Look at this unloveable coke head. 


This bitch Angela a dead bitch so yeah. The internet told me and I don’t really care. So yeah. 


This bitch set a timer to her death and how much you wanna bet when that bitch hit zero she’ll be dead.  


This nigga Silver head looks like a squash. Somebody tell this nigga to knock it off. 


Keisha is so pointless and clueless. She just existing for no reason. Damn bitch start doing some evil shit or fucking damn. Entertain a nigga. Quit trying to change this white boy. We want the coke head Tommy. Not happy Tommy.  Basically it's like the way we want on drugs Eminem rap instead sober Eminem rap. 


Ghost gone act like he ain’t know he setup Tommy to kill Teresi. I still don’t understand why he didn’t just show Tommy the pictures himself. 


Angela explains the RICO case to these niggas like they In School suspension. 


Silver disgusts me. Sick of this Isosceles right triangle head ass nigga. This captain save a bird nigga gotta go. 


Aye this big nosed ass nigga baby momma nipples chocolatier than a muhfucka. I need those. 


I’m never wrestling a nigga while he butt naked I woulda shot him on first try. 


I need John Mak to be shot in the face I’m sick of this pussy. 


Suit O Dog gone be a rat. I can’t call him Suit O Dog no more. Rashard out here telling. 


Keisha the most gullible bird alive. Every time she complaining about people using her and all they gotta do is make a promise to her and this idiot will fall back in line like a 4 year old child. 


Keisha kicks out Tasha but it don’t mean shit. She’ll just fall under the influence of somebody else. 


Dre aka “Nose McGowan” met wit Angela about snitching. He don’t want his baby momma to come to witness protection with him either. Good cause he doesn’t deserve those chocolate titties. At all. 


Silver such a hoe nigga nobody wanna start over with this bozo. Start over and do what? Collect turtlenecks nigga? Knock it off fuck boy. 


WHY IS ANYBODY STILL TALKING TO POLICE WITHOUT BEING ARRESTED!!!! NIGGA WHAT??? Keisha can just say fuck you and walk off. She entertaining Saxe for no reason. 


Proctor tries to talk to Ghost about Angela. But who cares she’s dying. 


Ghost and Angela act like children. The idea of this perfect life they’re trying to pursue is comical.  


Queens Project is Dr.Dre’s Detox album. It’s never coming out. Lauryn Hill will be on time for a performance before that shit get built. 


This witness chick back. I was wondering where she went.  


Keisha visits Tommy and wants Tommy to rat on Ghost and at this point Ghost is better if he works alone. 


Tommy almost killed Keisha. I wouldn’t even be bothered if he did honestly.  


Dre a opportunist and it’s worse when he’s desperate. This the most “Damn will you die already” ass nigga I ever watched.  


Everybody trying to get somebody to snitch or kill someone. 


Ghost saw a nigga that look like a chewed up black jelly bean fucking his wife. Life comes at you fast. 


2bit lied his ass off about Kanan saying he should get down with Tommy. Tommy still don’t know that Kanan took over his shit without him knowing. 


Bruh I’m convinced this nigga Nose is Jesus Christ walking on water. This nigga just got into a shootout with at least 10 niggas and lived. I told yall he the most “Damn die already” nigga ever. Dre more valuable alive than dead to Tommy though. As long as he alive the Cartel won’t interfere with Tommy’s plug. 


This nigga name is “Deleterious Silver” this nigga name sound like some shit you find on a pawn shop shelf. 


Mc Lyte is this nigga Silver lawyer. Aint this some shit. Look at the Queen. 


Mak bitch ass ain’t going nowhere. Nigga not quitting shit forreal. 


Saxe started a war with that teresi recording. This the end of Ghost and Tommy. So yeah them niggas gone try and kill each other. There’s no other way. Kanan predicted this. 


If the next season isn’t the last then I truly do not understand this shit. Tommy tried to kill Ghost and killed Angela instead. I don’t wanna see no fucking talking next season. NONE! No more lawyers, no more cops, no more old shit. Nigga I need to see bodies getting dropped. I’m tired of this filler shit. Tommy has a crew and is backed by the Italians and Jason. Ghost ain’t got nobody so that nigga ain’t got no choice but to teach his trapezoid head ass son the game. Tommy and Keisha vs Ghost and Tasha. I can already see it now. This season was mid. Wasted a lot of time. It’s time for shootouts in broad day on the next season for everyone to redeem themselves. 



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