Angry Trap Nigga starting off the episode so you know this shit gone be good. You gotta know Angry Trap Nigga gone fail this mission simply because his jean jacket don’t have no sleeves and has Michael Jackson Thriller jacket zippers all over it. Any nigga in a jean vest with 56 zippers on it is destined to fail. 



Q really don’t give a fuck. I really noticed that he don’t give a fuck for the simple fact he keeps a Kangol on his head. O.G’s in Kangol hats are super polished goons. Dude said I’d kill you then smash your chick for sport…… he didn’t even care to ask if she ugly or not. Savage. 



Sonny has every right to be mad at Q. He not apart of that world and Q brought that shit to his legitimate business and now he involved. Family or no family. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. 



My nigga Meldrick said “We need his doctorization skills.” I’m hollering. 



Damn Ronnie is a veteran. He a old nigga so he was soldier before the military were giving out Chevy Camaros and Dodge Challengers like candy so all he stuck with is cognac, no car and a bullet wound. 



The story about the frogs and the crows was really crazy but real. 



Brandon sleeping on Jerrika couch. He tripping and this nigga been begging like the songs on the first Jodeci album for 3 straight episodes. 



Bruh Papa might be the Realest character on tv right now. First he got the Mississippi Mass Choir playing in the background….(I know it ain’t them but that’s what I call all gospel music) then he calls it “Whittiling Music” then he making crosses and praying for his homies and he cares about his “Me” time. REALEST ONE IN THE GAME! 



Emmett hella immature. Dude ain’t changed even after bonding with his son. He took him to a kickback like a great father now he wanna act like he don’t know him. 






A rich junkie just patched Ronnie up on some Johnny Rambo shit and popped more pills afterwards like a rapper with tattoos on their face and colors in their hair. 



Jada saved Miss Ethel life and in return she bout to go to church with her and make Deacon Jones Emmett step daddy. 



Hannibal got Juntao living in his closet and how much you wanna bet Juntao got 6 figures in his bank account. I need to be on that same wave. 



Hannibal way of thinking and living needs to be taught. Keep good weed around you and stack the money. 



Brandon got zippers on the end of his shirt. Wassup wit these niggas and zippers. 



The goon with the Malcolm X glasses making hamburger helper in Angry Trap nigga crib is just ultimate disrespect. This nigga can’t get a win on this show. 



Keisha needs to understand that chilling in ht park with Emmett is a date but the only mistake he made was not bringing Popeyes. This nigga brought cafeteria fries like a lame. 



Papa knowledge is beyond this dimension. My young bul always thinking 10 steps ahead and got his 10,000 steps in for the day. The tampon shopping scene was classic. 



I wonder what Ronnie wanted to be. 



Damn Emmett got as many baby mommas as Ginuwine. 



Hannibal looked out for his cousin like a real nigga supposed to and got him a food truck. Brandon bout to be the Big Worm of Chicago. 



Chauncey dead as fuck which is sad because I never seen a white guy named Chauncey before. 



Was this big voodoo nigga burning sage around that dead white man? Lmaooooooo. 



Papa found out that Kevin shot somebody. 



I swear to god I hate when a nigga try to interfere with parents and their kids. Nigga take yo team Jordan wearing ass back to your room with that tough guy shit. As long as Emmett wasn’t disrespecting her or putting hands on her let them handle that. Emmett did the right thing by bouncing because his son was there but that Johnny Appleseed head ass nigga gotta run the fade. Congrats Emmett you got a bird for a baby momma. Go get hired by Angry Trap Nigga and link up with that wannabe step daddy weirdo. 



Bruh they made Angry Trap Nigga a whole plate and he ain't eating it. I’M WEAK!! 



The scene with Big Boss Jake was tense as a mothafucka but BIG BOSS JAKE DIDN’T FOLD THO! HE STOOD THERE LIKE A G!



Brandon begging finally worked and he really bout to bust a taco in that old ass truck forreal………. sorry yall shoulda seen that one coming. That inappropriateness writes itself. 



Ronnie has now become this sympathetic figure which is really heavy. He’s been to hell and back. At points it gets really old to watch because he don't do much but limp around Chicago and I don't really understand Ronnie's purpose anymore since he's been shot by Kevin and gave up the phone to the police but If you go back and watch Episode 1 and see how full of life he was despite not doing shit but drinking and hanging on the streets all day you saw life in him. In the final scene of this episode you see nothing but a shell of that man. He’s tried to help everyone but himself and I think he’s finally realized that when he cried in Rafiq's arms at the end.