Sakura my favorite. In case you were wondering. 


You can always recreate/invent yourself. Sometimes who you are is not gonna cut it if you’re trying to grow. If you become something you don’t like you can reinvent yourself. There’s no law that says you have to stay that person. 


Being popular and caring about popularity is stupid and a broke boy sport. You’ll see a lot of non prosperous popular people everyday. Fuck being popular be the creative that pushes the game in the right direction. 


You can’t improve what you deny. Listen to what is said about your flaws. 


Break rules. A lot of them. The people who are ahead of you broke more rules than you. 


This life will fuck you up and you just gotta keep getting up and show this life that the fight is not over. The creative life doesn’t fear me but I at least want the life to know that they need to eat breakfast and pack a lunch when it’s up against me because it’s gonna be a long mothafucking day. I want the life to know I don’t fear it either. 


Just proving that you belong isn’t enough. It’s only enough for people who don’t care about having a legacy. 


Be what you say you are. What you believe about yourself good or bad has a way of coming true. One day I said “I’m a writer.” When I said it, believed it, then acted like it that’s when people started calling me a writer. 


You not here to be perfect. You here to create. Perfectionism is another form of fear. 


If I fail….. so be it. 


Go in the opposite direction of comfort.


You’ll never find yourself externally. Not in a book. Not in another person. Not in social media. Shut the fuck up and search your soul. What’s in your heart? All the answers are in you. 


Talk to strangers. Strangers have what you want. If your friends and family had everything you wanted then you wouldn’t be working towards success. You’d be okay and chilling but that’s not the case. Say hi to people you don’t know. 


Don’t take the wins or losses personal. Don’t take either of them to your head. You won? What’s next? You lost? What’s next. They’re just stats people make a huge deal of but in the end they never remember them. 


Success is not owed to you. Losers only think that way. Nobody owes you shit. 


Be stubborn for shit that actually mean something. Stop being stubborn for shit that’s about you. Be stubborn about something that you feel will make people and the world a better place. 


No one cares about your talent. It’s your work ethic and process that will win the people over. 


Get that hatred out your heart. Not saying you have to forgive everything but there’s a difference in not forgiving someone and hating someone. 


A lot of what you don’t wanna do is the key to unlocking what you do wanna do. 


People will place their insecurities on you not because they think you’re weak. It’s because they know you’re strong. They can sense the will and determination that you possess. They try to give you their insecurities not because they fear you will fail and wanna protect you, it’s because they know you will succeed and if you succeed you will leave them and their toxic mindset behind and they will be alone until they find another victim to try and place their insecurities on. They fear being alone and don’t believe they have what it takes to grow and become a better human. 


You don’t need trophies or People to like you. You just need your purpose. 


Who in this world will pay you without any issue or attitude? The answer is “You” so invest in yourself. 


Discipline is freedom. You want freedom? Have discipline.



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