A woman who dropped my baby off randomly and disappears and then pops back up a couple weeks to take the baby back then disappears again so I couldn’t see the baby ask me for $200 a month? I’d rather go to hell than pay that girl $200 a month if I was Emmett.  



Sonny really hates his brother but I think it's jealousy mixed in it too. 



DAMN MY NIGGA Q A PEDOFILE?!! I CAN’T ROCK WIT HIM NO MORE SMFH!! Smashing tracy when she was 16 and holding her hostage on some Kathy Bates “Misery” shit is not the wave. 



Brandon is realizing The “I got to used to the sex but I fucked up and realized how much I miss the sex” is the best sex. It’s gonna be passionate for a month or two then it’s back to the routine 5-10 min sex and erasing the search history on the computer in the crib. 



Jerrika giving Brandon her shoebox money and support. Damn where was this when his brother died? All he had to do was start a business and give out good dick and she giving out racks?……… *Writes in notepad* 



I like that every scene that has Papa in it I know I’m about to laugh. He said “Praise Jesus” after finding out Kevin didn’t kill Ronnie like my momma when she found out I wasn’t going to prison. 



Ronnie visiting Coogie memorial symbolizes he knows what he gotta do. By him shaving and transforming into the rapper Tech N9NE twin brother that either means he bout to move out of Chicago or turn himself into prison. 



Ronnie Grandma possibly going to a home would be sad as fuck. 



Q being a pedo just throws everything off to me now. So if he does gangsta shit like punk a crooked cop inside his car outside the police station I’d still think about what Tracy said. 



Q being Jason father was bout as predictable as McDonalds ice cream machine not working. 



Brandon got a lot of real people around him. Nigga been getting more gifts for his business than a NCAA athlete. 



Don Cheadle Trap nigga got the right idea. Real men do yoga. Gotta be flexible out in these streets. You heard papa said he gotta stretch his glutes. Cause a papa a real one. Can’t be stiff out here physically or mentally. 



Aye bruh where that cop wife going in the middle of the day with a dress like that on? That baby might not be your partna. Somebody clapping that. 



“When I’m apart of something it needs to be off the chain.” - Papa …….. If only everyone thought like that the world would be lit. 



Kevin learning the friend zone at an early age. Get used to it kid. 



Aye is it bad that I would smash loud mouth shorty at the check cashing place? I mean she talk too much and we saw that at the group therapy sessions but I know she got some fire and she look like she can cook some fire baked macaroni. 






He called this nigga “Mr.Reg” lmaooooo! 



If they don’t turn off this 1996 Tupac sounding shit in that car and play “Understand Me” by Chief Keef.



Why Big Boss Jake look like Russy from “Runs House?” 



Apparently Angry ass trap nigga is the black Dr.Phil when it comes to ain’t shit nigga topics such as hoes and fucking hoes friends. 



Ronnie a whole desperate dumbass if he thought these 2 drunk incapable negros could take care of a elderly woman. Niggas can’t even take care of themselves. Now I know this nigga leaving if he this desperate. 



Brandon has no place near the food truck people. They’re colonizers bruh and are in favor of gentrification. Plus I bet money none of they food fire. Bland as fuck. The hood spots crushing them. I can tell. 



Nobody care bout these cops bruh. 



Angry trap nigga did something to Don Cheadle. Big swole ass nigga pull up asking bout him and the yoga mat was still in the car. Yoga students don’t forget their mats just like Vegans don’t forget to remind you that they’re vegan. Angry trap nigga probably killed him. 



I’m sorry I’m not a parent so I may be missing something here but I would beat a nigga ass if he try to use my child to extort money outta me. I would’ve lost my mind. Nigga asked for a extra $100 a month from Emmett. Nah you gotta see me homie. He think Emmett a pussy and that’s why he demanded that $100. Emmett gotta do something. It’s time. The fuck that nigga need $100 a month for? To buy more wife beaters to wear everyday like a 2001 extra nigga in a DMX music video? Fuck outta here nigga. 



Big Boss Jake just leveled up to savage level 2. He took his first jumping like a G with no help



Brandon pulled his food truck up in the hood like a real one. He gone make more money in the hood than downtown. Easily. He has no comp. 



If Sarah told me the same shit I would’ve been like “And? He can’t whoop my ass.”



I lived in Seattle for a year it’s dope. Jada like “Nah lil nigga, momma gotta have a life too.” She going to Washington to find her Ving Rhames. 



Relationships need transparency. I like honesty. I like the way it makes me feel. That’s why my mouth reckless. It’s honest though. Brandon and Jerrika only honest with each other cause their backs are against the wall. Brandon would’ve never said shit if Sarah told him what she told him and Jerrika would’ve kept quiet if Brandon never told the truth. It’s real weird. They both have a lot of maturing to do. 



Angry Trap Nigga has now been promoted to me calling him “Reg” for throwing Don Cheadle Trap Nigga in the trunk like Billy Batts on “Goodfellas.” He was hella entertaining. 



Ronnie situation super sad but he doing the right thing for his granny and Coogie’s people. Plus he’ll be looked out for by the muslim brothers in prison. Nigga old as fuck but we finally see him become a man.