I’m writing this so the people who aren’t introverted and the people who wonder if they are introverted can gain a better understanding of the introverted life. We fye as fuck. Get one in your life. 


I’ve been a Introvert my whole life. My dad is one but the rest of the family are not so you can guess who’s the most easily annoyed in the family. Yup me and my pops. 



We don’t fear talking. We just think wasting words is stupid. We are not small talkers. We have to be invested in what we’re speaking on. People think all introverts are shy. Nah. Think of it like this. Introverts are snipers with words. A sniper doesn’t just let a whole clip go. They scope, aim, and shoot at vital points on the target. That’s what Introverts do with words. If they feel they have nothing to contribute to a conversation or it doesn’t interest them they will say little. I write good because I love solitude and being alone doesn’t bother me. Introverts embrace loneliness. If you ask me how my day went I will tell you “Cool” and then write 5 chapters on my notepad on how my day went. 


My brother, fellow SelfCareBoy and partner in crime Moe is extroverted. The reason me and Moe connect so well is that we admire each others personality traits and whatever one of us lack, one of us have. It’s why our podcast Polite Coolery works seamlessly. I’m Dean Martin. Moe is Frank Sinatra. Moe would be Jay-Z/Dame Dash. I’d be Biggs (Hoffa). I’m quiet when I’m out but when we’re doing Polite Coolery episodes I talk more than Moe does and the reason is because I love podcasting, I’m interested in it. I love talking about life, creativity, women, love, etc so I can talk about those subjects for days.


People think being introverted is social anxiety. It’s not. Social anxiety is more of the fear of looking awkward when interacting in any way shape or form. Like if a guy is afraid to text or FaceTime a woman because of fear of what she will think of him, social anxiety is apart of that. Feeling like the best version comes out of you in more intimate settings instead of publicly. Feeling like everything you do is awkward or the outcome will be awkward and embarrassing so that makes you not want to do anything so you continue to keep to yourself and not go to any events or not interact with people at events. That’s not being an introvert. That’s anxiety. Introvert is I rather stay home than be around people tonight, not because it will be awkward but because I have to take people in dosages and I wanna watch Rick and Morty. Going out is a CHORE for a Introvert if we’re not mentally prepared. We like being in our own space. After a hour maybe 2 hours at the party we ready to GO. 


Introvert = Personality Type 

Social Anxiety = Psychological Disorder 


I have bad anxiety sometimes and it makes me unable to relax. Mines is more on the work side of things. I can’t just sit still and relax. I work so much that when I force myself to take a break I feel like I have to do something. I’m an awkward nigga socially. So I’m one of those introverts with social anxiety. I can’t just do normal shit like say “Hi” or “Good Morning” without it being awkward which is why I don’t send Good morning text probably. It’s why I was never good at approaching random women when I was younger. Once I realized that life too short for living like that my social anxiety kinda disappeared. It’s all about confidence and your mindset. I have a fye ass personality. Who wouldn’t wanna talk to me? I’m everybody type. I got what everybody like. 


I’m introverted but I have no problem speaking up if I see something I want like tacos, titties, and money. If I feel disrespected I’ll speak up. If I’m angry I’ll speak up. At events if I see someone who’s on my social media I go up and speak to them no problem. All introverts are Shikamaru from Naruto. Talking is a pain and annoying unless it has meaning. Shit like networking is annoying because we feel fake doing it. We’ll do it if we feel an opportunity would come from it but it’s annoying as fuck. It’s basically small talk with potential important implications. 


This sums up being introverted and talking to people. 


Let’s say you have a roommate and your roommate has friends over. They’re in the kitchen. You’re hungry but you don’t wanna go into the kitchen because that means you have to actually participate in small talk and they’ll try and make you stay with them which is annoying and tiring so you chill in your room until people leave…… You don’t fear talking, you just don’t wanna be bothered.





If we go out to something first we need to talk to ourselves for days about getting ready to go to the function. We mentally prepare for it. We charge the meter. We have meters in our heads. If everything goes according to plan that meter is fully charged when we leave the crib. By the time we get to the function that’s when the life from the meter starts to dwindle. First 20-30 minutes we cool. We lit. We talking to everyone. Hour and a half later it’s time to go back to our space. When the life in the meter is in the red it’s time skrtt skrtt on niggas without saying goodbye to a soul in the function and go recharge in our space where there’s no overstimulation. We get overstimulated fast. This is why Introverts ALWAYS have to drive. We wanna leave whenever the fuck we ready. No the fuck we not going to the Eastside. Nigga we going home to Netflix and strawberry shortcakes. 



We don’t like being the center of attention. Being sang Happy Birthday in front of a crowd is a nightmare for a introvert. Especially in a restaurant. Like shut the fuck up I’m trying to drink my margarita. We suck at taking compliments. Public speaking we can do but talking in small groups. Nah. 


There’s no awkward silence with us. You’re the awkward ones. Not us. We know how to shut the fuck up and enjoy silence. Shutting the fuck up makes my dick hard. It’s so comfortable. It will drive some people crazy. So they just talk and talk and talk because they can’t sit and silence so they have to fill the air with words even if it doesn’t make sense. One of my favorite things to do is sit with a shorty and understand each other through silence. I don’t mind people talking but you can feel the difference between someone talking because they’re comfortable and someone talking because they’re feeling awkward. 


“That’s how you when you know you’ve found someone really special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably share silence.” - Mia Wallace


Introverts give the best advice because we actually give a fuck about the advice we’re giving you. If you ask for advice from a introvert you gonna get some thoughtful shit back because we’re observers. We observe your situation and all the potential outcomes of decisions. We treat the shit like chess. We’re great listeners so if you wanna vent to someone about a problem a introvert will hear you the fuck out and actually take time to help guide you to a solution. We think of the bigger picture which helps people to gain a better perspective. 


We’re the ultimate creatives. I think the reason why some people fake being introverts is because of the creative powers we possess. Beyonce is introverted. She only speaks when it means something. Chad Hugo from The Neptunes is one. Kendrick Lamar is a introvert. Lady Gaga is a introvert. We live in our heads so all we do is think of ways to express this land in our minds and the outcome is great creative content. The downside to living in our minds is that we get distracted easily. I get distracted writing every post. I’ll literally start thinking of something else and abandon what I’m writing. I could’ve finished in a hour but instead it takes me 4 hours because I was bullshitting. 



This is lengthy so I’m a shut the fuck up now. Introverts are the shit. Love us and leave us alone at the same time. 




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