Aye we’re the masters and rulers of the world. Date us. Here are the reasons like Earth, Wind, and Fire.


The cool thing about our chill demeanor is that we’re always observing things. Introverts are very aware of their surroundings so the people that’s around them they’ve observed and approved. We observe the fuck outta our partners because before we bring you into our world and trust you we study everything about that person. We pay attention to everything they tell us to the point where they may forget what they said or did but we didn’t. This is why we give the coolest compliments and gifts. We observe everything and apply it to that gift and it’s genuine. We’re experts at getting the little things right. A lot of people overlook the little things. We notice it and make something beautiful out of it. Introverts will make you cry in a good way. 


Introverts don’t like to waste time with people. If they open up to you that means they will ride for you and pledge their loyalty to you. We take this very seriously. We prefer to be with one person versus a bunch of people. We’re extremely intimate individuals. We’re more concerned with making one real connection instead 30 connections that don’t mean anything. We are the epitome of quality over quantity which is why Introverts make terrible/awkward hoes, playas, pimps, etc. We get overwhelmed as fuck if we date 2 people at a time. Like we have a real life aneurysm if that happens because we feel we’re not being loyal even though we’re single.  


We’re long term thinkers which is why we generally prefer relationships over being single. We understand that the single life will get tiresome eventually anyway so that’s it’s why it’s not hard for us to step into relationships without feeling like we’re missing out on anything. We think about the future and how our decisions now will effect us in the future. 


We’re easy to please and we’re the definition of “less is more” All that extra shit we generally try to do without. That’s why we love small intimate gatherings, kickbacks, game nights, chill spots. If there’s a lot of noise then we might give yall a hour of our time before we leave. A introvert can sit on your couch and talk to you for hours and our day or night is made. This why spending 5 consecutive weekends at home doesn’t bother us. We simple as fuck. 


We have no issues expressing our feelings because it falls in the category of interesting things to talk about. As long as it’s not small talk we’re going to express to you how we feel and we can do it in creative ways like writing, music, playlists, pretty much anything. If you’re in our world that means we trust you and we will not hold back how we feel because we don’t want there to be any confusion. Introverts are terrible at faking things. If it’s not authentic and from the soul then it isn’t for us. 


You don’t have to worry about us being all up in your shit because we have our own shit to worry about. We won’t be all up under you because we know how to be alone and value our alone time. We’re not really needy. We enjoy our alone time. I always miss my friends when I haven’t seen them recently but I’m comfortable as fuck being alone. 


We’re really selective about who we let in our circle. We read the fuck outta everybody and we’re generally right about every person we read. We don’t really do the acquaintance game. Everybody you see round us got years under their belt in being around us. We don’t do meaningless relationships. We are very selective on who our friends are and who we spend time with. We’re kinda awful at the blending friend circles game. We’ll let yall flex with bringing people we don’t really know around us but don’t expect us to make your friends our friends too. We don’t know them niggas like that. They gotta get read first. 


Why do you think like being alone? We get a better sense of ourself. We love ourselves. People think because we love solitude its because we’re afraid to come out our shell or shy. Nah we just like being comfortable when it’s time to be comfortable. When it’s time to get uncomfortable for shit like our goals, work, money, we will do so but on our spare time we chilling. For example I don’t like public speaking but if I did a panel teaching people about creativity I’ll turn into a preacher fast as fuck as if I love public speaking. Anyway, we comfortable in our skin and don’t care how it makes anyone feels. 


Introverts are natural creatives which is why we never get bored. We don’t need a lot of attention. We will focus for hours on creative shit. This is why a lot of us are homebodies. We love to learn and improve our craft in whatever drives us. 


We not the type to just not have a plan. We weigh out all possibilities. We’re not really impulsive. We got goals and we will put them over almost anything and anyone. No one can really pressure us in making decisions or how we feel about our goals. We have amazing focus. Just look at me. This is the 4th post I’ve written today. When we’re locked in we’re locked in. We’re always on a mission and we generally accomplish it. Our goals mean everything to us. 


You wanna hear some intriguing shit? Talk to a Introvert. Especially if it’s a subject we care about. We will give you so many perspectives on it and make you see it in a different light. The layers to our personalities is real. We’re generally quiet, mysterious, and secretive about our lives but once we open up to the right person the connection they will have is deep. If it’s not small talk and something we actually give a fuck about then we will not shut the fuck up and we will drop gems.


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