Being a nigga that's been robbed before. Anybody who has common sense know that shit a setup. 



Annnnnnnnd of course I was right. I'm gonna assume that every episode of this season kicks off with a robbery.



My nigga robbed Paperboi then apologized like he just beat his lil brother ass and the lil brother was crying bout to tell on him to they momma. "My fault bruh, sorry bout this shit bruh, I promise I let you play the game next time bruh."



Of course the all knowing Darius-damus wasn't in the car when the robbery went down. He can see in the future and seen this coming. His knowledge is undeniable. 



My nigga got the child lock on the doors knowing he don't see his kids. 



What nigga that robs niggas ever paid a nigga back? If this nigga don't get his "Never go broke if I owe you money" looking ass on somewhere. 



Earn is an awful manager. Nigga corny as fuck and unprofessional. How the fuck you don't email the weirdos the tracks or don't have a flash drive? Also why the fuck he bring Paperboi to CultureVultureVille? 



Earn had a "Get Out" moment when all the white folks was staring while he was eating cheerios.



How many rappers we've seen dancing on tables at this buildings in Atlanta, LA, and New York? You know what comes next after that?..... Free Insert Rapper Name Here.  



Bruh these conversations in CultureVultureVille are awkward as fuck. Small talk is for niggas who steal iPhone chargers. 



Respect to Paperboi for not performing in front of that white boy eating a banana who packed hummus for lunch and says nigga at 21 Savage concerts and walking out of Complex offices......... Let's keep it 100. We were all thinking it. Corny White Millennials. 



Brush and let em bake again........ Damn I low-key miss my waves. 



Homie took 2 smooth pics which was foul but the nigga wasn't lying in his instagram caption. He was really working. 



"This smells like my grandma face." ....... Gem count 1 for King Darius VII. Gem count kinda low this deep in the episode and I wish my weed smelled like my Grandma face. She smell like cocoa butter and sweet potato pies. 



Aye that no chase policy  shit real. Sometimes they really do investigate depending on what you steal. Clothes and shoes they never pressing the issue but if you steal like iPhones and shit then they on yo ass. 



Everybody in this episode that tells Paperboi they a fan they do some fuck nigga shit 0.05 seconds after they say it. This Andrew from The Breakfast Club looking ass boy really put this nigga Paperboi in a group chat. Real niggas hate group chats and watch over group chats  like Sting in the rafters and never respond until their name is mentioned. 



Aye Earn a dumbass bruh why the fuck would you try to double up your money through gift cards? Nigga get a pack and jugg. 



You a fucking lie if you didn't bob ya head to that You Hoo commercial. Lie so I can beat yo ass. 






Homie had those Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers waves.