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God rest my brother soul. My brother was the first man in history to endorse “Men are Trash” and I’ll explain why. My brother did a 8 year bid and he called me one day for the usual shit, To see how I was doing and call a shorty for him on three way. Before I called the girl he told me something I’ll never forget. He said “Bruh hang around women. When I come home I don’t wanna be around no niggas. Just women. Not even to fuck em. I just wanna be around women. Dudes are weak. I’m in here because I’m a man and because I hung around men. 


If you’re a man and you offended by this. First, fuck you. Second, Good. I'm a "If it don't apply let it fly" kinda dude. I know I'm a good person but even I have shown toxic behavior in my past. 


Here are 13 reasons that men are trash. 



Nobody asks where the niggas at. Ever. This is why men do not get the addy to the kickbacks because instead of bringing what everyone wants which is more women or weed they’ll bring more men with NO weed that ask “Where the hoes at” every 6 minutes. The hoes ain’t here because you here. The last thing I wanna go to is a place where there’s a bunch of men. I’m good. Do you see any male strip clubs that’s poppin? No. Nobody wanna see that bullshit. Nobody wanna see men pectorials. That’s not even a word and I don’t care. Gay men don’t even wanna see men. Where are the titties? Where are the cheeks? Where are the women? 



Men are violent. We aggressive for no fucking reason. We wanna solve shit with violence or physicality over the silliest shit. We are neanderthals. I can give a man a box of ice cream sandwiches on a hot summer day and he will somehow turn it into some violent shit. AH THIS TASTE DELICIOUS NIGGA!!!!! YOU THINK I’M SWEET??!!! RUN ME MY FADE!!!! Every time I go out with niggas I know there is a high percentage I’m gonna get into some violent bullshit. Women don't do shootouts with innocent people around. Only time I ever seen women shoot shit up is on the movie "Set It Off." A fictional film. 



Men are the biggest fucking babies ever. They’re entitled as fuck. You have to baby men which is why I hate working with men. They need mommies. You ever try to tell a man some some advice or criticism that’s not disrespectful and will actually help them? Them niggas get offended as fuck and catch a attitude like weak ass bitches. Tough as fuck until you honestly tell them about themselves and now they wanna act hurt. They’re needy ass bitches. Men over 30 are especially the biggest fucking babies. Men will turn on you faster than women would. Women nurture. They know how to put people before themselves that’s why a mother’s role is important. They know how to nurture and they apply it to everyone they come across. If I was a woman I’m sure I’d be farther along in life. Women get shit done. Even a lazy ass woman gets shit done and that’s why when we get this Polite company where we want we hiring all women.   



Men have to harm women in order to flirt with them or show signs of affection. We grew up believing that if a boy picks on a girl that means he likes that girl. Well take that little mothafucka and explain to him that he’d get farther by singing to her like he’s Jason Weaver instead of pushing her off the swing set to show his love to her like a fucking psycho. It’s abuse. It’s not adorable. 



Women are always on the defense because of Men. On the defense physically and from what we think of them. A man planning out his night and a woman planning out her night is so night and day. A woman has to be concerned with the high possibility of a man ruining their outing. She has to make sure she has 2 or more people with her. They can’t separate. Their whole experience is on the defensive. They can’t be wild and free because of the stupidity and selfishness of men. All I have to do is drink and leave the house. I have no worry of walking past a group of women who I’m not attracted to saying foul shit to me and cussing me out when I ignore them or potentially touching me when I don’t wanna be touched. I don’t need to give out a fake number. There are women being killed for ignoring men and telling them no. It’s fucking sad bruh and we have to do something about it. 



The dumbest decisions in history were made by Men. A man probably created “Hookah” I’m positive. Who the fuck invented Root Beer popsicles? Who the fuck thought that Root Beer popsicles were life altering? A man did. I’m sure of it. 



We're the most contradictory creatures ever. We'll fuck with a woman like she ours, won't commit to her, show signs of NEVER committing to her then get upset when she moves on. We fucked every woman on the planet but if she text one other guy who actually interested in her we ready to raise hell. We treat women like shit. What sense does it make for us to entertain a person we don't truly like and hold them back from fucking with someone who truly likes them? Oh you know what that is? SELFISHNESS. We're selfish as fuck. We waste their time then when a woman moves on, men have the nerve to stalk, threaten, and annoy the woman for being an adult and wanting and doing better. This shit is serious and uncool. There's women out there afraid for their life because they've moved on from a man. They've got restraining orders and all types of shit because a man wanna act like a coward. Even saying "Men are trash" got insecure men in their feelings. We've treated women like shit for centuries and haven't said or done shit to protect them but now that they've spoken the truth and have said "Men are trash" we acting like our feelings hurt.



We use emotion and logic backwards and at the worse times. When we get emotional shit will often be dangerous and traumatic. If a man is emotional he’s so fucking stupid and full testosterone he resorts to physicality or viscous verbal abuse. For example we’ll use logic in an argument with a woman when we should also use emotions such as empathy. When we get upset, instead of using logic we react emotionally and do some dumb shit. 



We don’t understand the word “No” because of our entitlement. We feel that every problem a woman has will be solved if we just give them dick and a relationship. When in reality all we offer women is a musty household and another mouth to feed. If a woman turns us down instead of using logic in the situation and thinking to ourselves “Hey there’s a billion women in the world and this one doesn’t like me I’ll be okay” we will proceed to call her a ugly bitch or persist even harder. While I’m here on the subject of “persistence” the “Shooting your shot” culture needs to die and here’s why. Niggas view that shit as keep trying regardless of what the woman says. It’s nothing cool about it. Persistence isn’t cute it’s creepy and we gotta stop making that shit normal. I actually want a woman who wants me. A woman telling me No and me still shooting my shot afterwards is not wavy nor fun. It’s time to move on. Leave her the fuck alone. 



We police  everything women do. Why are we policing women hoe activities? Hoes are fun and the fact we try to stop fun shows how worthless we are. Never will I tell a woman what she can or can’t wear. It’s none of my business. Even if I’m with that woman it’s none of my business. Everything that doesn’t include men and is something a woman loves we immediately call it “thot behavior.” Dressing up for Halloween is for Thots. Listening to a certain song or artist is for thots. She wear makeup and makeup is for thots. Well I LOVE THOTS nigga. I don’t give a fuck. It’s none of your business of how many people she sleep with. It’s none of your business if her hair natural or not. Shut the fuck up. Even if women do what you tell them to do and they get raped you will still blame her for getting raped somehow because you’re a man and you’re ignorant. Men policing women is a form of control which men try to disguise as “protection.” You niggas ain’t low.  



We argue over sports. Like legit burst a vessel in our bodies over other men who don’t give a fuck about us. We care more about loving or hating LeBron James over the safety of women in the world. 



We’ve ruined the club. Clubs are trash because of men. The reason I hate clubs is because of men. I know there will be beautiful women in the club but my problem is that for every one woman there will be 5 thirsty ass niggas that ruin everything. Only thing I like about clubs is seeing what outfits women will wear and sometimes I compliment them on their outfit and keep it pushing. If a woman hates the club it’s because she knows clown ass niggas will be there. It’s musty as fuck. Every guy breath stinks. Men rubbing up against them. They can’t dance by themselves in peace without a penis on their back. It’s a nightmare. We suck the fun outta everything. Clubs are dead because of men. 



Men are the reason the Freaknik will never happen again. Mic drop bitch. 



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