I remember seeing this boxer it had to be like 2009/2010 and this nigga was dancing and rapping on his way to the ring. I thought the shit was a joke. I even predicted that nigga gone get knocked out. I wanted him to win but I felt there’s no way this dude serious. The opposite happened. He knocked his opponent out and had a funny and memorable post fight interview. He was actually very skilled. One of the best prospects in boxing.

Adrien Broner was must see TV. Bold. Flashy. Entertaining. Full of personality. Not only that, he had raw talent. He had the makings of boxing’s next big superstar. Especially since he was knocking almost all his opponents out in flashy fashion. He was compared to Floyd Mayweather for his flashy personality and for the way he utilized the shoulder roll in his fights. Some even predicted that he would pass Floyd because of his ability to knock out his opponents.

Broner was on the top of the world but without a major win on his record yet. Some would say De Leon was that win but that’s debatable but it was his fight with Paulie Malinaggi that would be his first key win over a big name. It was an entertaining grudge match because of the story leading up to the fight and his first fight at welterweight. He won that fight, had a memorable post fight interview, and walked away with a welterweight title. Ever since that big win for Adrien, legacy wise it hasn’t been too great. 

As we all saw Marcos Maidana completely destroyed Broner and made Broner look human. Ever since Adrien’s first loss he hasn’t been able to defeat a top tier opponent. The next 3 losses after Maidana all came from future Hall of fame fighters and it’s been the same story in all those fights. Adrien waits for counters and those opponents would just rack up points on him while Adrien waits to land a significant shot with his right hand. Adrien would start landing late in the fight but then it would be too late and then after all those losses he would remind us that he has a lot of money, that people will still watch him and it’s okay. Money is okay. But you wanna know who’s not okay? Adrien Broner. 

I’m legit concerned for Adrien. It’s always a cycle of the same behavior and mentality. He’d get into trouble outside the ring or do something completely unprofessional. Land a fight. Tell us that he’s focused, he’s not playing anymore and he’s serious and a better fighter before the fights. He would then lose the fights that matter then remind us of his money and repeat the cycle all over again. But last Saturday was the reason I wrote this entry. I really believed Adrien would come in against Manny as a different fighter. But I was disappointed again in the fight and after the fight. It’s the same shit over and over. 

The post fight interview after his loss to Pacquiao was very dark. Adrien thought he won the fight by just landing 8 punches per round. I’ve been watching Boxing for more than 20 years and if a fight close I’ll say a fight close but Adrien got outworked by a 40 year old man. Plain and simple. Once Adrien got hurt it seemed he went to survival mode and just wanted to make it to the final bell. So to see him say “Y’all know I won the fight” was the most disturbing case of delusion I’ve ever seen and if his coaches was telling him he was winning he needs to fire all of them immediately cause they’re not right. Seeing Broner compare why he think he won to seeing cheese on a burger in the post fight press conference was the saddest shit ever. 

Adrien is 1-4 in career defining fights and I’m concerned about his mental health. He never takes accountability. He lives in a world of delusion. His immaturity is actually getting worse as he gets older. He says all of the wrong things more often than not. There has to come a point where he has to show some professionalism. He constantly says people are against him but the thing he doesn’t realize is that he’s the one giving them the ammo for them to be against him. He can be flashy, outspoken, and entertaining without being obnoxious but he doesn’t. When he says things like “You against me” it’s really because those people don’t enable his behavior or kiss his ass and lie to him. It’s time for Adrien to really cleanse mentally, spiritually, and physically before his story gets sadder. 

First I think he needs a change in trainers. He needs to go to another camp for a change of environment. Something that requires him to be away from family and friends so all he’s locked in on is his opponent. I feel the coaches he’s had let him do what he wants. Adrien wanna be like Floyd but what people don’t understand about Floyd is that Floyd works harder than he talks. He don’t drink. He’s very disciplined. Also Floyd got away with being a jerk because he was a winner. Winning covers up a lot of shit especially personality flaws. Adrien has similar flaws but he’s not winning so his criticism is amplified. Next Adrien might have to go down a weight class because there is not one elite welterweight I can see Adrien beating. Third that nigga needs a publicist. He’s said some racist shit before, dumb shit before, he could have even more money if he just chill the fuck out. 

I’m really praying for Adrien Broner. Money isn’t enough to keep a human sane. I pray he finds peace, truth, real love, and clarity so he can have a prosperous second half of his career because in the words of Lil C’s father in A Bronx Tale “The worst thing in the world is wasted talent.” 

Don’t do it for the hood Adrien. Do it for you.


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