I'm a keep this short. First off I gotta stop ordering fries at theaters like a basic bitch. Those days are over. Just gimme the Icee. 


When the fries were trash I knew this wasn’t a good sign. 


It’s been 14 years since the first Incredibles movie. So much has happened in 14 years. We had a black President. Powerful white men are actually being held accountable for their evil the first time in history. Young Jeezy arrived and changed music. Stephen A Smith still holding on to his hair for dear life. Jay-Z is still the greatest rapper on the planet. My hoe-ness reached unimaginable levels. 14 years is a long fucking time. 


I say all that to say that I’ve waited a long time for Incredibles 2 and I’m happy that it’s here. I just wished it was better. My expectations were too high. 


The short film before the movie creeped me out too. But I understood the message of it. Very creative short film though. 


Now Incredibles 2 is not a bad film at all. It’s a great film but it’s not on the level of the first. The way it picks up where the movie ended was dope. The beginning sequence was action packed but as soon as that sequence ended and the family got settled there was something missing that I cannot explain. It was basically the same story repeated but Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl switched places. 


Elastigirl is recruited by this Tycoon who loves superheroes and wants to make superheroes legal again. They put a camera on Elastigirl suit and she saves the city multiple times without any major damage or casualties which makes a strong case for heroes needing to be legal again. Now her biggest test is stopping a villain known as the “ScreenSlaver.” It just made me think of why are heroes still illegal after saving the city from Syndrome? Who could've stopped him? The police? Fuck 12 they can't stop shit. They need superheroes. Heroes still being illegal at this point didn't make sense to me. 


I literally guessed the villain within 20 minutes of the movie.  It was so obvious but I gotta keep reminding myself that this film also has to cater to 3 year olds too. So I shouldn’t search for complexity in this film. The villain setup was weak. The background story of what motivated the villain was good but the reveal and setup could’ve been better. Syndrome was LIGHTYEARS better than the villain of Incredibles 2. He had the motivation, the ruthlessness, you hated his face and wanted to punch it, he gave you the thought of “How will they defeat him?” I didn’t get that feel from the new villain. 


Those were my only gripes about the film. Bob being a stay at home dad was hilarious because that shit is not easy in real life and the fact that a superhero had a mental breakdown doing something that men in society view as “easy” taught the men in the audience a lesson. 


Jack-Jack without a doubt is the best thing about Incredibles 2. Jack-Jack could beat Thanos. I’m pretty sure about that. He has at least 15 different powers so we don’t know what his true powers are. His fight with the Raccoon was an all time great scene and his sarcasm, wittiness, and love for cookies will instantly grab your heart. Too adorable. 


The baddest bitch Edna makes her return. Never in our life have we seen a more fire bob on a woman. Edna bob more fire than a Single Auntie who drives a new BMW every year. I would not be mad if she had her own movie. 


Elastigirl still thicker than Yams from Varnell Hill crib. 


Dash and Violet had good moments especially when it was up to them to save everyone. It was cool to see them do it without an adult. 


Overall good film. I would see it again and I wouldn’t be mad at a part 3. 


4 outta 5 fruit snacks.


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