The last few episodes were boring as fuck. So I didn't feel like talking bout that shit. 


You arguing wit a nigga that’s wearing a zip up turtle neck. You’re asking a nigga with the mustache of a "227" character to commit perjury. These birds never learn. 



This bitch ass nigga really told this bird to grab her coat we going to the police station. Somebody please kill this square uppity boondocks character ass nigga. 



This scene with Silver and Tasha literally unwatchable. I’m literally watching a Uncle Tom try to turn in a kid for killing a dirty cop who killed his sister. This nigga stands for nothing. 



So now I have to be subjected to a mid dual love scene of 4 of the lamest niggas on the show? I rather eat coleslaw. Even Tasha titties not even saving this shit. 



You know what keeps this show from being mentioned amongst the great tv shows? It’s the Federal Prosecutors office. It’s so fucking unbelievable that they have humans in positions so complex that are that stupid. Politics can have dumb people in important positions but Federal Prosecutors offices. No. They can have snakes in the feds but they aren’t dumb. They’re cerebral. These are grade A idiots on this show. This case they’re building is so faulty and has so many holes in it. Every scene is then throwing shit at a wall and hoping it sticks. 



Teresi bitch ass wearing a turtleneck. You notice the trend here? If they wearing a turtleneck. They willing to snitch. Shoutout to Connie being one of the few gangstas on this show with character. 



Tommy not built to run an organization. He’s a soldier. Kanan bout to snatch this shit from him with ease now that Ghost asked him to kill Diego. 



This dumb mothafucka Proctor trust Saxe has connections?? That goofy bitch calling Dominos Pizza not the state bar committee. Tell him to put it on speaker phone. 



This nigga Ghost got some nerve trying to come at people on some moral shit. This nigga never learns. Dude delusional. 



Aye man fuck the Queens Child Project go build a school on some LeBron shit or do something more meaningful. I’ve seen people do more with less than Ghost had and had way more impact. This game between him & suit O Dog is old now. The nigga slimy & Ghost gets upset every time he sees that he a snake. Move the fuck on man. 



Tommy & Teresi father and son bonding over torturing a C.O with a power tool has “The whites are at it again” written all over it. Very disturbing scene but entertaining. 



Tariq out here switching mobiles like a true trapper.



Tommy talks too fucking much. This nigga just gave a timeline of his murders with 2 strangers he ain’t even know for a full calendar year in his car. 



Gotta respect Kate for pullin up like a scorned ex. This shit with the Teresi family is a Jerry Springer topic. 



Ghost pulling up on Silver was kinda necessary. These turtleneck niggas get the thinking shit is sweet out here. But now Silver is backed into a corner and no one gives a fuck cause he’s bout as interesting as a statistics class. 



"The only man worthy enough of fucking whores by my side." - Diego This nigga thinks like an idiot so you know he bout to die. 



Francis letting the Nose Avenger talk a little too reckless to him. Nigga how you real name & nickname weak? 2-Bit sounds like the first video game ever invented in history. 



Kanan a criminal mastermind. The reason is because he pledges to no one. Got all these niggas making intricate plans just to come thru and destroy everything. Niggas can’t fuck wit a nigga that eats packs of Hyenas for breakfast & still wear Averex leather jackets. 



So Teresi thinks snitching on his sons best friend is the right move? Tommy would kill that man if he told on Ghost. That’s where Tommy loyalty to Teresi stops. 



What if Tariq playing this nigga Kanan the whole time?



Angela trying to get Hans knocked off. THIS IS DELICIOUS!!! 



No way that Hans will stop pursuing putting Angela in jail for that D.C job. Kill this nigga so I won't be subjected to his terrible acting any longer. 



Silver bitch ass got shook and got the fuck outta dodge. The bird titties wasn’t worth it bruh. This what happens when you let lame niggas hit. 



Bout time this nigga Ghost sonned this nigga Suit O-Dog. Nigga been disrespectful for 80 episodes and no one checked him. 



Kanan brought that nigga head to Jason in a Louie duffel bag. A KING!!!!!!! Dude on some modern day Game Of Thrones shit. But he was hesitant to try and kill Tommy and Ghost. He the weirdest nigga. 



Dre looked like he showed up to the party and there was no more weed left. Nose longer than that rifle he was holding and that nigga couldn't have pulled that job off by himself. Go thank King Kanan for saving your life. 



Tasha kept the gun and Ghost vows to take the fall which we know is not happening. Somebody bout to get framed with that gun. Probably Dre or Kanan. 




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