Episode 2 and the slippage of King Lawrence has begun. I knew it wouldn’t last long. This is the beginning of a snowball effect going downhill. Well......Let’s start. 


SIGH.......... HE CARES 

7.5 strokes and one word texts got Issa going crazy and confused. Lawrence is playing it beautifully so far. This is common sense though. If a nigga fuck you and all he sending back is one word texts that means he regrets fucking you. Oldest rule in the land. If a nigga didn’t regret it he either A. Stay the night or B. Chill with you ASAP. Niggas don’t organize feelings. Issa is not understanding that at all which is normal. Emotions do that to people. It clouds judgement. Removes clarity. 

One thing that I thought about while watching the beginning scene and Issa telling Molly that she texted Lawrence is why didn’t she ask to talk to Lawrence about what happened? We don’t know what the texts consisted of so she may have.

Lawrence cares about Issa but it’s hard as fuck to get over cheating. This is where ego comes into play. The ego is preventing him from doing what he truly wants to do. That’s why he didn’t send that text. 



I assume these therapy sessions with Molly will get better and better as the season progresses and we see her kind of open up to the therapist. You ever seen The Wire? Remember that episode where Marlo got into it with the security guard and he kept saying to him “You want it to be one way” but then he ended the conversation by saying “But it’s the other way.” That’s Molly. Molly wants shit to be one way but it’s the other way. She doesn’t care to adapt to situations and finesse em. So instead she talks about how things “Should” be. 



And it begins. Tasha has been discovered and what happens? So predictable. They start tryna flame her instagram pics. Typical. Lawrence shaming too. No one talks about how he changed for the better or how Issa fucked up. They talk about his mistakes that he corrected. 

Lacefront. Oceanfront. Lakefront. Tasha still gone get fucked and they still gone be mad and they’ll never get over it. Issa in the mirror bussin raps and shit just for this nigga to not take you back still. Clearly The raps not working cause she popped up at Chad crib unannounced on some fatal attraction shit. At least her edges was prospering as The Hand of the King Chad so eloquently pointed out. 



Lawrence kept it G right here. He kept it honest. He told Tasha he fucked Issa but this where he slipped up also. He didn’t check her for getting mad about it. What the fuck is she getting mad for? Lawrence not with her so there’s no need to be mad. Actually there was no need for Lawrence to tell her shit but honesty is always the best option just to let her know wassup. My nigga copped the crib for himself and his feelings so he officially in these skreets or is he? I’m sorry but Lawrence started looking softer than baby shit at this point of the episode. Talking bout he not dirty like that. Nigga what? You single. You can fuck whoever and do whatever you want. No one is getting done dirty unless you lying which you’re not doing. Chad was right. cause he truly is looking like a John Legend ass nigga. Chad need more scenes to preach that gospel to the King. The King slipping right now. 



This nigga Principal Gaines must be stopped. This nigga like the reverse version of Mr.Clark on “Lean On Me." I was laughing (Lord forgive me) but he was saying some foul ass shit about those Mexican kids and shaming their culture. The browner than taco meat joke got me. I prayed to God and repented before I wrote this so I’m good. The fact that Freida was the one most offended was shocking to me. I thought Issa would be the one who would step up and say something but she going along with this offensive shit just because she finally making progress at her job. 



I was disappointed in Molly. Saddest part of the episode. She bought hockey tickets knowing damn well niggas dont watch hockey, just to go suck up to a white man. Then the dude didn’t even notice her or pay her no mind at work. Saddest shit ever. They don’t give a fuck about her and never will and even if they do promote her they’ll still lowball her. She needs to go off and do her own shit and quit trying to play games and drop hints. Go in there and speak your mind to the bosses and whatever happens, happens. 



Issa done lost her fucking mind. She been stalking Tasha instagram for days. Shit I would too so I don’t blame her. She popped up at Chad spot. Got Molly on some 007 James Bond spy shit by this nigga Lawrence job to acquire intel. Fake running into this nigga. Pulled up to Tasha job and posted up like she wanted all the smoke. Issa crazy as fuck. At this point I’m feeling like Lawrence dodged a bullet. You gotta like your girls scream on you and cuss you out crazy. Not stalker crazy. Stalking a couple steps away from killing people. You can’t trust that shit.

Anyway. Agent Molly Fury comes back with the mission intel and the target King Lawrence has stated he’s DONE and Issa’s hoe phase begins. It's very late in her career for a hoe phase since I’ve heard pussy becomes depreciable after 29 or 30 so this is like a out of her prime hoe phase which can be done so there’s no need for panic but it can be risky. All women need to take notes from Issa, “Tryna Fuck” texts are the realest texts you can send a nigga. No games. No bullshit. Let’s just get to it. Fuck all that run around shit. As Pastor Young Savage Webbie once said 

“You know you want it girl don’t act like you don’t want it girl you want it just as bad as I do” 



Lawrence basically begs Tasha for the titties back and gets a meal out of it. She still cooked for the King after being demoted. She dedicated as fuck. You know what’s hilarious about all this shit though is that Lawrence and Issa are both trying to be something they’re not. This nigga just got out of 5 year relationship. There’s no fucking way he diving into another one. This nigga forcing it and not having fun because he don’t know how to have fun and fuck women. He only fucking Tasha out of spite instead of fucking her for fun and that won’t end well. He trying to be a vengeful nigga but that ain’t him. The roles will reverse and Lawrence will chase. The King is slipping and it’s gonna get worse but I’m going down with the Lawrence Hive. Issa trying the hoe life but we know that ain’t her style so that shit has plane crash written all over it. 

To be honest. Lawrence and Issa got on my nerves this episode. All this shit could be handled with communication. The lack of communication is STILL haunting them after all that’s happened.