Sticky by Rayvn Lenae to start the episode..... Shoutout to The Queen. Such a sweetheart.  



The crimson chin makes his triumphant return with the weakest strokes in history. Somebody cue up the New New from ATL gif. Quick pumper Head ass.



You can’t really be upset on the couch especially if they letting you crash on it. You gotta accept that or leave. 



Real niggas would’ve pulled off the 3 way though. 



Elijah just barfed all his vodka and Red Bull in Issa whip. I know he was drinking vodka and Red Bull’s cause his name Elijah and he has a Jersey Shore haircut. He not drinking no big boy drinks like whiskey. It's science. 



Fuck that, Elijah cleaning my whip or he bout to soak up that vomit with that Marv Albert haircut he got. 



Wassup with Molly and dating niggas that look like they male strippers? These niggas have no swag and all they voices sound like Mufasa. You can feel the inner mohawk wanting to jump out they body. 



This nigga Daniel got a church deacon haircut. GUARD!!!! GUARD!!!!! 



It’s that nigga crib. He can do what he want. Here she go wit this passive aggressive shit. Day damn one Vivian Day damn 1! Just say. how the fuck you feel. Issa ain't learned shit. 



Why shorty got on fly trap pants and sound like Amil from Roc A Fella. Them pants look like brown packing tape. UPS Literally hiring in "Big Chin in Little China" studio. Her EP gone be called “What can brown do for you.” 



How is it fucked up that he dusting off chicks in HIS HOUSE he pay for? As long as "Chin Duncan" don’t act like a bitch nigga if Issa bring a dude through then it’s all good. 



Every person say they have a different perspective when they come back from vacation and then they go back to the toxic shit they love. Molly no different. It's laughable. 



My boo Maxine Shaw. I still wanna suck her toes with hot sauce. 



Daniel moms right. Dude trippin. 



Why they having a conversation like she ain’t been there for 2weeks? They talking like it's her second night in the crib. They weird. 



My nigga look like “Leon” wit this haircut and shirt. Chin Diesel bout to come in the game and put up 30 points in some courderoys & have 2pac mad. 



My nigga got that liquor the same color as shorty pants and tried to get it in. Not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin head ass got rejected and got bothered like a lil hoe. He got a point but don’t have one if that makes sense. I'm glad they finally showing that this nigga not perfect though. Shit was annoying. He toxic like the rest of us. 



That Enrique Iglesias looking mothafucka Dro can’t eat pussy. I can tell. When you don’t hold the thighs then shorty not feeling that plus they drank Henny. By default the session trash but long like the first “IT” movie.



So Candace do know what Dro doing so that mystery solved and Molly big mad... THIS IS DELICIOUS!!!! 



I woulda cussed that bootleg Kathy Bates looking bitch the fuck out. Fuck that weak ass job. Ol extra from the Texas chainsaw massacre looking hoe. 



Molly trying hard to be the head huncho but she can’t. That Johnny Bravo haircut nigga got her sprung. Nigga ain’t respect shit about those boundaries she set. That’s because he know she ain’t mean that shit. When a man feel they have a shorty emotionally and mentally in the type of relationship they have then that man gone take advantage of shorty any chance they can. 



Aye who the girl in the green in Issa Lyft??? Somebody find her IG for me. I hope she got a thigh tat I can kiss. 



My nigga asked for 2 Capri suns. Big Boy shit not that lil boy shit. 



Aye big dude got beat up by a nigga wearing a old navy hoodie in a Chevy Cruze. Death gotta be easy cause life is hard. 



Bruh kick her out. I be damned if I’m arguing in my crib wit someone I let stay rent free. I do what I want when I want. 



This shit with Molly and Puerto Rican curl head nigga frustrating to watch. Nigga showing no respect for her and she ain’t doing shit. Be done wit the situation damn.



He called her roommate. That trash compactor chin nigga petty as fuck. 



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