The best character on Naruto and one of the best characters in anime history. 


Here are the things you can learn from Rock Lee. 





Rock Lee can’t use Genjutsu or Ninjutsu in a world where his peers and opposition can. So instead of trying to improve his weaknesses he went all in on his strength and put everything into his Taijutsu. This is what successful people do. They’re aware of their weaknesses and know how to deal with them but they do not waste time on trying to improve them. They  don't respect their weaknesses. They go all in on their strengths. If you’re a painter and you’re trash at business. Get someone on your team who is exceptional at business and you focus on your art. If Rock Lee focused on his weaknesses he wouldn’t be as strong as he is now. 




Lee was determined to be the best he could be. He just had this motor to succeed. Even when Gaara broke his leg and arm and almost ended his career as a ninja Lee was determined to fight again. His whole life he would try to beat Neji even though Neji was a far more superior warrior. Lee never showed signs of giving up. You gotta want it and be determined to put the work in. 




Under the expert tutelage of Mighty Guy, Lee was at his best. Lee enjoyed being the student. He enjoys learning everything about his fighting style and the history of it. You thrive when you learn from other people. Especially if the people you’re learning from have done it longer than you. All the greatest creators love being students of their crafts. The people who never stop being the student always do incredible things. 




Lee took a swig of the liquor and turnt up. He feels unstoppable when he drinks and so do I. 




Lee is one of the most optimistic characters on the show. The ultimate nice guy. He’s always cheering on his peers. Believing in himself and finding the silver lining in bad situations. He even forgave Gaara and becomes friends with him after what he did to his arm and leg. Optimism is everything. A lot will go in your favor if you choose not to dwell on the negative. Optimism also spreads. If you’re positive a lot of people around you are gonna be positive. It’s a contagious mindset and way of life. It’s gonna be hard to win without optimism. You have to process whats in front of you whether it’s good or bad and there’s going to be situation that aren’t favorable and optimism is what’s going to keep you on track to overcome. 




Always write shit down. Lee is always writing down the advice Guy gives him. I’m sure he reads those notes to remind himself of what it takes to be a great ninja. 




Lee’s discipline was second to none. You see this in his fight against Gaara where he removes his ankle weights to fight. For him to never remove his weights and obey Guy’s request to never remove them is insane discipline. It was discipline that made him the strongest ninja in physical combat. When you apply discipline to things in your life you see the rewards. Discipline not only helps you it helps others. Discipline is the less traveled path because on that path resides things people don’t wanna do. You do things that you don’t wanna do but you know they will help you in the end. That’s discipline. 





Lee is a loyal kid. He trusts Mighty Guy with everything and he would never betray or leave Guy or the village. It’s not about being loyal around your people. It’s about being loyal when they’re not around. Strength doesn’t mean anything if there’s no loyalty. Lee hated to break promises to people and when he did he would punish himself. That shows a tremendous amount of loyalty. 





Lee is a weird dude but that doesn’t fuck up his confidence. He always kept shooting his shot a Sakura. He dresses different. His hair is weird to all his peers. His mindset is always positive and he’s always turnt up and full of excitement. Be weird. The people who make fun of people who are weird are the abnormal people and they’re liars because they’re afraid to be themselves.