Are you wondering if she don’t really like you bruh?

Well Benny is here to help you figure it out.

This is how you know she don’t “like you like you.”


This the shorty that will flirt with you all day and night. She’ll gas you up just for you to crash into a brick wall. You feeling yourself and thinking to yourself “Okay I’m a proceed with fucking with her” and it goes nowhere. Usually shorties like this are stuck on somebody and that somebody is usually in a relationship and moved on from them and flirting is kinda like therapy to them. It makes them feel like they “out here out here” but they don’t take that jump. If she flirting with you all the time and that shit not going nowhere she not feeling you and probably don’t know how to break that news to you. When a woman wants something she going to get it even if it means she gotta do some things she don’t normally do. You basically her “At work boyfriend” outside of work. She really wants the nigga that’s ignoring her and moved on from her. Not you my pal. 


This is good and bad. I’m gonna explain the bad first. If you gone over 5 dates and you don’t feel a spark or an indication of an opening nigga she just hungry and wanna drink bruh. Of course she’s not gonna tell you that she not feeling you that way cause nigga you got her eating and drinking good for free and she not stupid so she’s not gonna fuck up a good thing. Plus niggas are toxic and niggas don’t respond to rejection well so I can understand a woman not feeling safe or being comfortable to say they not interested. But Nigga this your 20th date with shorty. Why are you getting her full for her just to go to fuck another nigga after your date who just watched 9 straight episodes of “Everybody Hates Chris” and left her on read? You’re hurting yourself. You’re giving yourself a painful emotional death. Just cut ties and save your money. 

The good side to this is that there are women who want to have a lot of dates before they do anything. The reason being is because every human has layers. No matter if they’re boring or exciting they have layers to their mentality. Being friends before being intimate is so underrated and so under appreciated. I WISHED I went on 15-20 dates with anyone I dated exclusively in the past. On the real 15-20 ain’t enough. Bonding and becoming friends with a shorty you can’t really put a number on. If I like you I’m investing my time in you. I rather spend the money and build something organic with no pressure than just go on 5 dates and then fake cuff each other just because we fucking then after that commit to a relationship. You should wanna be in a relationship with someone who you have a solid friendship with because you actually LIKE your friends. It’s backwards to move forward with someone just because you’re attracted to them then try to be their friend later. This how people find out later that the person they fucking with ain’t shit and feel like they’ve wasted time and energy. When those days come when both of you are used to how you look it’s gonna be your friendship that keeps your relationship strong. Not how cute she is or how cute she think you are. The fact that you’re intimate is just a bonus. The friendship is what matters. If I ever get married I really wanna say “I’m marrying my best friend” and really mean that shit. 


Women run they mouth. Even the quiet ones. If those texts are dry in word count. Oh nigga just vacate the premises. This all depends on you of course. You can’t be texting dry shit. You can’t be texting “Wyd” at 1:13pm on a Tuesday. The fuck you think she doing? She at work you idiot. Your job is to make her day when you text her. That should be your goal. Cause 9/10 times their job is getting on their nerves and you gotta be the relief. This is where you gotta be witty or funny. If her response is dry even though you just texted some fire that means she don’t like you. Which is cool. Take your L like a champ. If you the one who always has to text first that might be bad too but sometimes that might just be shorty demeanor and she do that to everybody. But if she texting you and actually engaging with you then you have something to work from. Whatever you do my nigga never ask for a pic. Real niggas know whether it’s nudes or regular pics of shorty looking cute those get sent to you outta nowhere if she feeling you. 


If she coming to you for therapy about some other niggas she dealing with then that’s the end of game 5 and you’re about to be down 3-2 and you have to win games 6 and 7 on the road. It’s time to clear your bench and sit your starters. They’re done for the night. Rest up. I’m not saying no nigga can’t come back from this but is it hard? Fuck yeah. She might as well call you “Bro” and if she does that means it’s over for you kid. I’ve rarely seen a nigga come back and get the drawls after being called “bro” by a shorty they liked. If she telling you bout her crush then nigga just moonwalk to the bushes like Homer Simpson. I’m not saying you can’t come back from it but that might be years down the line if you do. 


I would’ve added this to texting but I believe it’s separate. What do you both talk about? Are the conversations awkward? How does the conversation flow? Does she keep looking at her phone? If she’s not offering anything to the conversation then she not into you. Conversations are supposed to feel effortless. I’m a quiet nigga so my conversation isn’t the greatest because I feel sometimes that what I say won’t be valued by the person I’m speaking to so I tend to have a habit of not talking too much. I generally lean on my sense of humor a lot. As long as she don’t sound bored or give short answers then you good. If she not telling you her life story then yeah you’re Arnold and she’s Lila. 


If you have to beg for her time?  Nigga you not it. If you have to beg for her attention? Nigga you not it. You can have all the long talks and beg all you want, nigga you not it. Anything I have to beg for in life will not be healthy in the long run. That’s facts. Anything or anyone around me I never had to beg for. 


If she don’t do shit she normally don’t do with you then that means she likely feels some type of way about you. If not? That means she not feeling you like that. For example, if I FaceTime you that means I like you. I NEVER FaceTime people and it’s usually because I’m either writing, Im watching something on my computer, or I just don’t wanna. I can literally count on one hand how many times I’ve FaceTimed. I’ve been asked so many times to FaceTime and I dodge that shit like the feds. You gotta be somebody worth my time for me to FaceTime you. When a shorty likes you there’s always an exception for shit. There may be something another nigga say to her that offends her and you can say the exact same thing that nigga said and she will think it’s cute. That’s the power of a shorty liking you. 


If she’s not interested in your passion, nigga go away. 


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