I’m hungry so here’s some quick things about Polite Coolery Season 3

All week we will posting some form of content. It’s Polite Coolery week until the episode 1 premiere on Oct 29th so yeah…. You’re welcome. 

A lot of champagne will be ran thru but you already knew that. 

We will give a visual with every episode. Filming a podcast hard as fuck. We underestimated that shit. 

I will still be vulgar as fuck because that’s who I am. I didn’t start podcasting to be censored. So yes you will hear titties, pussy, and whatever vulgar sexually explicit sentences I put together on your early morning commutes to your jobs. If I make you cringe then I did my job. If my momma can listen to our shit then so can yall. 

Cue will say more than 15 words this season. 

Season 3 was supposed to happen in September but the last 3 guests of season 2 reached out to us and instead of going on our planned break we did 3 more episodes in July and that’s why we were gone for so long. The plan was to end in June, smoke a lotta weed, be the best hoes we can be, drink a lotta whiskey and then come back in September but shit be happening. 

There will be no planned guests on Season 3. So no shit where we gotta interview people. We like having guests on the show but when the guest is on the show the show then becomes theirs and it’s not fair to the guests for us to talk about ourselves or our topics so we fallback and let the guests do what they do. So in a sense we can’t go full titty throttle like we usually do when we have guests. Not saying we won’t have guests in the  future. Just saying Me, Moe, and Cue wanna do 360 windmills and treat our podcast like a no holds barred Hell in The Cell match. We will still have friends of the show make appearances like Stu, Pharaoh, and Marty so don’t trip. 

We will continue to not talk about gossip. I think the thing that set us apart is that all of us don’t give a fuck about what goes on in the media or with celebrities. We’ll let the thousands of media outlets cover that shit. If we do talk about anything in the media we’ll put our own spin on it somehow. We damn sure not talking bout no politics. The fuck we wanna talk about politics for when we could talk about thighs? 

This season topics will be interesting because our lives have changed drastically since we began the podcast especially in our dating lives. The past 2 months we’ve been absent from the scene shit been going pretty crazy in all of our lives so bringing it to our platform will be insightful, funny, and real. It’s like we’re local ass celebrity ass niggas everywhere we go but we don’t really trip off that shit. We just being ourselves. 

We plan to sign titties and thighs on a episode. That’s easy to do for us but we just preparing y’all for it. We bout to be reckless as fuck this season. 

Thank you to everybody we know or don’t know that’s been showing love to what we’re doing. All of us work super hard to put this podcast together. To see the impact we’re having and we’re not even a year into this is nothing short of a blessing.