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Here are 9 things that annoy artists.


Really buy some shit or shut the fuck up. Some people will continuously say. “Oh I’m gonna buy this off you” or send artists the Futurama “Take All My Money” gif. I wish that every time someone made an empty promise to buy from an artist that half of what it costs would automatically be deducted from their bank account. Maybe they would think twice about saying they’re going to buy shit. No one hears more bullshit than an artist does. Niggas lie to artist more than the police and the IRS. The artist goes through the most bullshit. Everything is a pump fake to us. Even if you serious we still think you pump faking. I understand you may not have the funds to buy but stop telling an artist you’re going to buy their art and then flaking on them. It’s evil. Remember, a lot of artist depend on their art for rent and meals so money for us is always fleeting. It’s not stable. Don’t get our hopes up and say you’re gonna buy something when you know you’re not. It’s annoying. The best thing you can do is shut the fuck up or just buy it. 


Nigga I work a regular job too just like you. Asking me to create 55 things for you with the turn around time of 24 hours is not happening chief. It’s a big mothafuckin no. People have this misconception that artists are just sitting around all fucking day with nothing to do and we don’t have actual lives. I got 2 jobs along with writing and regular nigga problems too. I can’t do everything you ask me. The reason why people don’t have respect for an artist time is because they don’t know the effort that goes into creating things. Nigga if I say I’m stressed and my plate full and I ain’t writing shit then that means I’M NOT WRITING SHIT! Respect that and get at me at a later date. People have this false entitlement to our work and I will never understand why. I create for who I wanna create for and I do it on my time and my time only.


What in your fucking mind would possess you to see something I worked hard on and posted and you will like it instead of sharing it? You raggedy bitch. You telling me in person that I’m dope doesn’t spread to other people at all. It just stays between us. How the fuck will I grow like that? You see me out in public and you didn’t share my shit but bring it up to me I’m gonna assume you the feds. Tell me that shit after you told someone who don’t know the fuck I am about my art. I’m not saying you gotta do it for everything I create but GOT DAMN! 

Nigga I’m broke as fuck. A “like” is not removing the noodles outta my cabinets. Retweet and share a nigga art so I can finally shop at Whole Foods without my account feeling like I just got my transmission in my car replaced. Niggas will hit you up for the tree, liquor, and addy quick as fuck but will be in a state of utter confusion and turmoil about pressing the retweet or share button to share your shit. Why in the fuck yall retweet my pictures of myself but not my art? Bitch everybody know I’m gorgeous already. The cat been outta the bag. The secret been out. This art is new though. 90% of everything I create is flames so 90% of the time you’re going to look like a fucking genius for co-signing me. So just do it.

Do you know how HARD it is to share something that you have NO IDEA how it will be received? I know a lot of people will try and front and say they don’t care but they fronting. That shit matters to creatives. It’s scary sharing your work. I’m not saying that’s all that matters and it’s everything but a part of us would love to see that people really fuck with what we create. When you share it that shows the artist that you care and that gives the artist such a boost of confidence to continue making more dope shit. Of course there are billions of people on Earth so someone not sharing your shit isn’t the end of the world but I’d be lying if I said that shit don’t hurt a nigga. Like damn how strangers going harder sharing your shit than the people you know? 


It’s really annoying to ask artists to teach you shit. Youtube does not exist for you to be annoying and begging an artist to teach you to do what they do. Put in the work like they did. Do ya googles. Do ya youtubes. Practice. Suck at it for years before you get decent. Some people don’t really wanna be taught. They wanna see if there’s a shortcut. Then people have the nerve to not offer money while requesting someone to teach them. Picking a artist brain cost money. We have so much going on trying to stay afloat in our lives so we still learning about ourselves. Teaching is the last thing we usually wanna do. 


It’s already insulting enough when people ask for free shit. That’s already disrespectful enough. But when a artist has a set price for their services yall try to get real cute and slash of 80% off the fucking price. If my services cost $100 why in the fuck would I do it for $20? It’s not even the low price offer that pisses the artist off. It’s how people go about the shit. If you come with some sort of professionalism a artist may just cut that deal with you. But a lot of people are so fucking disrespectful saying shit like 

“Aw this person does it way cheaper than that.”

