Dear artists or people who complain,


Did you exhaust every option possible before you decided to act like a complaining bitch ass nigga? 

Complaining is a waste of time. It’s the equivalent of scratching your nails on a chalkboard. People will just cover their ears or chop you in the throat. 

Are you “Doing” more than “Complaining?” I’ll let some complaints slide and hear you out if I know you are out here doing more than you’re complaining. Complaining doesn’t get shit done. 

Did you know complaining actually hinders intelligent thought and raises your blood pressure? No wonder you flunks are slow as fuck and are likely to age like a banana. 

Do me a favor and download the dictionary app. Dope app. You learn shit. But I want you to download that app and search for the word “Gratitude.” Instead of complaining bout some shit be grateful you whore. 

Aye did your bank account take any hits before or after you complained about an event? Oh it didn’t? Yeah shut the fuck up and drink this Sprite. 

You can find everything under the sun but a solution. You can bring every complaint to a table you didn’t help build nor put food on. I dunno about you but I like my complaints with a side of solutions. Basically like a 3 piece and some fries. I don’t just want chicken my nigga. You just bringing complaints to the table is basically just bringing a big ass tub of coleslaw to the table that nobody will touch. 

You do know you have options right? You can do whatever you please. 

Who the fuck do you hang out with? That’s the first thing I look at when you complain. 

The shit y’all complain over is controllable which is why I’ll never take y'all seriously. 

You know how many blessings might appear if you stopped complaining?

Your complaining actually pushes people away from you then you have the nerve to then complain about nobody fucking with you….. Man fuck you. 

Complaining is so easy and that’s why you dweebs do it. To actually learn some shit, execute it, and sacrifice is difficult. 

When has anyone heard constant complaining and been happy that they’re hearing it? 

Your destination and complaining are hundreds of miles apart. Look at it like this. Let’s say your destination is Atlanta but every time you complain you lose a mile towards Atlanta. Yeah that’s how complaining and your artistic goals and vision works together. 

Apologize to God and the universe for complaining you jabroni. 

If I hear the word “Support” come out your mouth or complaints about “support” around me I swear I’ll throw you from a moving car. 

Why don’t you just remove whatever pisses you off out of your life instead of complaining. If a muhfucka keep doing bitch shit around me I’m not gone complain about shit I’ll just remove that person from my life. 

People who complain before being willing to change are anchors. You can’t win with them. They sink the ship instead of helping it sail. 

I do complain too and believe me I’ve felt just about as pussy as you are after every time I do. 

Shut the fuck up. Boss your life up. And sit back and reminisce on how stupid complaining is and prepare for people to complain about you. The cycle continues.