This can apply to the dating world, business world, friend world, the Earth in general. These are men you gotta separate yourself from if they’re in your life or men you must stay away from if they show these qualities. 



If he never seen Goodfellas, Godfather 1 & 2…. Get the fuck away from that guy he’s useless. Now if he has seen those films and tries to live his life exactly like them then that might be worse than not seeing them. Who would ever wanna be Michael Corleone? A insane prick that’s who. 



A man driven by fear. 



A man who doesn’t like cuddling is a terrorist. I cuddled 3 nights ago while watching Claws on Hulu and the young woman was shocked that we really chilled and cuddled. Real men do cuddle dates. 



A man who doesn’t know how to control things without being aggressive. When discomfort comes that man will not know how to react to it without emotionally losing his mind every time. You gotta be calm during the storm especially when you have people depending on your leadership. Who would you rather be around? The man who has control without raising his voice and never losing his temper or the man who always turns to aggression to try and acquire control? The man who can’t control his emotions and mind won’t ever control shit in life. 



A deceptive man. A deceptive man is a bitch. There’s no other way to describe it. Any man that “plots” or achieves good or bad things deceptively is a dusty ass bitch. No real in their DNA. 



A man who is very self absorbed but is fully unaware of who he is gotta be one of the most reckless and dangerous humans walking the Earth. You ever see a man who gives a fuck about their appearance over everything in their life but is unaware of their insecurities and toxic behavior? Doesn’t matter if they have their life together when it comes to things like bills paid, nice car, nice house, if they are not aware of how their toxic behavior impacts other people they are fucking dangerous. 



The man that’s always looking to escape life and reality is the man you need to let escape out of your life in reality. One of my flaws as a man in my 20’s was that I was always trying to escape unless I had no choice but to face up or doing something immature and classless like fighting niggas. I couldn’t be trusted when it came to shit that actually matters because I would never make myself available and I would escape. Escapism is very unhealthy especially at the level I was using it at. 



A man who drinks Vodka, Gin, or Henny is careless and their only priority in life is impressing others. You ever see a person on twitter who retweets their own tweets like we didn’t see it the first time but we really saw it the first time and it wasn’t fire and will try to convince you that it was fire? Those kinda men drink Henny. 



A man who needs approval and places the approval of strangers over the people who’ve been there for them despite their bullshit is someone you need to avoid like strip clubs that are one way in and one way out. 



A man who’s read the 48 Laws Of Power and thinks he’s Julius Fuckin Caesar or a enlightened philosopher is a man that complains when his greens touch his baked macaroni on his plate. A wannabe smart pussy. 



A “every man for themselves” man will throw anybody under the bus to get what they want. They do not understand the concept of being on a team and if you have these kind of men in your circle the knife will be coming to your back in due time. 



You know the weakest man in the universe is a passive aggressive one. I don’t think I’ve seen a more punchable face besides a racist than a passive aggressive man. Nothing will get done around this weirdo because they will weasel their way out of responsibility. They’re stubborn. They throw rocks and hide their hands. They’ll make you feel like you’re crazy when they’re wrong. They stay on their period 24/7.  



A man who competes with women is a unlikeable dickhead and a lonely jerk. They have titties. You align with titties. You don’t compete against titties. If a man doesn’t understand that logic then he’s a liability to you and all of the human race. Put those men in the Hunger Games. 




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