Well cocksucker why the fuck are you bothering me for? Go to them. 

“You not even doing that much to charge this price.” 

Well do it your fucking self since it seems to be so easy to you. This shit is not easy. 

Stop complaining about a artist price. Just go find someone else. Just say no thank you and keep it moving. People don’t even be trying to negotiate they just trying to get over on people. All they’re thinking about is all the finished products you’ve created. They don’t think about the sleep you lost to create it. They don’t think about the times you forgot to eat while creating it. They don’t think about the fact you’re falling off at your regular job so your boss is on your back all the time. The leisure time you sacrificed. I wish people could live in an artist mind and body so they could see what we go through. I bet they wouldn’t come with a bullshit price.  


Stop offering a artist “exposure” in place of money. I want you to go to your landlord next time your rent is due and tell him or her “Hey, instead of paying my rent I’m gonna stay in my place for free and I’m gonna get your name out there instead and after that you’re gonna blow up and buy more apartment complexes.” 

Do that shit and see how far you get. Try paying your electric bill with exposure. You’re gonna be sitting in the dark like a sad nigga in a 90’s R&B video. Exposure don’t pay the bills. Nigga I gotta eat now. You niggas be sounding slimy as fuck when you try to say you’re gonna get an artist more exposure. You niggas be popular for no fucking reason. All those fucking followers and friends and y’all can’t turn that into no money. Yall focus more on trying to convince people on the internet that you funny instead of trying to make some money and yall failing at that cause I aint laughed one bit so how the fuck you gone get an artist some exposure and turn that into money? 


Aye bruh I’m not about to be on my couch telling LeBron James how to shoot a jump shot. I’m damn sure not about to tell him how to run his businesses outside of basketball. Why? Because he grown. Stop giving artists career advice that they didn’t ask you for especially if you ain’t living what you kicking. I can’t tell Bill Gates how to make a million dollars. Why? BECAUSE I NEVER MADE A MILLION DOLLARS MYSELF! You telling how a photographer how to run their shit and you have no successful business of your own is the most ass backwards shit ever. You wanna do an artist a favor recommend someone reputable that can help. Don’t just say shit to say shit cause it sounds good actually present a plan if you’re gonna give career advice a artist didn’t ask for. It’s easy to say I can coach better than a losing coach in the NFL until I actually do the shit and see how fucking difficult it is. This is our path. We’re the one’s holding the dice. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people try to tell me how to achieve something in my creative field and I’m doing way better than them already. Knock it off.


If you post a artist work. Find their @ name and give them their credit. It’s not difficult. Give them their due and be real bout it. Celebrities do this fuck shit the most. They’ll post an artist work and won’t even attempt to give credit to the artist. I hate this shit so fucking much. Which is why I’m never impressed by none of these celebrities when I meet them.


When a artist isn’t inspired to create anything it’s not as simple as picking up that brush and start painting. It’s not as simple as picking up that camera and shooting a video. You have to stop assuming it’s that easy to be inspired. You can’t control our inspiration. Popularity and notoriety not enough. Money not enough to get inspired from if the artist is drained. Mentally an artist mind works different so when we’re in a drought we just gotta accept it. Our minds don’t just have a on and off switch when it comes to our creativity. Kind cliche words won’t get us outta the funk. No matter how much you tell us we the shit it won’t matter if we don’t tell ourselves the same thing and believe it and feel it. If we’re not happy then we’re not happy and the only thing that will change that is if we gain a peace of mind. Self doubt in a artist is real as fuck. We go through hell in our minds. Artistic depression exists. Artists end up mentally ill because of the work they do and the pressure it puts on them physically and mentally. Along with that pressure life could be kicking our ass too. Just pray for the artist and let them know that you’re still a fan of their work. Show empathy instead of judgement and assumptions. 

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