So I get a lot of questions and emails about the pace I release content and how I’m just this super freak human that is incredible and hearing people say they wish they could do what I do at the pace I do. I relate at least 3-4 pieces of content weekly and here’s the truth. You can too. This just takes some discipline. Some good time management, and some isolation. So let’s just start with a normal day for me. 


First I get up at 6:00 am. No matter what. If I’m off work I’m up at 6:00am. If I do work I’m up at 6:00am. I pray. Wash my face then eat fruit. I do not check my phone until I have my fruit because if I check my phone that time can get away from me and I’ll blink and look up and it’s 6:45. I’ve just wasted 45 minutes on my phone and a possible hour could be wasted which defeats the purpose of me waking up at 6:00am. But I try to be out the house by 6:35 to go to the gym. There’s no crowd so I literally get through my workout in 45 minutes to an hour and it’s 8:00am by the time I get back home. 


After the gym I make breakfast (Cream Of Wheat & Green Tea) I sit at my computer and watch something meaningful and knowledgable on youtube while I eat breakfast to get my mind in the right mode to create and get some positive energy going for the day. 


Next I read over what blog post or listen to the Polite Coolery podcast episode I’m going to share on my blog and then I post it on all major platforms and then I either pick up on a rough draft I wrote and see if I’ve come up with any new thoughts or ideas or I research a potential topic I want to write about in the future. If I’m ahead of schedule meaning I’ve gotten 3-4 rough drafts of articles completed then I either surf youtube for knowledge, work on something towards one of my goals or read one of my 4 bibles (Steal Like A Artist, Show Your Work, The War Of Art, & Contagious). By this time it’s 9:00am. I usually have to leave the house at 10:30 sometimes 11:30 so I have and hour and a half or 2 and a half hours to either get started on articles I have to finish up when I get back home for work or I just relax and watch a show or anime until it’s time for me to leave so I won’t be so tense going into a place I despise. 


Next I’m either at work from anywhere to 5-8 hours. After I get off work. I go home. Eat a meal and then get started on what I got started on before I left. I do that for about an hour or two then I start on podcast prep and that might take an hour but I’m working on those two things until it’s time for me to shower, pray, and go to sleep. The Goal is to be done by 11:00pm but things happen and sometimes I miss that goal but I go to bed no later than midnight. No matter what I stop everything and go to sleep. 


My day is basically like this everyday. When I have days off it’s different because that’s when the bulk of my work is done. The 5-8 hours I'd usually be at work for would be wide open. Off days are fun because I’d have my day and work completed by noon and that feeling is dope. So I then have the option to watch some anime or Research potential blog posts topics for a couple of hours and then I start writing again around 4pm and try to finish around 9pm so I can wind down for bed. On an off day my goal is to have 2 article rough drafts written. I only release content on Monday through Thursday generally so my goal is 5 written articles a week. 


My pace comes from fear, desperation, and relentless time management. It’s hard for me to do spontaneous shit like go to happy hours or events I’m invited to etc because if I do my whole work flow is thrown off and I have to play catch up which is hard because I’m the only person who writes for PoliteAsFlannels. So my time management is a huge factor. The fear helps me because I fear failing so I write as much as possible to get so much practice in. The desperation comes from me having my back against the wall after pursuing music didn’t work for me and writing is all I have left so yeah I’m not taking this for granted. 


So yeah that’s how I release content at the pace I do. You can do it your way but time management and discipline will always be the factors that determines if you’ll get work done. Do I get distracted. Yes of course but I keep it at a minimum. You can too. Have at it.