It’s a honor to date me. It’s a privilege just for anyone to be in my presence and for me to spend time on them. I’m a living prime Jeezy Intro. This my mentality at all times. I’m doing this woman a fucking favor. If dating taught me anything it taught me arrogance. Yes you read that correctly. Arrogance. The reason is because when you’re arrogant you won’t pity yourself or deal with bullshit. Don’t care if I’m taking out Naomi Campbell on a date. NIgga I’m ME! Everybody should feel that way about themselves when they’re dating. 



Dating don’t stress me out. No human walking this earth can stress me out. Dating is just people willing to be dumb, waste time, and risk emotional pain of getting it wrong, and hoping the person we pick works out. I have no high expectations for shit. I just have fun in my own little world. 



Just because I like you doesn’t mean I don’t like anyone else. It’s life and I will NOT lie to you about it. You can like more than just me too. It’s okay. I’m wavy and have the personality of a Recess marathon and no one can compare to me but I get it. 



Boundaries hella important. People know who they can try and can’t try. 



Sometimes I go on dates just to get off a fye fit. I have no interest in anything. Just enjoy these drinks and food I’m buying you and take my picture. 



Fuck those nice ass restaurants. These picnics and food trucks bussin. Sit in my car, listen to Jodeci, eat this Popeyes & let me teach you shit. 



Aye I don’t even know you. I don’t even know if you wash your sheets weekly. The fuck you wanna meet my momma for? Why you wanna meet my friends? It’s only been 1 or 2 dates. Why are you using my slang already? We haven't discussed this. You run into people like this just ejecto seato cuz. They’re needy as fuck and will annoy the fuck outta you down the line if you stick around. 



One date doesn’t mean I owe you a second. 



Just cause we go on a couple dates doesn’t mean I don’t got time for these hoes. I can multi task. Im slangin the most electrifying dick in blogging entertainment to them too. Cause I’m a single hoe. You gotta come to grips with that. When the day comes that I’m cuffed I’ll give her the honors of erasing the hoes outta my contacts. It's basically the same thing as proposing. 



I never mind paying for everything. I actually never think twice about it & prefer it but if you insist on paying for something I am not stopping you. So don’t try that “I’m a pretend I’m bout to pay and hope he stops me” shit cause I won’t. Your silly ass gone pay. 



I stopped researching people through their social media. Everybody lying anyway. Gives me more to talk about and I’m too lazy to. I’ll find out if you crazy or not when we speak face to face. 



I ain’t pressing shit. 



I just give a fuck about who annoys me the least. I used to have this requirement mindset on how I want women I date to look. A specific height, body type, type of hair, all that goofy shit. I missed out on fun thinking like that. Then when I would date the exact type I limited myself to they would annoy the shit outta me. Then I woke my ass up and got off that lame shit. I done had em all now. Big, Small, Short, Tall. If we connect, we connect that’s all I’m concerned with. 



People do what they wanna do in dating. I just peep the choices they make and go from there. Only weirdos take this shit personal. 



Waiting 3 months to fuck doesn’t mean you not a hoe. Waiting after one date to fuck don’t make you a hoe.  It don’t matter. If you feeling the energy then get it crackin. You grown as fuck. I tell you this much. The women that made me wait were the fuckin anti christ. Not because they made me wait for sex but because they weren’t being themselves and trying to mask their needs. Plus it’s usually never worth the wait. The pussy has been built up too much and now I’m expecting shorty to be Jazmine Cashmere and she not. You can still be a bird regardless of the time frame you give up the drawls so quit tripping off that. 



I dunno if people ever did that 3 day rule shit. I call back the next day if I feel like it. The fuck? 



Don’t clock my texts. I text when I want. Sometimes I respond quick sometimes I respond later. I’ll literally read a text and put my phone down and go do something else cause maybe I didn’t feel like responding. Even if I like you I’ll do that. It’s just the way it is. It ain’t shit personal. 



Sometimes I take myself out on dates. I go out for sushi and write myself love letters that say “You deserve Margaritas” over and over again. 



Has there ever been a shorty that sent nudes before the date and then make a nigga wait for months or never fuck with the nigga ever again? That’s some gangsta shit right there. Somebody gotta be the pioneer if that’s never been done. 



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