Name a rapper that got a limited edition rookie card? 

Name a rapper that got a limited edition rookie card? 



This conversation is long overdue. We gotta give Project Pat his respect. Project Pat is in G.O.A.T territory. Just think back to the time you heard “Out There” for the first time. You just knew Pat was gonna be a legend. He makes music that brings cultures together. He's special. We gotta give him his credit. 




Trying to be original overrated because there is nothing original. Things are just rearranged differently but still borrows from something before it. Almost every artist I’ve listened to I can trace their style back to their influences. Project Pat is probably the only artist where I cannot trace his style back to ANYBODY. He is a 1 of 1 Holographic card. Rare as fuck. His style is so unique that if someone bites his style you would know it. I don’t think people understand how difficult it is to be original because everything has been done already especially in rap music when it comes to flows. Project Pat stands alone in his own category. He has the most unforgettable flow we’ve ever heard. 




Remember when niggas who loved The Roots and Common albums were hating heavy on the South and saying them niggas couldn’t rap? I never heard one of those hotep niggas fix their lips to say Project Pat couldn’t rap. I never in my life ever heard a nigga say Project Pat was trash. EVER. If a person did fix they mouth to say Project Pat trash they probably got wedgies in school and never was respected. Pat is one of the most underrated storytellers of all time and the stories he would rap was raw because you could relate to em. It was everyday shit that anybody could go through. Any verse you think is dope from any rapper I can match it with a Project Pat verse that’s just as flames or better. He has too many classic verses to count. The whole “Mista Don’t Play” album Pat spazzed on every track. That 3rd verse on “Cheese Dope” is forever legendary. My nigga Pat said he was sipping on some Paul and Moo-Son(Mason) like some sweet Kool-aid. That’s when I knew he was Top 5. “Life We Live” he floated on that. Pat can rap his ass off. Life we live should be the national anthem. A real story of the American Dream. 




Okay story time. So I was at The Palace. For all my homies who not from STL The Palace A Old St.Louis skating rink that used to be a nightclub for high school kids. So I’m there one Saturday night with my cousins. This was around the time where Northside vs Southside was a thing. A dangerous thing. Basically niggas from each side come to club just to fight. So the DJ started playing “If You Ain’t From My Hood” and all hell breaks loose. A nigga got his face punched off like a cartoon character and while a real nigga royal rumble was going on I was getting the most fire dance from a shorty while my cousin was holding me up. I’m a living legend. I was about to catch a eye jammy while getting twerked on but shorty had on a jersey dress and I didn’t give 2 fucks. If I get stole I get stole. There was girls twerking and niggas fighting to a Project Pat song at the same damn time. In unison dawg! Project Pat music is so versatile. You can do anything to a Project Pat song. I’ve smashed shorties to Project Pat music. No lie. It’s multi purpose. 




Not many rappers have pulled off the hip-hop 3 peat when it comes to albums. Not mixtapes. I’m talking albums only. Project Pat pulled off the 3 peat and every album was a classic. You can play all the first 3 Project Pat albums back to back to back with no skips. Keep in mind he was doing this during the time of Jay-Z, Em, Nelly, Ja Rule, and DMX in their primes and his albums were just as good as theirs. Ghetty Green, Mista Don't Play, & "Layin Da Smackdown are the holy grails. Basically those albums are Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard. 




Never heard Project Pat ever be on fuck shit. Never heard any hoe shit on Pat name. He hella respected where he from. He never changed after all these years. Never switched up. No extra internet shit. He handles shit like a real one supposed to. He is the TRUE definition of a O.G. A lot of yall be calling niggas O.G's and they ain't shit. They just old. They just sucka niggas that been on the Earth for a long time. Project Pat not them. He always got respect. 





DJ Paul and Juicy J are legendary producers. No doubt about it. Debatable Top 5. Three 6 was already popping and I’m not taking nothing away from them but in my opinion Project Pat took their production to another level. When Pat verse came up you just knew the song was gonna get even more gangsta and he was gonna have at least one memorable quote in his verse.




Usually when I listen to music from the era where Project Pat was in his prime it sounds super outdated. You can play “Out There (Blunt to my lip)” and that shit will still ride like it came out this year. Project Pat music has aged really well. It’s timeless like a 96 Impala. 




My nigga Pat did a bid immediately after his most successful album. It’s one of those things you think about. What if he never went back to prison after Mista Don’t Play? That’s like LeBron James winning his first championship then not playing basketball for 4 straight years. Pat came out and still dropped more solid work. I don’t believe Project Pat has a bad album. I think it’s impossible for him to make one. 


Project Pat is your favorite rapper, favorite trapper, favorite playa favorite rapper. Facts. Project Pat raised me. I swear if your childhood didn’t involve Project Pat music do not fucking talk to me. We are not the same.


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