If you wanna be anything in life be a pirate hunter. Be a cool ass one like Roronoa Zoro. 

One of the strongest characters in the anime “One Piece” and a all around interesting fella. Here are some things we can learn from Roronoa Zoro. 


Zoro stay lit as fuck. He keep a drink around him.I fuck wit him because of that. Life gets tough sometimes and a getting a bottle is sometimes what you need. Zoro had a high tolerance too so that also is something to admire. Start drinking and getting your tolerance as high as Zoro’s bounty. 


You supposed to get 8 hours of sleep a day and Zoro being the dedicated pirate he is probably doubles that daily. He has a lot of shit to slice, a lot of W’s to get, a lot of liquor to drink and a lot of arguments to have with Sanji. Sleep is underrated as fuck. Don’t let these fake hustlin mothafuckas tell you that sleep is for lazy people who aren’t serious about their dreams. It’s actually the opposite of what they’re saying. Prioritize your sleep and put it at the top of your list so when you get up you 3 sword style your way through life. 


Ever since he was owned by the greatest swordsman in the world Mihawk. Zoro has made it his mission to be the best swordsman in the world. He even asked for Mihawk to be his mentor and learned underneath the man he’s trying to surpass. He bowed down in front of his enemy Mihawk and asked for guidance. That takes incredible courage, and strength because some people could not place their ego to the side to do what Zoro did. That shows you how serious Zoro is about being the greatest of all time. When you’re serious about achieving a goal you don’t give a fuck about embarrassment. You don’t give a fuck about what people think. All you care about is getting better. 


Zoro view on things is really black and white. It either is or isn’t. His captain Luffy is sort of the same and probably a bit worse because he never puts any actual thought into anything before he acts but Zoro looks at things very practically. Even him not believing in God falls in this category. When you look at things practically you usually get things done. Zoro showcases this a lot when there’s a crisis and 8 out of 10 times he will be the one with a logical solution to the problem. 


Zoro does not want any shortcuts in battle. He does not like when his opponents have a handicap. He wants all his opponents at full strength. He does not attack an enemy when their back is turned. If he wins a fight in a way that isn’t honorable he will not be happy about it. Zoro wants to win with honor and he wants to lose with honor just like he did against Mihawk. Mihawk was even impressed with how Zoro was willing to lose with honor. Everything wont go your way in life but it’s all about how you carry your wins and losses. When you win do it with honor. When you lose do it with honor. 


Zoro is second in command in The Straw Hat Pirates. He accepts that role and he honors that role. When Luffy is fighting the strongest enemy of rival crews Zoro is fighting the second strongest. Zoro stands by Luffy’s decisions and will serve as council to Luffy when he feels Luffy needs it but what makes the Straw Hat’s work is that everyone plays their part and it starts with the leadership of Luffy and Zoro. If their leadership isn’t good then the whole crew will crumble. Teams win championships when everyone plays their part. Remember that. 


Zoro has a very low tolerance for people who betray him or his crew. As you saw with Usopp leaving the Straw Hats everyone was ready to welcome him back except Zoro. He wanted Usopp to beg for his spot back in the crew. Same with Robin when she left with CP9. Zoro had no sympathy for Robin and viewed her as an enemy. If people are willing to walk out your life when you’ve done nothing wrong to them be cautious on letting them back in when they come back. If you cross that line I’ll make you stay there until I feel otherwise. 


Zoro always distances himself from everyone else to either focus on his training, meditating, or sleep. He really values his alone time and that is what makes him such efficient fighter and rational thinker. It’s okay to distance yourself from things in the world like work, people, social media, etc. Sometimes you have to get your mind right and reset. There’s a lot of noise in society today and distancing yourself from is not a bad decision at all. 


When Zoro started out he was just all strength and nothing more. He fought recklessly and never used any tact when he would fight. As time progressed so did Zoro. He didn’t stay the same warrior. His approach to training changed. He didn’t care about his ego. He started to fight with more intelligence instead of relying solely on his strength. He became a much better leader as the 2nd in command of The Straw Hat Pirates. He started to take his position and role very seriously. Zoro evolved. You have to evolve. You can’t continue to stay the same person. Always be willing to learn and grow. No one should ever be above that. Don’t waste your potential by staying the same. Continue to evolve and become the best you as possible. 


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