Before you even start.. Number one. Get off that fake mysterious shit. Like right now my G. You not mysterious, nobody gives a fuck about that shit. How the fuck you begging for attention but you trying not to be seen on purpose? That's like a diabetic eating pixie sticks. You can't connect with a true audience like that. Stop worrying about your instagram post count being under 15-20 and every post being shot in 35mm and worry about what fye content you need to drop. Niggas spend more time erasing tweets than actually working. People are really trying to be fake mysterious and it’s the saddest move ever. You’re not Playboi Carti. You're not Banksy. He can afford to not post shit cause he a legend. I don’t give a fuck what you shoot in, just drop something. Fuck mystery. #MysteryK 




D.S.P!!!!! DON’T STOP POSTING! 90% or more of what you post need to be about your content and brand. Selfies, Photo shoots, are cool but if that’s all you post and you’re a blogger or writer then what the fuck does that have to do with anything? Find my blog @politeasflannels and podcast @politecoolery on Instagram and tell me what you see? It’s us posting nothing but the content or things related to the content. How the fuck do you expect someone who don’t know you to know what you do and all you have is posts that have nothing to do with what you claim to do? This is what separate the people who are serious and the people who have 85489 titles in their bios on social media and just wanna be seen and attach themselves to those titles cause it LOOKS good and makes them feel important. Some people are worried about everything but the content. The content is what’s gonna change things for you. You need to be focused on that and never stop posting content. Fuck how it looks. Who cares if your profile doesn’t look neat and sexy. IF THE CONTENT FYE PEOPLE GIVE ZERO FUCKS ABOUT THAT SHIT! Nothing but facts. 




The best content always teaches people something. What can people learn from your content? Art informs us. It’s done that for centuries. When I see vintage photography of the Vietnam War that taught me how fucked up AmeriKKKa is. That’s very powerful. Quit chasing trends and popularity. Show the people why your content is REAL and AUTHENTIC instead. The real and authentic content ALWAYS teaches. 




If you love makeup and your life is makeup well guess what sis or bro your ass needs to be writing, filming, or photographing makeup. Doesn’t matter if 858948 people talk about makeup. You genuinely love it. You have knowledge of it. It’s apart of who you are. Just because a bunch of people are doing something doesn’t mean you can’t. There’s a million authors that write about creativity but here you are reading this shit right now. Thinking like that falls into the category of pleasing everybody and when you try to please everybody in creativity then your voice becomes “meh” and nobody will care about what you do or talk about your content. Be consistent with who you are and what you create and everything gone be wavy. 




As a fan of creatives I love hearing their points of view and their stances on things through their art. Having a stance and showing it through your content is cool as fuck. It shows us your perspective. For example we could say that A$AP Rocky’s stance is that he will never dress like a bummy nigga. He loves fashion. He expresses it through his art. It’s his stance. The first thing I ever heard him say was “I be that pretty mothafucka.” He let you know immediately what he stands for. 





I get requests to write about shows, movies, music and it would be impossible to do that if I don’t care about what’s being recommended to me. Forget chasing fads like I said before. Stick to creating content you care about because you’re gonna bring out the best creative you that way. Your audience not stupid. They can tell if you’re creating shit you do not care about. Make content you care about so it doesn’t feel like work. 





Before you even begin. You might need to have the answer to this. Now when I first wrote my blog posts I had in my mind that my writing would reach nerds like me. Whether it was music nerds, anime nerds, movie nerds, whatever I knew what my target audience would be before I began. As time went on I noticed what blog posts would attract specific audiences and what they liked aligned with what I was already doing so I didn’t have to adjust at all. Who are you trying to reach with your content? If you understand this then you’ll be able to build a niche/cult following of people who genuinely care about your content and are there to stay. Which would you rather have? 100,000 followers and only 5% of them actually care about what you do or 15,000 followers and more than 95% of them are investing in you?





As a creative you have a story to tell and people want to hear and see it. It doesn't matter if it's been told before. How many action movies have we've seen with the same plot and same action? Hundreds! The movie theaters are STILL crowded. As long as the story is good people will tune in. They want to see the story. Remember that. That’s all the gas you need right there. 



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