1950’s or 2030 Desna Couldn’t hide those titties if she tried. What in the black pleasantville is this shit though? 


Roller has summoned the doo-rag. Which means all is well in his world even though he has not a sign of waves in his head. Hair straighter than a white stripper ass. 


Dean wanna be a male stripper. Basically he wants to have no hoes and be useless.


Ruval stunting with a boat like rappers in the Ciroc era. 


Nico is energy. I need to get my nails done and listen to messy bitches gossip weekly. 


Zlata wants to be introduced to Uncle Daddy police connect which I think that is something Uncle Daddy can exploit down the line. 


Jenn still wants Bryce which is hilarious cause that just prove my theory that you can do whatever to white women. 


This nigga Ruval a momma’s boy. He probably still get breastfed. 


How the fuck you gone have a intervention about somebody else’s relationship? Jenn gave dude a rim job. That’s unforgivable. Bryce not going back. 


Nigga moving in wit his momma? Okay after the weirdo strawberry feeding fetish shit it’s confirmed that his momma the real kingpin of the drug organization. Ruval works for her I think.   She might not even be his biological momma. 


A actual organized Relationship debate a man would win every time cause debates are for logic. Women hate logic and the use of it. 


Polly has more voices than cybil 


Uncle Daddy selfish. That’s part of his problem. He gotta stop lowballing people. He asking the cop to put his life on the line and he only talking bout upping his percentage a lil bit. 


Zlata meets cop and makes Uncle Daddy her bitch make him get Vodka like he Alfred. The disrespect just keeps coming. 


Bryce said he doesn’t love Jenn anymore. Which is a lie. Dude just hurt. 


Desna spoke that real to Jenn. That’s a real friend right there. Wrong is wrong and you gotta keep it 100 with your homies. 


Polly daughter don’t like her and with good reason. Polly is so fake and unable of actual human bonding because she’s been scamming and living lies her whole life. So actually connecting to someone isn’t her strongest quality. 


Zlata demands Desna bring Seal to her house for dinner. Zlata just becomes a badder bitch each episode. 


Bryce lying to the kids and it’s funny how his daughters gave him the best advice and he knows they’re right. Another case of kids acting more adult than adults. 


Dean OCD is on another level. He damn near dumped Virginia for suggesting that she could drink his juice with his name on it. But Dean is right. You gotta be a monster to drink or eat someones stuff with their name on it. He gone beat Jenn ass when he finds out it was her that fucked up the cabinet. 


Jenn is a savage bitch…..she put vodka on a tampon and put it in her coochie. Imagine letting her ride your face and you end up tipsy. Heaven! 


Ruval keeping calm when Roller tried to violate him is signs that his dark side is some evil shit. Only a wicked man keep calm like that. 


Zlata is Humiliating Uncle Daddy and has officially made him hit rock bottom. She made him lick her boot like a drumstick.  


Jenn has now reached depression. She drunk & cant watch the kids and now Bryce stress levels bout to be worse. He can’t judge her though. He relapsed on drugs and Jenn wasn’t as cold as he was. It’s only gonna get worse for her and that family as a whole. 


Desna ain’t got no panties on ain’t got no panties on Desna Ain’t got no panties on, on the dance floor