Things to remember when your life is going trash.

You have titties, tacos, and time in this world. You can be sad but remember you have those gems.  

This is the perfect time to treat yourself. Online shopping exist. Buy some jackets and some boots and be a world renowned 1 of 1 bad bitch. Make bad financial decisions in the name of self care. 

Weed is here to help. 

Real shit last. Not troubles. So if you a real ass nigga or bitch you’ll outlast the bad times. A fuck nigga gone take your place and they gone experience worst so just chill until the natural order of things resumes. 

You got options. Do what the fuck you wanna do. Say what the fuck you wanna say. 

It’s okay to break down. You normal. Go cry. Jimi Hendrix cried. Ain’t no mothafucka cooler than Jimi Hendrix. So if he crying you crying. 

At least you’re not your ex. 

Go drink a margarita and compliment a thick bitch for being a thick bitch and you thankful you in the presence of that thick bitch. 

Petite shorties and little bitty titties are the key to everlasting love and health. Life can’t be trash if they exist. Benny knows.

Youtube never made you sad and it’s waiting for you. Go to it.

Yung LA never got a grammy for Futuristic Love so imagine how sad he must feel? Have you experienced pain like that? Creating one of the most powerful and spiritual ballads of recent memory and not getting the respect for it? Nigga no, so be grateful for what you’re going through. 

For all my niggas out there reading this. Give her snacks and rub her booty while watching Living Single when you sad. When she happy you won’t be sad for long. It’s science.

Everything you want is already yours. If you believe it you’ll see it. 

Remember the process of this. It’s better than the goal itself. 

All this shit you going through just preparing you for what’s next. 

At least you’re not doing hookah like a Russ fan. 

Ask for help. If you 100 that means you got solid people around you to help when you need it. 

You can always get some head while wearing a charcoal mask. 

Lastly when life gets tough you gotta pull up on life like New York on The Flavor Of Love Season 2 Reunion. 

“It’s okay. You hating ass bitch. All fraudulent.” - Tiffany “New York” Pollard 


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