Just want to get some things off my chest and my mind. It’s about the pain of having a good heart. 


When you have a good heart....

You believe in positivity in a world that shows you consistently that negativity gets rewarded. You can look at this in the smallest or biggest examples. The smallest example I can use is myself and my refusal to be a gossip blog. I could go out and comment on who fucking who in the industry or who got their chain snatched or any other gossipy topic but I don’t. If I did I’d probably have more opportunities but I don’t so I have to work harder. A big example is politics and big business. You have to not care about anyone if you want to advance in that world. The biggest heartless pieces of shit get rewarded in that world. 


You start to believe that having a good heart is a weakness and it starts effecting how you feel about yourself and how you feel about people in general. I think everyone that has a good heart at some point has told themselves “What does it even fucking matter?” Even the people who are good people in your life you start to look at funny and group them in with the people who aren’t shit because you start the feel that evil people outweigh the good people in your country or the world. 


You don’t treat people how they treat you. There’s a lot of people I’m sure you’ve could’ve done filthy. A lot of people you could’ve beat the fuck up. A lot of feelings you could’ve hurt. But your heart wouldn’t let you. Not because you were scared but because your heart moves different. 


It’s easy to be heartless. It’s nothing to brag about. It’s about what you give your heart to, that’s what matters. Being heartless is a short term solution. It has no benefit in the long run especially when it comes to your legacy. When the heartless leave this Earth instead of celebrating the little good they’ve done they will celebrate the world being a better place without them and the good people in their life left behind will suffer. Heartless people place burdens on others whether they’re dead or alive. It’s their calling card. People with good hearts do their best to not redistribute pain to other people. We recycle it into something better and then use it for good. 



When you have a good heart people who are mutual or evil see this sign on your forehead that says “Please take advantage of me.” The person with the good heart will always be the target of people who wanna take advantage of others and it will never stop. It’s very exhausting for kind hearted people. People always wanna see how they can benefit off a person with a good heart and never how they can make their life better. When you have a good heart you want to make other people lives easier and better not because you gain anything from it but because it makes you feel good to see others win. Unfortunately majority of the world is the opposite of that. 


People tend to have amnesia when it comes to a good hearted person. All your generosity, all your help, all those times you put someone else’s needs over your own, the thousands of yes’s you said in someone else’s favor will be forgotten the one time you say “No” to someone to help yourself instead. The unkind, unreal, and selfish people only keep score of the the times you said no and never the times you said yes to help them. It’s as if it never happened. It’s a rigged game you playing with those type of people. You damned if you do and damned if you don’t. When you move on from the negative person you’re painted as the heartless person. All the shit you let slide and you still were riding with them. All the good people you could’ve helped but didn’t because you put that negative person feelings and needs over people who truly deserved your help. You’re the bad guy. People who ain’t shit act this way because they know your value and the void they’ll have in their life if you leave their life. You’re not there to be their safety net anymore. You’re not there for them to take advantage of you anymore. So they try to smear your name and reputation to anyone who will listen. They’re telling everyone that you’re the selfish one. That’s enough bullshit to make anyone lose their sanity and say fuck everybody no matter if they’re a good person or a bad person. 



It’s difficult to connect with people when you have a good heart because Muhfuckas be so faulty but the cool shit about it is when you do connect with people you really living your best life because it’s pure. It’s genuine. If you have a good heart you’re gonna go through the most shit because you’re the most vulnerable but when you’re vulnerable you’re in love with who you are. You’re in love with your strengths and weaknesses as a person and you’re honest about those strengths and weaknesses. You don’t care about what people may say or think and you know that you have no power over the outcome. Your guard is down even if you’re scared of how the world is today and that takes tremendous strength. Having a good heart comes with pain but the good hearted are the strongest people out here and don’t ever change for the weirdos that act like bitch ass people. Flex on em. 




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