Everyone has emotions. Everyone is emotional. Some people just know how to control their emotions and not let their emotions consume their lives. I used to be a super emotional guy when I was becoming an adult and I can tell you first hand that dealing with super emotional people is exhausting sometimes. Here are some things that make super emotional people hard to deal with for a lot of us. 


An emotional person can be the most independent adult when it comes to housing, money, jobs, cars, etc but I will bet every last amount of money in the bank that they do not have a shred of independency when it comes to their emotions. They are emotionally dependent and it’s the most tiresome shit ever. It really weighs on people who are the opposite of them because they’re human and they have problems too and the overly emotional man or woman starts to feel a certain type of way when you’re not there for them every time they need you. They start to resent you. Then they start to subtweet about you. Then they start to talk about silly shit like loyalty. Loyalty is not silly by any means but the context an emotional person talks about it is  silly and irrational. They’re so dependent emotionally that it makes them selfish because you could be fucking drowning in your life but they’re so fixated and obsessed with their emotional instability that they don’t even notice that you got a lot on your plate. They’re like Gismo from “Gremlins” You have to babysit them and their feelings and if you make one mistake the whole fucking town might be destroyed. 


Overly emotional people in society today will vent damn near weekly. Vent all over social media. Erase everything they vented about the next hour or day. Venting is needed. It’s fine if they’re really trying to get better. But here’s the punchline to the joke. Their venting is not for the purpose of getting better. Their venting is so they can get their way. This is why overly emotional people choose to vent to people they want to date/pursue instead of their closest friend or a therapist. The reason they vent to people they want to date is because they want to pity their way into a relationship. They want to pity themselves into getting their way. Then when they’re venting to you and you really feel sorry for them and you’re genuinely concerned you start to feel guilt because you already know your stance and your stance is not changing and that stance may send that person over the deep end. It’s so fucking unfair because they make it seem like everyone has turned against them and you’re their last hope and they put all this fucking bullshit pressure on you when no one turned their backs on them to begin with. They never brought up their issues to no one but you. It’s so manipulative. You will be marked as the bad guy. I’ve been in this situation and I felt awful but then I realized that I can care for you without having to be in a relationship with you. This is why this conversation about depression all the time is great but it has a dangerous aspect to it also where I don’t know if someone is truly depressed or if they’re using the climate of depression to get their way and get over on me. I can’t really question it because I’ll look like an asshole and if I do question it who knows what will happen physically or mentally to that person. 


You always have to walk on eggshells around overly emotional people because they’re always triggered. They over think about every word you speak to them. Then it’s even worse if you really care for them because if you tell them something they don’t wanna hear, you don’t know how the fuck they’re gonna react. You don’t know if they’re gonna harm themselves. Harm somebody else. Harm you. They’re predictable but unpredictable if that makes sense.


I don’t wanna talk about our feelings every fucking time we speak to each other. Can we talk about goofy shit. Can we talk about food. We can talk about a million other things instead of our feelings. Fuck my feelings. I would say fuck their feelings but I don’t want them together a novels worth of text messages later. I know it’s healthy to communicate your feelings but some people be on that shit every fucking day and every fucking minute. Overly emotional people tend to use feelings to back people into a corner (figuratively speaking) and when you’re not willing to be cornered then that’s when shit starts to get extra. 


They need constant validation or they will fall apart and not know what to do with themselves. Especially if they’re creatives. For example I write for myself first and then people second. If you feel what I write? Great. If you don’t? Great. You’re number 2 on my list so I don’t care. I don’t need validation on being a good writer. I think I’m a good writer and that’s what matters. A overly emotional person seeks approval in everything. They crave attention and put it over all. They are obsessed with numbers. If their numbers aren’t what they expected then the venting will come, then the sad shit will come, then they will go be overly dependent and make their insecurities someone else’s problem. They want people to like them and like what they do so badly that they forget to like themselves. If they don’t get the validation then they will take that shit to heart. Which leads me to the next point. 


They take everything personal whether it’s good or bad and it effects all their relationships in their life. If you change a behavior in yourself that has NOTHING to do with them they will panic, overthink, and they will lose all control of their life. They will think it’s because of something they did. They will damn near have a meltdown and fall apart. They make assumptions and think those assumptions are true. If only they understood that everything isn’t directed towards them they would be okay but they forget to do so. Instead their default is to be dramatic and the shit they’re dramatic about isn’t that big of a deal. They have to understand that they’re not the center of the universe. Everybody got things going on. Everybody has problems. Just let shit go. 


When a person acts like their emotions and feelings are the only thing that matters then this is what happens. They get clingy and can’t let go of shit. Deep down they think they’re not strong enough. I used to be this way when I was 18/19 but what I realized is that it was driven by my insecurities. When you rely on a person for your self worth then you gone forever be fucked up out here. Can’t let anybody or a situation determine your value. If you expect your friend to always be around then that’s not fair. Let go of that thinking. Just because a friend doesn’t text you everyday or wants to hangout everyday doesn’t mean they don’t wanna be around you or dislike you. People got lives. On the dating side of things let go of the “romantic fantasy” that you think all relationships are supposed to be like. You still gotta live life. There’s a thousand issues romance just can’t solve. Let it go. 

Control your shit.


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