I’m introverted and I have very awkward social skills due to social anxiety. The reason I can write decent is that in my mind what I want to say is clear and I can deliver it better when I write. When I talk it just feels weird and I have this strange fear of repeating myself because I always think people will think you’re an idiot if you keep repeating yourself like a broken record. 


If you keep telling the world what you’re gonna do I hope you know what you’re setting yourself up for. You have set the stage and put pressure on yourself to deliver. If you don’t deliver you will be held accountable by the audience you spoke and made declarations to. So if they react negatively it’s nobody fault but your own. I see creatives make so many promises and declarations that instead of focusing on one and putting their all into working towards it, their insecurities influence them to make another declaration instead of making progress on the previous declaration.


If you’re saying everyday you’re gonna be the greatest artist or the greatest rapper then your art better be somewhere in the atmosphere of your declaration. What good is speaking something in existence you not holding yourself accountable for? If you can’t hold yourself accountable for it then it’s game over cause if you don’t care about yourself then who the fuck else will? 


I only really halfway believe in speaking things into existence because that’s only half the job. I can say that I will help Spike Lee direct in my lifetime but if I’m not actually directing, writing, or filming and instead I’m telling you those things and as time goes on I have nothing to show for it then you will never take anything I say serious. Your word is also attached to your honor and if you keep playing around with your word you become dishonorable. Speaking things into existence is another excuse for a lazy mothafucka who doesn’t do the work. If I never say I’m gonna be a good jump shooter but I shoot 1000 shots a day for a year do you think I will become a good jump shooter? Yes. 


“But But But Benny you didn’t speak being a good jump shooter into existence so it won’t happen!” 


Wrong bitch. I worked it into existence. You know a more productive route. Thus why I’m ahead of you. 


That’s one thing I do like about social media. The pretenders and bullshitters snitch on themselves everyday and it saves me time from dealing with them. They just want to be noticed and validated. Those types of people are never truly present in the process and always distracted by what people think or how people will perceive what they’re creating. Your not your true creative self if you have one foot in of your art and the other foot in trying to be famous. You robbing yourself of your true self. 


When the declarations have been made and things have been spoken into the universe, instead of taking a step into the words you’ve spoken you revert to the habits that didn’t get you anywhere. Then after that resentment comes into you. You blame others for why you’ve failed or failing. You say it’s about popularity, you say its the politics, you say it’s gimmicks over talent. You blame everyone but yourself.  You think the game is rigged. How can the game be rigged and you actually have the power to rig the game? It’s your life. You can live how you want. You can rig it in your favor. Then after the angry and finger pointing posts on social media you’ll look for sympathy, start feeling sorry for yourself and then the only way to get yourself out of that funk is to do what you’ve always done and that’s make another declaration and the cycle repeats itself. All you’ll be known as is the bitter, lazy, unreliable, crying for support bozo. 


The one thing you can do that can prevent yourself from this cycle is one simple thing. 




As Martin Payne would say but instead of stepping away you step into. Just one step. Doesn’t have to be a big step. Just one step and that one step will have a snowball effect if you continue to stay the course. 


Step 1: Decide what you’re gonna be

Step 2: Work 

Step 3: Work 

Step 4: Work & find a mentor

Step 5: Shut the fuck up

Step 6: Don’t think about your “Big Break” it’s a myth. Work  

Step 7: Work 



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