I watched a video of women answering the oldest question in bitch made history ……

“Why do women choose the bad boy over the nice guy?” 

After seeing the women answer the question. I laughed. I said “WTF” a few times. One of the girls sounded like a straight up bird with her answers but that’s neither here or there. 

Before I get to the question men should be asking instead I have another question? 

How did this question only get placed at the feet of women? What I mean by this is that as a man I’ve chosen bad girls over good girls all the time. Especially when I was a young adult. In school I didn’t care about the girl that had everything going for herself and focused on her studies. I always chose the girl that was OUT HERE! I wanted the girl twerking on me on the wall with no effort at whoever house somebody threw a party at cause the adults who owned the house were out of town. I always looked over the good girl if I had to make a choice between do I want the good girl or bad girl. Not only that I would choose the bad girl because she would be out here acting like a hoe so of course her sexual experience would be way ahead of the good girl. Just like some women say the nice guy is boring, some men will say the nice girl is boring. We possibly over look nice women more than women over look nice men. 

If you’re a “nice guy” and you’re reading this. I have something to ask you. Before you made the statement or complaint of you never getting chose because you’re a nice guy….. did you ever think that the woman that hard passed on you just wasn’t attracted to you? That should’ve been your first basic and logical thought. If you were an asshole instead would you think your chances would increase? They probably wont and deep down you know it. She just don’t think you cute bro and that’s okay. There’s women out there that will think otherwise. There’s women who don’t think I’m not attractive and that’s fine with me. I think I’m fine as fuck and I’m gonna be okay. 

Next. You dudes gotta stop equating bad guys to street dudes/gangstas. There’s bad guys everywhere not just the hood. I can’t even count how many times where a hurt nice guy says some shit like “These women will rather have a thug instead of a nice guy.” Nice guy, Thug, it don’t matter as men because we still not shit bruh. That never sat well with me that everybody thinks the opposite of a nice guy is automatically a hood nigga. I have men in my family and friends from the hood and they’re the nicest people ever. Would give people the shirt off their back. They treat women with respect. They just grew up in a tough environment. Now there are women who like the allure of how some hood guys move. They trap, keep a pistol on em, keep a bankroll, they’re look, quick to handle shit with force, some women are attracted to that. I’m not in the place to tell them if it’s right or wrong to be attracted to what they’re attracted to. It’s none of my business. God rest my brother Shawn soul but he was a hood nigga in the streets and I wasn’t and we pulled the same amount of girls growing up. That’s why I don’t believe that nice guy shit. 

Here’s the question that needs to be asked. You ready? 

Why do BETA guys finish last?

That’s what you need to ask yourselves. The women not passing you up cause you nice. They passing you up because you not a ALPHA male. You too timid. You care what people think. You ultra emotional. You have no presence. You’re a people pleaser. You can’t say no. You have too much beta in you. There’s men who are Alpha’s who are nice. There’s men who are Alpha’s who are mean. There are nerds who are Alpha males. An Alpha is an Alpha and that’s what majority of women want. They want a man who’s sure of himself and where he’s going. You just hopped in shorty DM’s talking pointless shit and boring small talk. No wonder she think you weak. Say Hi, drop a restaurant location, a time, and ask if she wanna join. Simple. Not too many men on that type of time. She will think you different because all of the guys that are in her DM are not talking bout shit. Trust me. 

Some guys hear the term “Alpha Male” and think they have to be swole as fuck, imposing, rude, loud, confrontational. No you don’t. There are quiet Alpha Males too. You just have to have a presence. Look everybody in their eyes when you speak. Move with respect and honor. When people see you they say “He bout his shit. He cool.” For example Kareem “Biggs” Burke is one of the founders of “Roc-A-Fella” records. I never heard Biggs speak until last year. He’s a quiet man but you can sense his presence. He’s not an imposing guy but you can sense that he’s a man of respect and honor. He’s not a bad guy, he’s not a mean guy, he’s an Alpha male. 

You don’t have to be this ultra pretty boy. It’s not about the names on your clothes. It’s not about the car you drive. It’s about how you carry yourself. The man that has the shitty car, basic clothes, and awful job but says “You gone love me regardless” is the man that’s gonna have no issue getting any women. That’s what you “nice guys” don’t understand. You need to get wavy and carry yourself better. 

I’m a nice guy. I have no issues getting women. I’m not an asshole. I’m broke as fuck. I’m doing fine. It’s time for some accountability. The more you use the “Nice guys finish last” excuse as a crutch the longer you will remain last. Get off that shit and get ravishing and have fun.


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