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Leave the pussy on the stoop Issa


Where I’m from “Package” is not a good thing. It usually means Chlamydia 


Molly really should relocate for a minute she can always come back. She’d be the shit in New York. She really do have options but she’s really one tracked minded. 

If you gotta tell ask a woman “Aw you leaving?” The battle is lost and that pussy will never be yours. A woman that leaves first after fucking not thinking about you. Issa probably tweeted out “I’m tryna get introduced to the real I’m tired of these niggas” immediately after Daniel finished smashing. 


Issa hotation kinda garbage. Just look at it. 

- You got a nigga with a jawline that has the durability of that pot your granny has cooked 40 strong consecutive Thanksgivings in. 



- Next she got the neighbor nigga with the Phineas and Ferb ass head 



- The latino Nico looks like he flies out Instagram models and shits on their chest for 20 grand in Dubai. 


Issa hotation = The 2015 Phiadelphia 76ers


Lawrence is lurking. Facebook lurking. The time has come fellow hive members. The King’s downward spiral has begun. There’s no more bitches left to be fucked. He is now fixated on his past. We’ve lost the king. I think he’s down 3-1 in the series. All there’s left to do is confront Daniel and make an ass of himself or run into Issa and make an ass of himself. He’s a nice guy who drinks and when nice niggas drink they think they can fight. I have a feeling Lawrence bout to do some super dumb shit all thanks to simping. 


Dro wore colored contacts…….. no fucking comment.


Frieda wanna fade Issa. She sick of her shit. When white people mad they don’t ever let that shit go. 


“Dreams aren’t meant to be achieved that’s why they’re called dreams otherwise they’d be called reality” ….. that some of the realest shit ever said on this show


Lionel belongs in the club Melvin and Jody momma was on they way to. Nigga just don’t fit in shit. 


Candace left Dro and just out traveling and fucking the whole damn world. I want in. 


Lawrence really investigating Jaws of Steel. I was literally shaking watching this shit. He had a 30 point lead and he let it slip away. Now you lurking a man’s Facebook profile? VIOLATION! Lawrence looking like Eddie King Jr after the show. He looking real nannnnnnnnnnng right now. Real “Nights like this” right now. Not my King……. The King can’t go out like this. 



Derek was right but wrong at the same time. Yes Lawrence wasn’t shit for 2 years and deserved the first time Issa cheated on him but the second time Lawrence was a new man and transformed and Issa knew that and cheated a second time. 


“She trapped me but I love her” - Molly Brother …… That’s a relationship goal I want. 


Who texts “Hella bored?” Issa lame as hell lmaoooooo. 


Damn a dick pic killed her car. Hope Issa hoe phase comes with insurance cause that car is fucked and low-key her life kinda quietly falling apart. She free dating wise but her job kinda giving her hell, she fucked up her relationship, her car is probably totaled. I remember when the series started she seemed more ambitious but now it feels like niggas are her ambition. She basically Ebony from the Players Club. Hoe phase turnt her out, she having fun, but she low-key falling apart. 


Okay this was the first scene in Insecure I wasn’t really feeling. Molly was overreacting and this scene just seemed really forced. How the fuck are you that grown and naive about marriage? The fact that her momma got over it and forgave him is what’s important. She made the situation about herself which was really selfish. They celebrating their love and that includes the good and bad. What they have is an imperfect love which is the best love to have. I’ll take imperfect love over some “We never cheated but we unhappy and fronting like we perfect” kinda love any day. 


This nigga drinking and STILL lurking on Facebook. Nothing good will come from this. This nigga acting like Mad Dog from Jason's Lyric. "It's mah leg! It's mah leg" 



He didn’t block Issa. Nah. Nope. Not buying that shit. They’ll run into each other soon. Probably Derek B-Day party. 


Daniel a sucka. This nigga feelings were hurt when she asked were they seeing other people. This nigga ain’t seeing no other women. He at the crib playing Brian McKnight re-reading Issa old text messages. Who that nigga fooling.  


Dro DMX’d Molly……. That nigga think he me