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Here’s some things that will help your mental health. Shoutout all my real homies going through it, pushing through it, living through it. I’m here for all y’all.

Go to therapy. I think it should be a law that men are required to go to therapy. We are truly fucked up and we’ve been taught a lot of bullshit in our upbringing that can lead us to be hyper violent, too sensitive, unable to use empathy, the list goes on. I went to therapy when I was a kid but that dealt more with my social anxiety than anything else. Niggas be walking psychopaths or seriously depressed and have no idea. 

Laugh at fuck niggas. I do at least once a week. Thank God you not them. Laugh in general. I love laughing. 

Listen to Amy Winehouse first 2 albums. Like really listen to the lyrics. I’m not trying to be cool or funny. Her lyrics show both scenarios of being the good guy or the bad guy in uncut and unfiltered ways. She was a tortured soul. Plus all her shit is smooth. 

All or nothing thinking only works in things like business. Having a gray area of thinking is fun and relaxing. This tip is for me actually. 

Go to sleep hoe. At least try to get 6 hours or more. Lack of sleep isn’t the wave. 

Stop thinking that everything will be fixed mentally when you come up on some new money, a new car, a new job, lose or gain more weight, get a more attractive mate, get the likes and attention you asked for, become famous or popular. Somebody done told you wrong chief. Every job I ever had the pay was significantly better and every time I’m excited to start and I think about not struggling no more then when I get there the same ol shit happens just a different pay grade. It’s up to me to figure out why I’m unhappy and what will make me happy instead of thinking materialism will heal me.  

Express your feelings. No matter how crazy they may seem. Just get em out of your body but keep this in mind after you do…… read below this 

Stop thinking ALL your feelings are what’s real. Not all our feelings are reality. A lot of our feelings are bullshit that we try to force to make justifiable. Still express them hoes though. 

Grieve your losses. Like properly grieve. Visit graves if you gotta. Talk to somebody you trust. Remember the scene in Godfather 2 where Michael had that talk with Tom after the party? Yeah. Talk to somebody you trust. And if you never seen Godfather 2 I do not fucking trust you so we won’t be talking. 

Don’t take shit personal. Learn to know what an opinion is. It’s not absolute. It’s a belief. That’s not your issue that’s theirs. Their opinion is not fact so why in the fuck are you going ballistic over someone else opinion? Just say “Damn that’s crazy” and let their opinion be somebody else problem. 

Ask for help. Ask for a lot of fucking help. It’s okay. If your circle solid they won’t help you just for a future favor like Vito Corleone in The Godfather. They’ll help you because they wanna see you win and it makes them feel good when you’re feeling good. 

Add a lotta gratitude to your attitude. I just tripped off the fact that I can feel things with my hands. I wasn’t high. I just tripped off that I can touch things and I prayed right there on the spot. That seems minor but that’s so major. Imagine not having feeling in your hands. Imagine not being able to feel a titty. God is good. 

Call off work. Them niggas will be aight even though you already do everything around that mothafucka. 

Focus on the people who support you all the time. Stop trying to pity people to support you. Stop begging them to support you. Stop expecting people to support you. Regardless of what you do or what you’re going through no one owes you anything. It’s insulting to the people who really do support you to complain about support. 

Stop fighting battles that God didn’t give to you. Can you assist yes but there’s only so much you can do. Dealing with addiction in my family I’ve seen this first hand. The addict gotta fight. You can’t fight for them. You can’t want it for them. They gotta want it. 

Get a stuffed Bulbasaur and hug it as much as possible. . I love Bulbasaur. It’s my favorite Pokemon. 

Don’t base your loyalty and love and how much of yourself you’re willing to give because people in your past didn’t treat you right. Do it cause you’re the shit and you’re caring. If people you’ve dealt with didn’t appreciate it then that’s on them. Don’t scale back your love because they’re selfish and stupid. I’ve been there. A person treated me like shit and I wanted to cheat everyone in my future because the actions of the people in my past. If anything you should love harder. 

Point out the positives more than the negatives. The positives deserve the most love. Walk away from the negatives. 

Squash all beefs and disagreements. Fuck who fault it is. Get it off your plate and move on. It’s weight that you can’t see and it’s weighing you down without you knowing. Forgive yourself too. It’s not your fault and if it is mistakes happen. You here to make it right. 

Say no to as many people as possible. Even if it makes you look like an asshole. I promise you’ll feel better and you’ll notice some huge changes. 

Get to know yourself. Understand what makes you happy, mad, and sad, and truthfully figure out if it’s healthy for you mentally. 

Step away from Social Media and see what’s real. Use that shit for your brand and business. A lot of social media is people filling up space with words and nothing of importance and comparing themselves to other people. You can just do what I do. Mute everybody except the people you do business with or would go in the trenches for. All that shit a facade and full of people putting on a show but acting different in person. Step away from that shit. It’s a tool. Use it like a tool and see what happens. 

Realize everything wasn’t your fault. Don’t participate in the blame game regardless of what side you’re on. Accept the blame if it’s truly your fault, apologize, let it go, improve. If it’s not your fault, stop letting people guilt you or shaming you into thinking it’s your fault. Your mistakes don’t define you. Your comeback and reaction to em does. 

Understand all things come and go. 

You can’t control everything. Let go. You can’t control everyone. Let go. Stop trying to change people into what you think you want and focus on why you want them in your life anyway. I’m a homebody. If someone I’m cool with not a homebody I’m not going to try to make them one. It’s selfish to try to change people to fit what you want or how you operate when there’s nothing wrong with them. Let them make that choice instead of wrecking your brain trying to do so. 

Be the driver. Don’t let your emotions run the show and drive. Don’t sit in the backseat. Even though I just said you can’t control everything one thing you need to control is your emotions and not let them run your life. If you let your emotions drive all the time they will drive you crazy. 

You can never lose the juice. Your juice can only get warm. When your juice get warm put it back in the fridge. Take a deep breath. Handle your business and when you look up your juice is on chill again and you still the coolest mothafucka breathing and you wonder what the fuck were you even worried for? 


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