How can you stay creatively fresh?




Meditate as soon as you get up. Do not grab your phone. Give yourself 5-10 minutes of meditation and prayer. Do this every morning and watch how fresh you will feel mentally, physically, and creatively. 





Stop running from feedback. There’s two things I see with feedback all the time. Either a person doesn’t want to hear it or they try to do everything perfect so no one can give them feedback. The greatest creative creations were born because of feedback. I can’t just keep writing things and keeping them to myself. I have to share these things. I’m open to feedback and I believe you should be too. The creative that’s open to hear other perspectives is the creative that will go far. 





Find a scene. Join that scene. Share your work with each other. I remember when Pokemon cards were cracking and there was a scene for it in all the hobby shops/Comic book stores. You could go to any one of them at the time and you would make friends if you were into Pokemon. I learned how to play the card game and would play my brother but he wasn’t really great at it.  Mainly cause he didn’t have many cards. I would go to a hobby shop every Thursday to just battle and trade Pokemon cards and buy some new ones. I would get my ass beat for the first few weeks and learn from the kids I was losing to. They would share with me better ways to build decks. I built 3 insane decks for battle. Grass, Psychic, and Water and I became one of the best Pokemon card players ever. I couldn’t have achieved that by playing my brother all the time. I joined a scene and learned from other kids. Steel sharpen steel. There’s no such thing as a solitary genius. As a writer I love sharing scripts I’m working on with other writers. Actually I’ve only written one script and I shared it with as many different creatives as I could so I can see what I could do better. I shared it with a girl I literally did not know (Monique…. Shoutout WCFQ listen to them here https://soundcloud.com/wecomefromqueens ) and she literally fully critiqued that shit. Like had notes and all that shit. I was shocked but it helped because it all made sense, it took away my ego because I thought I was the shit when I finished it, she showed me where I was falling short and gave me a different view. Very important stuff. Find a scene and share your work with each other. Go be around other creative people. 




I like my desk clean. I’m not a fan of clutter AT ALL! Having my workspace as minimal as possible means a great deal to me. Make sure your space is clean. When a bunch of shit jumbled in front of you your mind will be jumbled with it. 





Yes. Go have sex. Now if you don’t have any hoes and the roster dry then you’re just outta luck cause fapping just not enough but sex helps me stay creatively fresh. Like if I feel a uninspiring feeling coming I’m going to go eat some pussy and bite a booty ASAP. I gotta keep my spirit up. After you get some good cutty it just feels like everything resets and you’re fully energized to create some cool shit. Look at a artist that has some in house. I bet you they making the best art of their life versus when they were out in the field chasing. 





Yes stop creating for a week or more. To stay fresh sometimes you have to pause and intake things instead give like you have been. Read some good books. Watch some good interviews. Relax. Remember that it’s important to never stop learning. Sometimes we’re so caught up in our creative routines that we forget to learn. Give yourself that freedom and shut everything down. 





I find it strange that when people look at what other creatives have that they just envy it and they stop at the envy. There’s nothing wrong with envy. It’s normal. Envy is only bad if you just settle for envy alone and that’s it. You’re supposed to envy and then ask “How?” I envy the life of Meek Mill. Instead of looking at his lifestyle and envying it only. I would ask him “How?” Ask questions because it’s gonna add more fuel to what you already have to go succeed. It’s okay to ask “How?” 



1960 - 1989 MUSIC 


Every time I listen to those 3 decades of music I feel rejuvenated. I’ll play some Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Minnie Ripperton and the creativity will just flow for me. Makes you feel different. 





Ask someone how it’s going. Invite them out to eat and just listen to them. Really listen to them. You’re going to leave that conversation feeling good and grateful and go create something. I promise. 





Your thoughts are powerful. So powerful that we underrate their true power. Imagine if you never thought negatively ever again? Might be impossible but what if you thought positively 95% of the time? Gratitude is something you practice. It's like a muscle. If you tell yourself daily what you're grateful for on numerous occasions you will bring your life peace and clarity. You're attracting energy that will bring peace to everything in your life including your creativity. Your creativity will operate on a higher frequency if you practice gratitude. Being grateful will keep you creatively fresh because it will lead you to more beautiful experiences to be grateful for and your creativity feeds off that. 




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