice guy. Just because he was unmotivated, lazy, and jobless doesn’t mean he wasn’t a good guy. The nice guy overcame his demons, got fucked over and got the win and that’s why niggas cheer for him. I used to be Lawrence. I lost a relationship doing the lazy shit he was doing. I relate to him but the difference was he corrected his flaws and I didn’t. The writers shattered the nice guy theory and let the nice guy win and we rarely see that with black men in entertainment. It’s usually the black man is portrayed as a piece of shit and some waffle skinned buff nigga comes out the rafters and saves the day and the woman lives happily ever after. 

So yes we cheer for Lawrence cause he’s right and redeemable and also because we want as many scenes with Tasha as possible. Thank you. =) 

P.S It’s not TeamLawrence…'s LAWRENCEHIVE!! Peace!