You’ve shut everything down. Cool. It’s time for you to take a break from social media. Why? Cause people are stupid and everyone gets on your nerves? Because everything that’s discussed on social media has no substance or meaning? You’re just addicted? Whatever the reason is, social media is something you’re leaving or taking a break from. 


That’s wassup. Now what are you going to do now that social media is no removed from your life? Are you going to place reading in it’s place? How about writing? Cooking a recipe you always wanted to try? Exercise? I know……



You will replace it with nothing. 


I’m praying you prove me wrong but likely you wont and that saddens me. 


There’s this belief that if you leave social media then "HALLELUJAH EVERYTHING IS SOLVED! I CAN FINALLY FOCUS! I mean those Nicki vs Cardi arguments I was paying attention to were exactly why my life isn't going the way I want it!" OH MY GOD THE TALK ABOUT REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA ON SOCIAL MEDIA IS WHY IM NOT EXECUTING MY IDEAS!  


The blame we put towards social media for us not getting shit done is a form of denial. It’s the biggest lie we tell ourselves. We tell ourselves it’s social media fault. Whatever the fuck is wrong with you has always been there. Social media just gives you the perception that it’s the cause. That’s social media biggest weapon. Perception. You're lack of drive and discipline is your fault and your fault only. Not Facebook. Not instagram. Not Twitter. It's your fault. 


Leaving social media and going ghost doesn't mean shit if you don't address the problem, which is yourself. You're the problem. When you leave social media you’re just gonna replace it with something else pointless and time consuming. Instead of being on social media you’re gonna watch more TV. Play more games. Watch more meaningless shit on youtube. So you’re just gonna trade in a smaller screen for a bigger screen. Then when that’s not enough you will open up your social media app that you vowed not to ever open again and lurk and scroll over everything you missed. You'll keep up the illusion that you're not on social media. It’s that combination of the fear of missing out and being nosey as fuck. You can’t help yourself. You’re addicted. Then you’ll realize that you’ve done none of the shit you said you were going to do after you quit social media. You haven't made anymore progress than you did when you were on social media. Nothing has changed. 


You have to stop believing that just because a person is obsessed with social media that they can’t get shit done or their life is just in shambles. I know people who are on social media at least 8-10 hours per day and there life is in more order than mine. Social media don’t have shit to do with shit. It comes down to mindset. Now is it sad that people can’t live without it and it’s the FIRST thing they check when they wake up? Yes. Very sad. But that wont stop a fuck up from being a fuck up or a responsible person being a responsible person. Social media doesn’t have shit to do with that. 


I do believe as a creative you do have to eliminate distractions and if social media is a distraction then yes remove it and get to work and get shit done. In my opinion if social media has that much hold over your life to the point you’re distracted from something that can change your life and something you want to do for the rest of your life then your priorities are fucked up, you don't really want what you say you want and that’s not social media fault. You’re supposed to be using social media to show or promote your art. If social media didn’t exist you’d be doing some other dumb shit and still neglecting your creativity.  


And if we really wanna go there with the complaining about the dumb shit you see on your timelines then ask yourself this. "Why do I see dumb shit on any of my timelines?" It’s because you’re too pussy to unfollow people who on that bullshit so in reality it’s your fault that your timelines and overall social media experience is trash. This goes for me too. Some people I love (Family included), Like truly love but they’re annoying on social media so I mute them or unfollow them. Now if they take it personal then shit I dunno. I’m different. Everyone annoys me…. so no one should feel offended. So there’s that.


Nothing changed from how we acted back when I was a teenager except now the internet is fast as fuck and more accessible to everyone. There’s a lot more noise today so everyone is not like Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction. Silence bothers people. You’d be surprise how many people can’t sit in silence and not feel anxious. All social media does for people is pass time and it’s not just social media. It’s technology in general. I get distracted as fuck by music. If my song comes on I will sing or rap the fuck out of it and not write shit. So is it music fault that I just wasted a hour rapping all of “The Chronic” by Dr.Dre and didn’t write anything? MP3 players are built in our phones so we listen to music every where. I used to hate carrying a big ass walkman around but now my headphones are wireless. My phone weighs next to nothing. I don’t have to talk to anyone in public. But that's how I've always been. I have social anxiety. It’s not technology fault that I don't interact with other humans in public or go out my way to bring my AirPods (headphones) everywhere I go to avoid talking to people or prevent people from bothering me. This is how I've always been. It's my fault. 


Just think about all the technological advances we’re experiencing. I don’t wanna live without them. I just teach myself how to utilize them to my advantage. You can do the same with social media. So bring your fake ghosting, fake working, still watching the timeline ass back to social media and use it to your benefit. You can be productive and use social media too. I promise.

If you can't? Blame yourself.