TariqK. Fuck him.       

TariqK. Fuck him. 



I been waiting a whole year to flame this tree stump nosed ass nigga Dre. Why in the fuck he calling Tariq and why this cornball ass kid still have a phone after he committed a murder? No wonder this kid a goofy cause he has the goofiest fucking parents ever. 



Fresh off eating a full balanced breakfast of rhinocerous horn with sandpaper to wash it down my nigga kanaan back. The only rational character on this fucking show. 



“So we can figure out how to kill this light skin lil nigga.” Kanaan wit the shits & we ain’t even 10 minutes in on this episode. The Legend of The nigga with the strength of 80 M’Baku’s and Black Pentha’s combined is really back beloved. 



Ghost already getting snitched on. Welp this chick will be dead by episode 3. They not putting Ghost back in jail for another season cause that was the most boring shit ever. When Ghost was in jail it was like when the super hood niggas come to the house party. Everybody leaving. Not interested. 



My 4 season presidential tenure of the “Fuck Angela Fan Club” looks like it’s secured another season. Can somebody please drop a anvil on this woman? Please? How you gone turn someone in when you’re an accessory? Shut up bird. 



Tasha gone regret telling this woman the truth but then again it’s Tasha so why in the fuck should I be surprised? She ain’t made one logical decision in her life and never not wore heels in her house. 



Kanaan looking at Tasha like “Those titties should belong to me and I wanna take you out for some tree bark.” I know Kanaan smashed in the past. I know this nigga Kanaan up to something and that’s why I love that nigga. 



This nigga O Dog is O.D Disrespectful. Nigga talking bout Raina funeral like a Shaq trade press conference. Might as well have the Pastor and The Pallbearer hold up her dress like she signed a 5 year max deal. I don’t know that nigga Larenz Tate name on the show so I’m a call him “Suit O-Dog” 



Tariq face shaped like sloping Kia Soul vehicle he don’t deserve to give a eulogy. 



Tariq bodied a cop so he low key not respecting his parents no more. I would respect him but once a hoe nigga always a hoe nigga. 



Throw the whole family away. This the most dysfunctional shit ever. I guess the youngest daughter is Judy from Family Matters. You never see her. 



Ghost gotta beat Tariq ass with a belt. He didn't so we officially know he ain't real.  



Kanaan got the family unraveling and I love it. 



This woman did not delete the file smh she always fuckin ruining shit. Angela is the Kwame Brown of Power. Never had a highlight or memorable moment. She’s a bonafide scrub. 



Tommy bout to go ape shit. Can someone please let this crazy white boy run loose? Just tell him to go terrorize New York. Every time they try to do some calculated shit he fucks it up. He works better in chaos. 






Kannan came & saved the day with a gun the size of Lil Bow Wow 



Proctor gone get killed. He in too deep. 



Don’t get how Ghost and Tasha still sleep together when the trust not there.



Angela is literally a nigga that texts a woman good morning every morning with no chance of sniffing the coochie. She always popping up when nobody wants her around. Leave Proctor alone. You’ve already ruined everyone’s lives. 



Keisha agrees to lie. Damn bitch it took you 24 hours to come to a decision to help your best friend and lie to the police? Fuck 12. She not real. 



The 3 Horsemen agrees to use the Italians & black hittas. Don’t yall wish it was 3 Kanaans instead of Ghost and Tommy? They bringing my nigga wave down. Kanaan don’t belong with these squares.  



Tasha meets with Angela and of course it’s another scene that shows how 2 dumb mothafuckas make a bad situation worse



Tommy meets with his Italian family and he fucks up already by organizing a hit behind the family back. Tommy dumb as fuck. Just let this dude run loose. 



Damn the other Latina cop just as annoying as Angela. I swear I don’t give a fuck bout these lawyers and agents. Get rid of em. They're taking up Kanaan screen time. 



I know they didn’t give Raina that baby ass casket. That shit looked like a shoebox. 



This weak nigga Silver in the funeral looking like a pterodactyl without wings. Fuck that Spanky from Little Rascals looking ass nigga.  



Tommy gone kill Suit O Dog. And I can’t wait. This nigga disrespect levels have been outta pocket for a long fucking time and this nigga only been on like 3 episodes. 



I’ll never sit next to my ex in a funeral. I’m going outside to smoke.



Tariq a whole bitch ass nigga and that will never change. He can kill Dre in the future and that still won’t matter. He took sides against his family who helped his dumbass cover up the murder he committed. He called to warn that hoe ass nigga Dre. Tommy extra souped ass talking bout the shit at the funeral was dumb as fuck too. 



These Italians weak as fuck. This nigga Tommy wasted a house and his trust with his family on these weirdos. They tried to kidnap this nigga Dre with a sheet. I don’t wanna see these Italians the rest of the season. They out here looking like Larry Holmes Flabby and sick. 


Aye man this off subject but close that weak ass club. How many shootings and raids have happened in that club? Nobody would go to that club. That weak upscale shit and you have a waffle colored nigga with a mohawk running that shit. That's the first red flag that the club is mid. Club Truth is for niggas that shop at Zara and act like it's Balmain. I'm not going to no club named "Truth." Picture the homies hitting me up and saying "Aye Benny you pulling up to Truth tonight?" "Nigga naw but I'm pulling up to my freezer and pulling out this Talenti Gelato though and that's the truth. You have fun with bitches whose titties and ass have no jiggle to em, I'm extremely good." Not one stretch marked booty or titty in that club so count me out. I'm way good. They not playing no Future in that club. Fuck them. 



Angela finally did something right but fuck her she will do something unforgivable in episode 2. Can’t wait til she get fired and go to jail.  



CAW CAW MOTHAFUCKIN CAW BITCH CAWWWWW!!! Tasha a bird of the highest order. She a Martin "MyMommasBird" Bird. How in the fuck you gone meet up with this Koopa Troopa head ass nigga on the day of your daughter funeral? This nigga has NO swag. Get this Lee Daniels show looking ass nigga off my TV bruh. I'm tired of seeing his face. This nigga look like a deacon in a church, ol I'm going up yonder head ass nigga. Outta all the niggas to cheat with she cheat with a lame nigga. Go get a Hubert you bird. I’m glad Tasha momma played Duck Hunt and caught this bird in action. Her bird ass didn’t know what the fuck to say either. 



This graveyard scene so fucking fake. Ain’t no way that canoe nosed nigga pulling up to Raina grave site to put a Pokemon card in this nigga Ghost suit pocket. Talking bout the cartel riding for him. NIGGA AND? That nigga bluffing. How you pull up on a nigga and not shoot him when he unarmed? This is the least intimidating villain in television history. We really need Kanaan back bruh. The Russian dude was better than Dre. Helga fucking Pataki from Hey Arnold a better villain than Dre. This nigga lame. It would've been a dope scene if that nigga wasn't such a square and had the swag of a nigga that wears nothing but Rue21 fits. 



You know what, kill everybody on this show except Kanaan. I’m sick of all these niggas. 



Aye real shit the lil nigga who play Tariq can’t walk in public cause 99% of the black community hate that boy. I’m afraid somebody gone throw a tomato at that nigga in real life because they think TV real. Nigga gone go outside his crib everyday and see nothing but Arthur fists. I'm weak! 




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