When Noname said “Yall really thought a bitch couldn’t rap huh?” I looked like that Beyonce gif where she clutches her chest. Who said my bestie couldn’t rap? I’m beating they ass on sight. 

So I will proudly go back to high school like Billy Madison if Noname’s pussy is teaching Ninth grade English. I’m bringing a bottle of whiskey on the first day instead of an apple. A pussy teaching me about the 8 parts of speech is very amazing. My preposition and adverb skills are trash so hopefully Ms.Noname pussy don’t flunk a nigga. 

Noname rapping about her pussy made me shed a single tear. Look at my G.O.A.T rap vulgar. I’m proud as fuck right now. And she did it in a unique way that wasn’t typical and it was hilarious and intriguing. Like damn your pussy teaching colonialism?? Your pussy bringing substance to the table? I’m shook. 

Blaxploitation might just be the most important song on this album. I liked “The Spook By The Door” reference and the “When we cool they cool. We die, it’s coon” line Noname rapped. That’s what you seeing right now with the man who was killed in his own apartment by that bitch ass cop. They smearing his name over some weed and never mentioned his accomplishments. Fuck Hilary Clinton too. 

On the second verse I’m not sure if Noname is rapping as someone like a politician or something but there’s a lot to unpack from the verse. From Gentrification, to police killing black men to evolved slavery. 3 songs into this album and it’s already more mature and different from “Telefone.” 

The strings on “Window” sounds like angel with the voice of Minnie Ripperton flew into my window to wake me gracefully from a peaceful slumber. You know if say slumber it’s some beautiful head ass shit. This song subject matter is so fucking REAL! I think everyone has gone forward with a relationship despite knowing in the back of their mind that it won’t last. 

Noname bought this nigga Game 5 tickets and gave this nigga some “Good game” pussy as if that nigga played in the game? He didn’t deserve the Queen. 

I think when “Noname” said on Windows “I really made this bitch” I think every black woman felt the fuck outta that shit. There’s a lotta niggas black women built out on these streets. I’m a need for every black woman to start saying “I MADE YO ASSES” like David Ruffin told The Temptations. 

Phoelix killed the hook on Windows. 

Every time a shorty come over I’m cleaning my room  to “Windows” before I send the addy. 

Somebody broke into my house and threw a water balloon at my face while I was playing “Don’t Forget About Me.” I’m not crying. Uncle D’Angelo services could’ve been used on this track for sure. Noname told no lie. 

The second verse on “Don’t Forget About Me” so real if you ever been to California especially L.A. It cost to be pretty in a lot of people minds. They hit up that surgeon and as Noname rapped “They just came from the funeral and their ugly passed away.” But what if they their pretty was free and Ugly was never alive to begin with? 

Bruh this is personal as album. I feel like Noname reading me her diary on some “As Told By Ginger” shit. 

Damn “Regal” could’ve been on “Mama’s Gun.” 

“Montego Bae” my favorite song on here. You wanna know how addictive Ravyn Lenae’s voice is? Cupid can say he or she is gonna shoot you with their arrow and say when it hits you, you will fall in love with Ravyn’s voice and they actually miss their shot completely but plot twist you still madly in love with Ravyn’s voice regardless. So Cupid is useless. Ravyn’s voice sounds like the first bite of Sweet Potato Pie or a margarita in a Pineapple with the lil ass umbrella in it. I start hitting the salsa like my name is Fernando every time I hear this song. This is the classiest ratchet song I ever heard in my life. I’m trying to eat a shorty coochie and a pineapple at the same time under a palm tree to this song. It’s on my “To-Do” list. 

Smino, Noname, and Saba are the rap game’s Rocky, Colt, and Tum-Tum and that’s what the fuck is going on. 

No Name really wraps up the album perfectly. As it shows the Noname we thought we knew has evolved and been through a lot more. It one of those songs that points you in the direction of things that truly matter. All the shit we chase is dumb. 

Noname one of the best artists out here and my fav. Room 25 A great mothafuckin follow up project.


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