It’s time to for you to understand that Thaddeus “Curly” Gammelthorpe is the realest nigga alive. 



First of all his real name sounds like a philosopher in the Game Of Thrones times that got nothing but face from thots in the hot springs while he wrote sonnets. 



He does not give a fuck about what people think about him. He's interested in what he's interested in and he continues to be himself despite people thinking he's a lunatic. He's the most honest person on the show.  



Curly didn’t frame Eugene because he was a psychopath. He framed Eugene because Eugene did some bitch ass shit by not taking care of something Curly let him borrow. Curly gave Eugene his favorite pencil from Wankyland out of the kindness of his heart. How the fuck you bite and chew on some shit that’s not yours? Eugene was a trifling muthafucka. Curly had every reason to frame his punk ass. 



Curly stands on what the fuck he believes in. When there’s an injustice he takes action. Eugene violated he did something about it. When Sid took his week to be ball monitor he did something about it. When they wouldn’t let him tell the tale of the Ghost Bride he did something about it. Curly was all action. All people do today is complain. They rather complain than take action. 



When Curly wanted to be ball monitor he prepared for it. He studied it. He was passionate about it. He was prepared to be the Kanye West of Ball Monitors. He cared about the job. He cared about the craft. He loved it. How many people around you and in the world truly care about the craft? How many people truly love their job? That’s why the culture so fucked up now. The culture needs more Curly’s. 



When Curly says he’s gonna do some shit. He does that shit. You know how a mothafucka be talking all that hip shit and you ask them “Location?” So yall can link up for the fade but they never drop the location? Well Curly is the opposite. That’s a dude that will give you a location and be outside waiting for you or he pulling up if you drop yours. 



He called Mr.Simmons “Granola Boy”….. Lmaoooooo flamed his Mister Rogers Neighborhood Sweater Vest head ass. 



Curly was riding a giraffe through the hood with Zebras following him like a Migos verse. Realest nigga alive. Low key Curly might’ve been for animal rights. Fuck Zoo’s. Fuck Seaworld. Another example of Curly doing more action than talking. 



Curly taught all of us about the importance of mental health before we really understood what it truly was. He was bi-polar and possibly had multiple personalities like a prime Nicki Minaj verse. 



Curly has culture. He had a love for dancing ballet like Dark Skinned Aunt Vivian on Fresh Prince and the MBDTF Album cover and incorporated his ballet into football when he scored a touchdown during the bully bowl. What a cultured kid. 



Curly was the original scammer. He finessed Rhonda into being his girlfriend for a week, made her wear a shirt that said Curly’s Girl, made her push him on the swings like a boss, got everyone to turn on her for dumping him then he turned around and dumped Rhonda out of nowhere. A KING! 



Curly the most creative person ever. He made a jetpack out of a fire extinguisher. They always say the craziest people are the most creative especially when they find a outlet to funnel their craziness to.