Sharing is caring. Just some things that's been on my mind the past few days. 


Stop sitting on an idea. The moment you get an idea the first thing you should do is write it down then start immediately. No matter how small the task is just start so if that means sending out emails, calling people, whatever just start and each day dedicate time to that idea. 



Working in isolation and hoarding your art doesn’t help you it hurts you. How the fuck can your work have any impact if you’re the only one who sees it or you’re picky and choosy about who can see it? 


An audience is water. Your art is a flower. The flower needs the water more than the water needs the flower. Your art needs an audience. I know we all think we’re the shit but our work cannot just be validated by us. You can’t change anything without an audience. 


If you think it’s bad? Share it. If you think it’s good? Share it. Only 2 things can happen. You either win or lose. 


People may be willing to actually help you if you share your work. It shows that you have taken the initiative and you’re not looking for handouts. It shows that you’re serious. 


Sharing your work is also practice. Think of it in terms of a music artist. A music artist may have some new songs and how does that musician know what songs are resonating with the masses? They perform them or release them. The artist can gauge what to do and what not to do by their audience reaction to it. Basically you know where you stand when you release your art. It’s how you get your feedback. The more you share the better you will get at your craft. 


Explain your work. People wanna know why. Where you created it. How you created it? This helps your audience to understand you and your work. It also determines what it’s worth to them. This is the ticket to them actually caring about what you do. 


What you share reflects your reputation. If you’re consistently sharing actual work and not just words then an audience will take you seriously. If you’re just talking and sharing nothing then no one will value what you do. It’s like the little boy who cried wolf. He was wasting sentences on fairy tales and when the wolf really came and he spoke no one believed him. If you keep telling people what you’re gonna do and have nothing to share then when you really have something to share everyone will tune you out. 


Include your work/brand in everything you post. So instead of just tweeting about whatever hot topic there is that day, incorporate your work in it somehow.


People not discovering you fam. There is no big break coming if you’re not sharing anything. If you don’t tell anyone about your work no one is finding you. Waiting for discovery is the dumbest shit ever. As a creative you have to do your part. It’s not my job to find your work. It’s your job to make yourself easy to find. 




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