I don’t even wanna see Desna titties. Her titties are so immaculate to the point I just rather them forever be a myth. If nudes ever drop I’ll refuse to look. 



It’s weird to see Uncle Daddy as an employee. Just as weird it is for me to type out “Uncle Daddy.” 



I refuse to believe this Seal fly like a eagle looking muhfucka hittin that ass right. 



Does this mothafucka Bryce have 3 parts in his head like MC Search in 92? I’m weak. If they give him a doo rag later in the season I’m finished. Bryce dressed like a pacsun mannequin 



Jenn the thickest white woman on the planet. Enough Yams for the next 3 Thanksgivings. 



Niggas got trash bags of money & burning it. I need a problem like that in life. 



Selling cocaine at She she’s is hella obvious but Russians don’t give a fuck about shit. I never met a Russian that didn’t think they were invincible. That’s why I can’t drink with them they fuck around and try to jump in front of moving cars and shit. 



Virginia needs more lines. My shorty not talking enough. 



I pray I love my shorty enough to put her face on my nails. 



Dean & Virginia actually are a cute couple. He hella smart and Virgina not the sharpest knife in the drawer so the relationship actually works. 



He didn’t bite Desna booty in that dress and He cooking dinner in a whole suit. I’ve had enough of this Tyler Perry villain nigga. 



They wrestling in glitter in his crib. Uncle Daddy hella weird. 



Riva sister look like a monster. She probably get head in the car on demand like Remy Ma in the "Lean Back" video. 



Polly can’t cook. Cheeseburger helper look trash.  



They got a Coke lab in the retirement home like it’s The Carter on New Jack City. They got Eustace in the retirement home on boogie sugar while playing bingo. This is outrageous. 



Riva got her face blown off and I’m actually happy that it happened. 



Riva sister is insane. She wants to change the strip club to some magic mike shit. You know who want male strip clubs? Nobody because 2 reasons. One, Men are trash. Two, because there’s no titties. Who wanna pull up to a strip club with no titties and instead see man ass? Trump supporters like male strip clubs. Riva sister is very unpredictable 



Uncle Daddy the only real one in the room. He not snitching on the operation. I fuck with him. 



They really dancing to BBD "Do Me." Why are they wasting such a classic song on male strippers? I’m disgusted. 



Polly got a fake accent n shit. She sound like Edna from “The Incredibles.”



Desna keeps getting in deeper & deeper in this shit. I forgot she even had a dream at this point. 



I love Riva sister. Is that bad? She likes to see boss bitches win. 






Roller run slower than Kendrick Perkins. Run away faster from marriage like a real man.  



Desna was given Jenn crib and this is where the crew starts beefing. I can see it coming.



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