The first fucking episode I was hooked. I give series the 3 episode rule and sometimes I get soft and maybe extend it to 5 but out the fucking gate I was hooked on Megalobox and that’s a GREAT sign that points to the possibility of a anime being timeless. 


THE SOUNDTRACK IS FUCKING FLAMES. YOGA FLAMES! YOGA INFERNO BITCH!!!! Megalobox has one of the best soundtracks in a anime I’ve ever heard. 


It’s gritty as fuck. Remember the song by Busta Rhymes called “Everything Remains Raw?” That had to be the mindset of the people behind the animation because it is grimy, gritty, rugged, and raw. I felt filthy just watching this shit. 


It’s literally Trigun & Cowboy Bebop mixed with boxing but has it’s own identity. 2 of my all time favorite anime fucked and had Megalobox. 


It’s not the typical sports anime like we’ve seen. Everybody doesn’t have a enhanced skill and it’s not cheesy.


All the fucking characters are interesting. The main character you immediately feel for and respect his gangsta. The Supporting characters aren’t annoying. The antagonist is interesting. I have not seen a character flaw yet thus far. 


The fights are high octane. Bloody. Brutal. The savagery is on point. 


The sounds are amazing. If you have a fire home theater in your crib the sounds of the anime will sound super dope. They pay attention to detail on everything and that includes sounds no matter how big or small. 


I love the story. A story with a futuristic western feel and about A guy named JunkDog who is poor as fuck with no name and we have no knowledge of his background and he boxes in illegal underground megaloboxing matches and he throws the fights to win money off bets despite being a good fighter. Megaloboxing involves gear the enhances the fighters abilities and it looks like Jax arms from Mortal Kombat. The poor unknown boxer wants to enter a huge boxing tournament funded by a bunch of rich mothafuckas with hidden agendas. I love this shit.


Might be best anime of the season. Watch this shit.