Art by Cavity Sam (Andrea)

Art by Cavity Sam (Andrea)

Fuck all these people.

Here are the 10 types of manipulators you need to avoid.


Someone who could be fucking another person outside the relationship and they will find someway to be the victim in the situation. Now are there situations where I understand a person stepping outside of their relationship? Yes. But that still doesn’t make it right. You gave your word. You made that choice to commit so do right or end the relationship like an adult. I can’t stand a mothafucka who always the “hurt” one. They act like those kids that cry before they get they ass whooped. Like damn the belt ain’t even touch you yet and you yelling? No matter what they do or how toxic their behavior is they will find someway to be the one that is hurt the most.


This person always tries to make people choose sides over bullshit. If you don’t choose their side they act like a little bitch. They ruin families and friendships with their team bullshit. If there’s a disagreement then that means everyone has to be involved. It can’t just be them and the person they have an issue with. They always look for someone to agree with them no matter how wrong they are and someone HAS to be on their side. 


The person that’s always critical of everything you do. They always think they’re right and are never accountable for anything. Nothing you do is right. Even when you do shit right they’ll say smart ass shit like “About time” in a bitch ass tone of voice. It’s to the point where when you do something perfect they’re bothered because they don’t get an opportunity to analyze you and pick you apart. This person is so toxic because I’ve seen the coolest people really think there is something wrong with themselves because the person they’re with is always on their back and analyzing them. These bitches never give advice on how you could improve. They just tell you that you’re a fuck up and that’s the end of it. There’s no constructive dialogue. They do this to weaken people who are really talented and try to crush their spirit. 


Remember Ike Turner’s manipulation on “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” He’s always would guilt Tina by placing his failures on her. He would make Tina feel like his success or failure is her responsibility and when she helped him succeed he would take credit and when he failed he’d place the blame entirely in her lap. Anybody who makes their success or failure someone else’s responsibility are weak and fragile. This applies to happiness. They will make their happiness and unhappiness that person’s responsibility too. 


You know the person that ain’t shit and they’re really dependent on other people uplifting their emotions 24 hours a day and they don’t even give back half of the shit they asking for. They’re so manipulative and always act like they’re helpless and kinda guilt their way into people’s good side and show some decent qualities but once they’re in the relationship they show how toxic they are and bring down their partners mood. Their partner realizes how unhealthy their relationship is and breaks up with them but this person always puts their unstable emotional weight on them saying shit like “If you leave me and something happens to me then it’s your fault” and continues to call you disloyal for choosing your happiness instead of putting up with their bullshit and shit. Boo hoo nigga go to therapy. People really feel guilty for leaving these type of people and it depresses them. They really think that shit is their fault that the person they’re with not happy when that’s not true. They’ve been manipulated to feel that way. 


Bitch niggas and weak ass hoes that disguise hurtful ass remarks as “jokes.” They always say some shit about things you’re sensitive about and try to hide that shit behind “LOL” Lol bout to mean “Laying On Land” after I put hands on you. This shit worse in relationships because your partner knows what you’re self conscious about and knows what negative shit to say then they try to hide it under sarcasm and say it’s dark humor but it’s not. It’s how they really feel and they really tried to hurt you. This fucks with people’s minds because they usually don’t know if this person is joking or really feel that way. It’s really because they really feel that way. People who do this shit love to make people feel bad to make themselves feel good. All that hehehehe-ing gone get that ass hit.


Niggas who play dumb can drink bleach. THIS IS A MANIPULATIVE TACTIC! Now I understand why my momma and my aunts would lose their fucking minds when people play like they dumb. People play dumb to either lie bout some shit, get out of some shit they gave their word on, hide something, or get you upset so you can look like an angry asshole and shift the focus from their inability to do what you asked of them and shift the focus towards your anger. I swear this shit will really get under my skin. I’m always ready to slap common sense into people who try to play dumb with me. 


This one is the craziest one. The person who goes out their way to find issues with everyone that is close to you in your life. They find issues with your loved ones and try to justify those issues in an attempt to separate you from them. They get to keep their friends around but you cannot keep yours. They try to pull you away from your loved ones and try to make you as vulnerable as possible so you have no one to turn to when things go wrong and make it seem like you have no choice but to put up with their bullshit. 


A person who always tries to use statistics and facts in arguments where they’re not needed. Nigga you not smart you just memorized some shit off google. You could tell them that they did something that hurt your feelings and somehow analytic data will find it’s way into the argument. That has nothing to do with the fucking argument. It’s a matter of emotion and they act like cyborgs and only wanna talk like a nerdy ass bitch. They always try to manipulate situations with stats even if the stats make no sense and if the stats are made up.


When there’s a issue with this person one of two things are going to take place. They’re going to go straight to violence or they’re going to go straight to yelling. They use intimidation to avoid talking about issues like an adult. They’re always like this so people are afraid to approach them about anything and people don’t really have the patience for a fight with them. They tire people out with their constant need to fight so people allow them to get away with toxic and immature behavior. They’re always defensive so it’s impossible to communicate with them. They use their aggressiveness to manipulate any situation into their favor.

Then there’s the person who possibly does all 10 of these things combined.

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