First of all you have to realize you’re the shit. You’re fucking great. Nobody is you. This shit will pass. Don’t even trip. 


Don’t worry about if it’s been done already. YOU haven’t done it yet and that’s what matters in your world. Your interpretation will be different unless you on some lazy wave riding shit and you copy EVERYTHING a person does. There is nothing original in the history of time. 


If it doesn’t feel like “play” just quit. It’s not worth it. Fuck creativity that feels like work. Quit and start something new. 


If you’re a “Know it all” you better cut that shit out real quick or your humbling during your creative block will be something that breaks your smart ass. You’re forever the student. Always move with that mindset and creative blocks won’t be so difficult. 


What are you trying to give to the world? Go back to the basics when you’re stuck creatively. What is the main objective? Forget about the future and the present for a moment and think back to WHY you’re creating and what are you trying to give the world? The creative is all about giving. Fuck trying to get attention cause the people who are all about just getting attention are usually posers and insecure. The real creative is about taking their experiences and creating something beautiful out of it so it can help and be of value to people. 


Look for the problem first. Not the solution. I learned that when I was 8 years old from my second grade teacher Ms.Jackson. The solution to creative blocks will be elusive because it knows you’re searching for it. Go back to the problem. It’s just chilling and waiting for you to chat with it. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? Ask yourself that first. 


Go left. Whatever everyone else doing go completely left. Don’t participate in groupthink. Groupthink is what gasses society and helps society function but you see how fucked up our society is right? So that shows us that groupthink is a fucking awful idea. 


Fuck rules and professionalism. Break em. They’re constraints and systems of control. They’re for the frightened. Not the innovators. Do what the fuck you wanna do. 


Look at other creative disciplines and processes. So I’m a writer if I’m going through a creative block maybe looking at what a illustrator does day to day will spark an idea inside of me and pick up some new habits to apply to my writing process. Look around at your peers who do things differently than you. 


Fuck thinking logically during this moment. Logic is a bitch in creativity. 


Go create in a totally different environment. Listen to something different. Do something different. Something you don’t normally do. 


Smoke some trees and go walk around. Talk to strangers. Joan on strangers. Listen to “In Utero” by Nirvana. You’ll always spark ideas with weed and Nirvana. 


Do not wait. Waiting for an idea awful. Nothing is coming. Waiting kills everything. You do not exist to wait for shit. Stop waiting and go do something. If the ideas of for a photo shoot aren’t coming to you then go start that non profit you had some great ideas about. Don’t just sit at your desk or creative space waiting for a idea to appear. It’s not coming. 


Who is in the way? Sometimes it’s not you. It’s a person that’s causing your creative block. Go have a conversation with them immediately and if you have to tell them that with or without their support that you’re going to do what you do then please tell them that. This will light a fire in you and give you more confidence in not only yourself but your creativity.  



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