I was playing Hov’s “Bitches & Sisters” off Blueprint 2 yesterday and the second verse inspired this. 



Big Boy shit is liking whatever the fuck you wanna like. You don’t give a fuck who approve or disapprove. Especially in the dating world. Lil boy shit is switching up what you like and pretending to be interested in what a shorty like just to make it seem yall have shit in common. Goofy you still ain’t gone FaceTime that coochie. You giving up who you are just to make someone like you? That’s like saying you not good enough. That's lil boy dweeb shit. It’s okay fam stop trying to impress shorty. You can have different interests and still click. Get off that other shit. Like what you like. 



Big Boy shit is understanding that niggas are niggas and your shorty gone get DM’d regardless. Niggas don’t care. Women of Killers in the streets get DM’d so a ordinary cool nigga like you, your situation will be no different. As long as they don’t come at shorty super sideways just laugh at these niggas and simply say to yourself “Crumbs” and continue to finish your tacos and continue winning. Trust your shorty and keep it moving. Lil boy shit is blaming your shorty for shit she can’t control. We trash and there’s women who ignore DM’s, tell niggas to stop DM’ing them and niggas still do it. Your shorty has no control over that. She cute and real and niggas thirsty. You blessed. Act like it. Be grateful lil ass boy. 



Big Boy shit is understanding her beauty is her beauty. How she wanna dress, have her hair, wear her makeup is none of our business and we clear on that. If my shorty wanna dress cozy on date nights, we out here. If she wanna dress fancy, we out here. If she wear her hair natural? Cool. If she don’t wear her hair natural? Cool. That shit got nothing to do with enjoying her company. Lil boy shit is trying to police her beauty. Like worrying about what she wearing and if it’s too revealing.  Nigga what? You supposed to be happy nigga. Peep game. If my shorty wore something like a see through shirt. Nigga we bout to get super drunk and unlock the cheat code for the nastiest sex possible when the night over. Shit we’d fuck around and not even make it out. The woman on your arms bout to turn heads when you out and you big mad? Telling your girl she don’t need makeup is not a compliment. It’s lame. She not putting on makeup for you. It’s for her. She not wearing whatever she wanna wear because of you. She know she look good no matter what she has on. Wigs, natural, etc etc that’s all her. She do it for her. Grow up. 



Big boy shit is letting people know what you want, how you want, and why you want it. Big boy’s don’t drop hints and wait for people to read our minds or the situation. We let them know what the deal is and if we can’t agree then we just step away from the situation. We upfront with the sauce and let you know calmly with respect. Lil boy shit is not communicating. Lil boy shit is only keeping it real when you don’t have a choice and your back is against the wall. Cowards do that. If you had the choice between keeping it 100 and not saying what you feel and you chose to not say how you feel then you a whole bitch ass nigga. Lil boy shit is leading people on. 



Big boy shit is controlling your liquor. I’ve only been blackout drunk 3 times in my life and that’s 3 times too many. Big Boy shit is keeping it together when you drinking and keeping the water in rotation cause you know you gotta drive. If we can’t drive we call the homies or get a Uber. Knowing our limits. We know the difference between drunk and wasted. Lil boy shit is drinking to impress people. Always passing out. Doing the most when you’re drunk. You supposed to be on your James Bond/Jay-Z shit. Lil boy niggas get drunk and start acting like Michael B. Jordan, hella extra and shit. 



Big boy shit is tapping into your spirituality. Understanding their surroundings and the blessings of the Gods and universe. Understanding that some people won’t believe in what you believe and you good with that. Lil boy shit is trying to force your spiritual beliefs on people and being upset because people beliefs don’t fall in line with yours even though they’re not hurting anyone. 



Big Boy shit is charging for your services and not working for free. If Michelangelo didn’t work for free in the years niggas had handlebar mustaches then why should you? Big Boy’s understand that exposure don’t pay the rent. Lil boy shit is doing everything for free and exposure because they’re afraid to tell people that it costs for their services. You can’t grow shit without charging for what they did to the cold crush. 



Big Boy shit is knowing where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and why you’re doing it. Big Boy’s have direction. We know how to lead. When you around, people are relaxed. This matters a lot in relationships too. It’s like my Dad told me “A relaxed woman is the best woman.” Women love strength, love, and freedom so if you on your Big Boy shit you’ll provide that with no issues. Shorty don’t wanna figure out everything all the time. She wanna trust your direction. Lil boy shit is shrugging your shoulders to everything. Always unsure. Always saying “It’s whatever.” Never making decisions. The ball is always in someone else court kinda nigga. Lil boy shit is never having plans. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail lil guy. Stop texting her "WYD" and tell her what she should be doing. 



Big Boy shit is being comfortable in your sexuality. Getting your nails done not gay. Wearing skinny jeans don’t make you any less of a man. You don’t have to say pause after every statement you think is gay (I just recently pledged to stop doing that). Nothing but Big Boy shit going on in the SelfCareBoyz camp. Our skin glowing, the champagne flowing, and we out here hoeing. Lil boy shit is dirty nails. Never getting complimented on how good you smell. Lil boy shit is smelling like Reggie. Never smiling and always mad. Lil boy shit is being afraid to tell your homies you love em. 



Big Boy shit is watching your shorty have a full plate of food and eat off yours anyway and you not even mad cause she look like a snack doing it. Lil boy shit is complaining about it and not recognizing the Queen that is in your presence.  





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